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Old 19 Jun 18, 11:11 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 1. RPR Club Level, IOA, US And A Kong Adventure

I lay down to sleep at 10 and took ages to fall over. Woke up thinking Right, I am up and ready to go! but it was only midnight . Back to sleep and woke again at 3:30 and this time I know that's it. So was sitting there dibbing with the others snoring round about me.

We had agreed we needed to be up at 6 to get ready and head to RPR so alarms off and up we were, showers and repacking. We left the Rosen at 7:10 and were on our way. This is the car we have for those that like that kind of thing

Arrived at 7:25 and kevin dropped us with the bags while he self parked.

Checked in at reception, got our room keys which now double up as your FOLP, left our bags with luggage services and headed up to the 7th floor to the club lounge for breakfast.

As usual there was plenty to fill up on with all kinds of bread, pastries, cereal, cold meats, cheeses, fruit, yoghurt, etc and we all left well stuffed.

We left at the back of 8 and walked the river walkway to the parks. I love that wee walkway as its so pretty and peaceful.

I am using some of Hannah's pics as you can tell by the cheeky comments that I don't know how to remove!

We had planned to do IOA first as we were dressed to do the water rides (more on that later) but early entry was only at US so we decided to do it backwards and headed there first. Besides no harm in doing Minion Mayhem as our first ride when Kevin was rocking his new T-shirt my mum bought him for Christmas

So that was our first stop

Loved this as usual although it was first time we had sat on the lower floor and felt it impacted the view. It was like the floor was going through the centre of our bodies when on the rollercoaster bits instead of us riding on top of it. When we came out we stopped for a minions photo. This was quite funny as the wee minion was jumping up and down and pointing Kevins tshirt out to the photographer

Off that and onto RRR. Yes, yet again I had said I would ride this dreaded thing once. I managed to load up Kenny Chesney before we set off so for the first time ever I had a song I had chosen instead of whatever random they gave me. I do hate that straight up bit but after that it actually wasn't too bad this time. Even look happy in the ride photo! The boys went straight back on for a second go.

It was now still only 9:35 and next up was the Race Through New York with Jimmy Fallon thing. This was ok I suppose. Kieran liked it. The actual ride bit was quite well done but the show stuff was a bit lost on us.

Then we lockered up and onto the Mummy, which we all like.

Just noticed I loo ridiculously dramatic on that photo! Wonder what on Earth is happening when it's taken?

From here we watched a bit of the street entertainers at the Blues brother stage before heading to Transformers, again a family fave.

It was now 10:40 and we had some loo stops and Kevin went off to reactivate the freestyle drinks cup. $8 which gives us free refills all day and as the kids get to keep choosing flavours it keeps them well hydrated. Hannah was flagging a bit at this point so we popped into Mels diner and got the kids a couple of chicken burgers to tide them over. I told them that I wanted to go to the Horror Makeup Show as we had never made it there yet. They kind of rolled their eyes at me as they are all solid rid people and aren't that interested in shows, but I won as Hannah realised it would be half an hour in the aircon!

We went to this at 11:20 for the 11:30 show and we all really liked it. It was genuinely really funny!

We walked round and did ET. When it came to giving our names Hannah and I of course behaved like adults and gave our real ones. Then I hear Kevin behind me in a hillybilly accent saying Billybob!. Then Kieran next saying Billybob Junior. So that's what they had been giggling about. And sure enough ET wished Billybob and Billybob Junior a fond farewell.

The it was the Simpsons ride which I do find a bit disorienting but it was ok. Then Men In Black which we like. For the first time ever I appeared to press my red button when needed and scored 168,580 much to Kevins utter disgust against his 86730. Yay! You can see how hard I was concentrating!

It was now 1pm and we walked past al the Harry Potter stuff to do Fast N Furious. This was OK although I have to admit the Universal rides are definitely getting very samey with all the virtual stuff and less coasters. My biggest gripe about this one though is there were loads of bits you got a bit wet which ok, but it stank of fish! I don't know if its supposed to be like that because you end up at a dock and maybe its meant to be realistic, but it made me boak.

We then got the HE over to IOA. Thank the lord for the FOLP as the park was heaving now and we jumped a huge queue with these. Most rides today were 30-60mins but we had been no more than 5 mins walking onto anything. I don't think I could do the parks without the hotel stay for this perk now. Loved the HE as usual apart from Hermiones voice. They really should do that but over again as it sounds nothing like her. I'm pretty sure Hannah could do a better impression.

Our plan now was to get the water rides done as were dressed for those. There had been a thread about this recently with ladies discussing the best water ride attire. I hate the water rides, Well I enjoy being on them but I hate walking about soaked afterwards and cant stand being cold n wet. This year I had gone for a swim skirt which is slightly longer that you would usually find, the matching bikini top underneath and a black sports top. Some kind of quick drying stuff that you sporty folk would buy to run or something. I don't do any of that nonsense.

So we did Jurassic Park first and I only got my hair wet, nothing major.

Then as we were passing Kong Skull Island we decided to squeeze that in on the way past. As it was new to us. Oh Dear. Those of you who caught my very angry post on the DIBB yesterday will know why I am saying this!

It started fine. Waited nearly 15m to get on which was by far the longest all day with the FOLP but hey ho. Ride started fine, then as soon as Kong had battled the big bad monsters it all just stopped. The screens went blank and we just sat there in the dark. Then a message over the tannoy saying they had technical issues and thanks for your patience. Then the whole film started again from the beginning but as it wasn't synced there was no sound and no movement. Now this was actually very funny as everyone in the carriage, thinking this was us going to be getting out, just started going along with it making their own soundtrack. It was like a big improv show and got more OTT by the minute, but it was funny. Until it stopped again, right at the same point. And we sat and we sat and we sat. Then they put all the big lights on so we knew were not moving anywhere soon.

More tannoy messages then a wee dude dispatched to walk along the set and explain the vehicle in front had broken down so they were going to evacuate that then move ours to the end of the ride. We could hear all the keffufle up front as they did the first vehicle, then we sat and we sat and we sat. Eventually the wee dude comes back and tells us we will need to be evacuated too. This took forever with one section at at time and as we eventually walked off we were told to watch our feet and were guided round lots of broken plastic and what looked like 2 big electrical boxes fixed to the floor but they were all smashed up with wires hanging out. It looked like maybe the front vehicle and derailed and driven over them.

As we got off we were handed express passes for any ride. Oh Yeah thanks. We already paid to stay in your hotel so we have that already. We gave them to the family in front that we had been getting to know while waiting. They had flown out from Glasgow the night before, 5hrs delayed. So in all we had been stuck for well over an hour and it was now after 4pm.

Kevin wanted to head back to RPR for his free food n beer, but I was determined we were doing these water rides today! So we lockered up and off we went.

We did ripsaw falls first and or completely soaked right to the skin. This was a good laugh and what we needed after our Kong experience.

Then it was Blige Rat Barges and we really got it here! We had some nice families on this with us which sometimes makes a difference on these rides. When everyone is really up for it.

Thoroughly soaked we started our walk home, stopping off for some dippin dots on the way. Well earned I feel.

Back at RPR we got our bags and headed straight for the room number they had texted us a little over an hour ago. We are on the 7th floor right near the club room. I had emailed last week requesting this, saying having stayed club before I knew we could be allocated the 6th but would politely request the 7th as our preference. I got a nice email back saying they had noted the request.

We left the bags and headed for the club room. No pics as by then our phones were all dead, mostly used up passing the time on Kong! But there was all the usual cheese, meats, fruit and the hot offering was bow tie pasta with big chunks of chicken in a light I would describe as a light chicken gravy with a wee bit cream added. It was very nice and Kevin, Kieran and I all had this. We also had big piles of Cesear Salad with big croutons and lots of cheese. That was lush. Hannah wasn't in the mood for food so didn't have anything. She was also in a bit of a huff as she wanted to do volcano bay tonight instead of in the morning, but I felt we would all be too tired to appreciate it properly and it closes at 9 so would be a bit rushed. Kevin had quite a few beers and fair made for his missed time. I had 2 glasses of red then took a third back to the room for getting ready.

Full round of showers and getting ready and we were back to of the room at 7:30 and heading back along the walkway to the parks. The plan was a few more rides then something to eat for anyone hungry.

We did the hulk, walking straight on with our FOLP past a hefty 40m wait time. This was way smoother than before they did the refurb. I actually quite liked it! So we came off and went straight on again.

Then it was Dr Doom which I never do, so I sat this one out. They came came off and the boys went straight on again.

It was now 8:30 and next up was Spider-Man which is another family fave. Loved this as usual.

Then we wandered up past the water rides. I was really enjoying being in the park at night as this was our first time. Both our last 2 Universal visit coincided with grad weekend when they close at 6pm for the grad party at night.

As Kong was up and running we decided to do that to see what it like when it works! It was good, but every one of us took a deep breath and went OH NO at the bit where it stopped before, then breathed out as we carried on!

From there we were heading to Harry Potter as Hannah was determined to do it tonight. On the way over the bridge we noticed loads of folk standing watching and I realised it must have been the night time show over the castle. I asked the CM on the bridge when it was due to start and she laughed and said Right Now Ma'am as it started booming over my head. This was FAB! I filmed a few bits but cant post vids via the photo trip app so cant show you them. But I am sure you can see it in YouTube.

We then headed for the ride, walking on with our FOLP

It was great so we came out and walked straight back on again

Coming off the collecting our ride photo I realised I had lost one of my favourite Kate Spade earrings that I had bought last year. Gutted. We had a look one the floor back to the lockers but in all honesty it could have been at any time on any ride since we came out this evening.

It was now 9:55 and our tired bodies were ready for bed. The only one remotely hungry was Hannah and she wanted Junk, so her dad took her to Burger King in Citywalk while Kieran and I walked the walkway home.

Kieran inherited his dads fitbit when he bought his new Apple Watch, and he was delighted to tell me we had walked 28352 steps. Yep. My hips are feeling every last one of them son.

By the time we were ready for bed I couldn't keep my eyes open so no time to do the trippie. Sorry to those of you who like to read it over breakfast or on your morning commute! I have a feeling tonight may be the same.

So I woke at 4:30am (hey it's better than 3am) and got it started then. It's now 6am and the alarms go off at 6:30 so not one to wait til the others join me now to start all over again.

Can't believe we've done so much and that was only day one!

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Old 19 Jun 18, 11:41 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 19 Jun 18 11:41 AM.
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Old 19 Jun 18, 11:58 AM  
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WOW Helen you all got so much done in one day. Shame about Kong initially but at least you got a full run through later, and nice to spread a little love by passing on the express passes. Universal looks as amazing as usual. I'm having major withdrawal symptoms reading your report.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 19 Jun 18, 12:19 PM  
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Fab day! Brilliantly executed Helen! Shame about Kong but what can u do! Have another great day today!
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Trip 9 : 7 Nights on Symphony & Orland
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Old 19 Jun 18, 12:46 PM  
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A great day and so much done
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We will be back
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Old 19 Jun 18, 01:34 PM  
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Wow, that was one full-on day!

Great to read about though
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Old 19 Jun 18, 02:04 PM  
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A fantastic long busy but great day

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Old 19 Jun 18, 02:20 PM  
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Wow, you got loads done for your first day, shame you lost your earring though

Movieland Hotel IDrive - 2002 / POR - 2012 / 3 Weeks at OKW - 2014 / Villa at Highlands Reserve - 2016 / New York and Orlando - 2018 / Caribbean Cruise MSC Seaside - June 2019 / Back to Orlando June 2020
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2020 postponed, to be replanned!
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Old 19 Jun 18, 04:04 PM  
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Not surprised you were tired - what a busy day. I've read it on my commute home instead today which was nice for a change!

I love Kevin's t shirt.

I can't believe you had another go at Kong again today - an hour is a long time to get stuck 😱
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Old 19 Jun 18, 04:13 PM  
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Love the photos. Looks like it was a fab day. Wish I was there. 🤩
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