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Old 30 Jun 18, 12:38 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 11, Hard Rock Hotel, US IOA, Cowfish

Alarms went off at 6:30 and everybody up. I had planned to leave by 7:15 but best laid plans and all that. Well, tired teenager trying to get ready more like. We went to bed at 11 and she was still on YouTube or some such thing, but would she be told to get to sleep so she could get up? Nope 👎

Finally out just before 8 and drove up to Hard Rock Hotel. We booked this additional overnight stay so we would have another 2 days of FOLP to visit Universal again. Had I known how hard we would have hit the parks in those first few days, I probably wouldn't have bothered to be honest. But the kids were excited to get some more park action. The Hulk, Spider-Man and Harry Potter being the main favourites. I was hoping to get some time beside the Hard Rock Pool 😃

Arrived and Kevin dropped me at the door then went with the kids to self parking. I checked in, and agreed the $24 overnight parking charge.

By the time that was done Kevin and the kids were back with the bags. We took the bags to the luggage room and left them there, taking our wee tag with us

I gave everyone their room key, which now doubles as the FOLP and we all put them in our lanyards - makes it so much easier to scan at all the rides

Worth noting that they now do facial recognition at the inside express check. You get your photo taken and it goes green if it's the same face that used it last time.

The only impact on us is that we used to hand our passes to some other family on our last day, as we would leave about lunchtime. So I suppose this is designed to stop things like that

Then we walked along to Universal Studios. This walk us about half the length of the RPR walk and was really quick. Through security

And a quick photo at the globe

into the park and got a couple of photopass photos, then straight into Minion Mayhem. it was just 9am and the standard line was already huge.

Enjoyed this as usual and had a wee minions dance at the end. Kevin's got his favourite minion t-shirt in today.

He'd had so many people comment on it already.

Next up was Rip Ride Rocket which Hannah and I sat out. The boys took quite a while to come back and when they did Kevin said that just inside the express line they just cut straight into the main queue. So that's why it took so long. Strange.

We skipped Race through New York and lockered up for The Mummy which we all like.

Then through the garage for Fast n Furious. This ride is quite good but the water they spray you with absolutely stinks 😷

We reactivated the freestyle cup for today and filled it up which costs $8.51 inc tax then free refills all day.

Then onto Men in black and all the way there kevin was was saying ^I'm gonna beat you, I'm getting that red button^. Still annoyed that I beat him last week. Well whaddya know? I hit it again scoring 164075 to his 85025 😂

Came off and on again and this time I told kieran to sit next to me and I would try to do his red button for him. I got it for him and Hannah managed to get it too so both kids had a rare old time rubbing their dads nose in it!

Got the stuff out of the lockers, and round to the Simpson's ride.

Then we refilled the drinks cup with strawberry slush and took our time walking over to Transformers which we had somehow missed when up that end.

Transformers was 65min wait now. I definitely couldn't do Universal without FOLP now. It's so good strolling past and straight on the rides. We were 8mins from walking in to getting on the cart.

On the way to Diagon Alley we passed a Dippin Dots van Yay!

Wandered up Diagon Alley and lockered up for Gringots. This said 45mins but having seen the line it was way more. With the FOLP we were 12mins to the lifts section then another 4 to getting into the cart. I prefer this one to forbidden journey as FB throws you about too much I think.

Back out, locker emptied and onto the Hogwarts Express to Islands Of Adventure.

Once there we rode Forbidden Journey. The lockers at this ride drive me nuts. That and the fact Americans can't grasp that not every one of their party of eight have to cluster round the locker, grrrrr. We were 14mins to get on and the standard line was 65 mins.

Then we walked down through Jurassic Park and Toon Island but no water rides today.

Our next stop was family favourite Spider-Man

Standard queue 50mins but we were on within 5mins.

Then the boys went on Dr Dooms Fear Fall while Hannah and I had a seat

then it was time for The Hulk. I hated this a few years ago as it threw you about all over the place. But now that the revamp has been done it is so much smoother now, and we all really like it. It has a good fast take off like Rock N Roller which I like. I hate those long slow climbs on coasters.

We walked over to the photo shop and chose the 2 that we wanted the free prints of.

We filled up the juice cup one last time and headed back to the Hard Rock Hotel via the walkway.

By 4pm we were by the Hard Rock pool having unpacked and settled in.

Kieran was straight in the pool and we ordered a Sampler Platter and some fries to share

And a chilli cheese dip which was so tasty I ate most of it!

Kevin had a beer and I had a Bahama Mama cocktail 🍹

As soon as she had been fed, Hannah went up to the room to shower, get ready and relax.

Kevin and Kieran played in the pool and I lay back and dozed in the sun. I love that lazy cozy heat later in the day. My kind of heaven. We left about 6:45 to get ready.

Whilst getting ready we had the hard rock music channel on the TV and it was classic after classic. Kevin had brought the coolbag and had put a few beers for him and Seagrams for me in the fridge so we had those. I was so enjoying telling Hannah all about the different bands we were watching that I almost didn't want to go out! I'm so rock n roll eh?

Walked over to Citywalk about 8:30.

Had a look at the Cowfish menu, then had a look at the Margaritaville menu. The kids both wanted Cowfish and Kevin and I weren't bothered either way so we went there.

We showed our room card and asked for a table outside (I hate the aircon inside restaurants) and were seated immediately.

Kevin had a beer and I had a cocktail. Both were pretty small for the price!

Kevin had a burger called ^the Cowfish has left the building^ with 1lb of meat and all sorts of topping including peanut butter and fried banana of all things. Kevin doesn't have a sweet tooth at all yet really enjoyed it

kieran had a K-town burger

Hannah had a chicken sandwich

And I had Crab Rangoon Dip which is an appetiser but enough for me. I had this a couple of years back and loved it just as much this time.

Kieran had a cookies n cream milkshake

and Hannah had a Nutella one, which was so rich and thick she barely managed half of it. Kieran did drink all his but rolled about groaning for a while afterwards!

Kieran was starting to hit a wall so we left and had a wander around.

We stopped at the stage by the water where there were 2 DJs doing a quiz and party dances

There was a couple in front of us in their late 30s who were incredible dancers and Hannah and I couldn't take our eyes off them. By this time Kieran was almost asleep beside me so Kevin decided to take him back to the hotel and leave us to it.

Hannah and I watched for a while longer then we went to Margaritaville and got a table on the porch of indecision.

I had a watermelon margarita, Hannah had a strawberry slush and we shared a key lime pie.

Then we walked back to Hard Rock and off to bed. We had originally planned to get up early tomorrow and go to volcano bay for early entry for hotel guests. But the girl at checkin said this was 7:30 😳 and I can't see that happening with how tired we all are tonight. So no alarms set and we will just see what time we wake up.

Night all x

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Old 30 Jun 18, 01:02 AM  
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Fantastic! I love the hard rock!
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Love a new countdown!
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Old 30 Jun 18, 02:42 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 30 Jun 18 2:42 AM.
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Old 30 Jun 18, 06:18 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Great day and I know what you mean about the lockers it drives me nuts.
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Old 30 Jun 18, 07:23 AM  
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An other great day the lockers drive me loopy
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We will be back
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Old 30 Jun 18, 07:44 AM  
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Looks like a great day was had by all.
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Yiphee! we are going again
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Old 30 Jun 18, 08:08 AM  
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Rob & Jan
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Great day and fabulous photos.
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Old 30 Jun 18, 09:35 AM  
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Another good day

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Old 30 Jun 18, 10:39 AM  
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Fabulous !

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HRH Tenerife
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Old 30 Jun 18, 12:18 PM  
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Dancing with Tink'
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Another fun day
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