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Old 18 Apr 18, 04:57 PM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellie Goes Girly In Turkey - Day 7 Heading Home

So today was our last day 😢

I was really missing my boys but messaged Kevin to say I would rather they were flying out to me than I was flying home to them. Could have done with another week of this glorious sunshine and heat.

We had to vacate the room by 12. I often keep the room on when we have a late flight home from somewhere as I can't stand that whole courtesy room nonsense, where you get a key to the hottest, sweatiest room in the hotel to try to shower. 15 other families have been in before you, the place is swimming and you come out dirtier than you went in. Then you have to lug your hand luggage about all day. Not here. The facilities in this place are so top notch there really is no need.

Hannah and I showered and creamed up then wandered up for breakfast. I was at the grilled halloumi and egg again 😊 while Hannah ate her body weight in waffles and pancakes as usual. I had yet another latte

Then we strolled back down to room to get organised. Hannah made me phone through to her Aunty Dianne to check she was up and getting ready and hadn't slept in. She was of course up and about mid pack.

Once packed we left our cases with the luggage room at reception who took our room numbers, name and time we wanted to collect our bags to leave which for us was 10:30pm

Then we made our way to the spa with our getting ready bags for later, and our hand luggage. We went into the changing rooms of the spa, located a couple of empty lockers, of which there are plenty. They operate a simple code entry where you enter your own code to lock and unlock. Stuff safely stashed away we were out at the pool by 11 and soaking up every last ray the sun could offer 🌞

I finished my second book today too

We had lunch. Hannah had pizza n chips. Dianne had her 3 courses as usual and groaned that we would need to roll her into the plane.

Dianne and I started our cocktails at 4 pm as usual. Plus today I had a message from my boss telling me the next meeting about the management restructure and potential redundancies was to happen the day after I get back to work. My tummy was turning all afternoon after that! So the cocktails helped. No point wasting the last day eh?

The girls made a wee friend who came and cuddled into them for a while

Then we went into the spa about 6:30 to get showered. The spa is lovely so we had no problems showering and drying and straightening hair etc. Didn't bother with make up. Just plenty of face cream for the flight ahead. Should have taken photos of gene spa but just forgot. Sorry. Have found one of the indoor pool there to give you an idea though.

Repacked our bags so we could just slip them into the suitcases when we got to reception. We went up to the library after this and relaxed in the big leather recliners while we plugged in all the electronics back to full charge for going home. You can't take iPads on the flight from Turkey to uk but we still charge them so the girls could use them til the last minute when they would go in the case.

About 8pm we headed to the main buffet restaurant for dinner.

Had a lovely dinner and really took our time over it. The we popped in and watched some of the magic show before heading down to reception.

We went to the bell boys who immediately brought our cases in for us. We rearranged our bags into the cases, locked them up again and put the iPads away.

Had a couple of cocktails while we waited.

Our pick up time was 23:05 as confirmed by the text I got that morning from them.

It got to 23:20 so I asked the girl on reception to phone them. They gave me nonsense about how it was actually 23:30 so would be there in the next 6 minutes. I was raging at this saying I was looking at the text, on which the pick up time matched my original booking paperwork, also sitting right in front of me. Bad customer service gets on my wick. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologise and fix it. Do not lie. 😡

Wee guy arrived within a few minutes, we put the bags in and off we went. At first.

500 yards down the road he takes a call on his mobile and does a U turn back the way we came. I am going mental in the back asking him what he is doing pointing at my watch saying we would be late. He pulls in at the Gloria hotel and jumps out. I jump out after him and it turns out he had left cases and golf clubs in the back for the people he had dropped off before us and was having to drop them. I. Was. Going. Nuts.

Dianne is so calm (thankfully)and she is saying to me He doesn't understand you. Just write a big email when you get home'. The veins are popping out of my neck by now and yes, I am actually screaming at him 😳 I have zero patience when I don't get what I have paid for.

The main thing annoying me was we hadn't paid to book seats together but I knew because we always get the private transfer we are always there in plenty time, and get checked in before the coaches arrive so always get seats together. You can't check in online 24 hours before on the way back. I knew that was at risk now and was not happy.

Sure enough Dianne was in row 17 with Emma (presumably as she is younger), but Hannah was in row 19 on her own and I was down in row 10. Not the end of the world I know but definitely due to that delay. Raging.

Stopped at duty free and Diane picked up toblerones for her boys. I didn't buy anything.

All through security which had no queues. Hannah got selected for extra checks and had to go through another queue herself while we got seated at the gate. She was not chuffed!

When we got on the young couple next to me just got themselves all settled to sleep, so I just did the same. I slept the whole flight home and only woke as we descended into glasgow. Result. Maybe sitting on my own was not so bad after all!

We were out, through passport control easily, bags collected, into a taxi and away. Kevin had put my electric blanket on for me so I went to bed for a couple of hours then got up and started the marathon washing and unpacking. Hannah lazed about all day and could barely be bothered to hang up the clean stuff I was taking into her, but I just left her to it. Back to school tomorrow. I did make her come with Kieran and I for a drive in the new Volvo. Kevin had left it for me so I could have a go. I love it.

So back to work tomorrow and I have my next meeting about my possible redundancy to get through. Scary.

Next week the boys head off on their holiday to the titanic in Lara Beach

God save us. So far my pleas for a trippie have fallen on deaf ears, especially as they can't access the dibb from Turkey anyway. I might just ghost write one using just their WhatsApp messages and photos. That may well be hilarious anyway!

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Old 18 Apr 18, 05:05 PM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 18 Apr 18 5:05 PM.
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Old 19 Apr 18, 03:04 PM  
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Really enjoyed your report. Thank you for sharing your trip. I think a ghost trip report would be interesting

Hope the meeting at work was ok.
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Old 19 Apr 18, 03:48 PM  
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A great trip report. Thanks for posting. You looked as if you had fun!
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Coast Starlight
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Old 20 Apr 18, 11:04 AM  
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Earning My Ears
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Fantastic trip report - very jealous your Turkish hotel looked amazing and one I would like to book in the future. We are going to the Titanic, Lara Beach this August so any information/photos from your hubby would be fabulous. Good luck with the work situation and fingers crossed you get the outcome that is best for you xx
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Old 22 Apr 18, 06:51 PM  
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Another fab trippie, Iíve loved reading along. Hope your meeting has gone the way you wanted.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 23 Apr 18, 05:50 PM  
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Thanks for doing your trippie I enjoyed reading along hope the meeting went well for you?

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Old 4 May 18, 12:46 PM  
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Thanks for the trip report, loved it as usual
Hope all is ok in work for you xx
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Florida 2019
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Old 6 May 18, 08:36 AM  
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Jakey Neverland
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Thanks for sharing another great trip report x
Natalie Xx
Don't wait for the Storm to Pass, Learn to Dance in the Rain..
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5 years later we finally go back Florida
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