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Old 30 Jun 18, 01:58 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 12 Shopping, Sweet Tomatoes And Cowboy Boots

I woke just after 7 and pottered about on my phone in the dark so I didn't wake the others. I was messaging my friend at work to see what's been going on (in a nice way, not a stressy way, as a lot of the others are still interviewing for other roles)

Kieran was next awake at 9am which just goes to show the long lie was the right thing to do rather than charging to Volcano bay at 7:30.

By 10am everyone was awake and we discussed what everyone wanted to do. We were done with US and IOA. So the choices were Hard Rock Pool, Volcano Bay or shopping. The kids decided volcano Bay so kevin went to have his shower and sun cream up. Then the kids and I decided maybe a Friday afternoon would be pretty busy, plus we knew it was due to rain about 2-3pm so would only get a couple of hours anyway. So we changed it to shopping. We shouted to Kevin not to cream up, but it was too late. He wasn't happy and stomped away for another shower as he thinks suncream makes him too hot. We were giggling away. Oops!

All packed up, used the telly to check out, down to the car and set off 5 mins along the road to premium outlets. Parked near Victoria Secrets which was the girls first stop.

We were in here almost an hour! It's worth putting in a bit of effort. My tactic is to raid the bra bins for all the bras in my size that I like, then with them draped over my left arm I start searching the knicker bins in my size for the matching undies.

I ended up with 3 matching sets where the bra was $20 and the knickers $4 each or 5 for $10 so approx £18.50 for each set - good eh?

Hannah bought loads of $1 bralets, some matching undies she found, and 3 sprays.

Then we happened to pass Kate Spade next. Oh deary me 😳

I bought one of the bags I had eyed up the other day, the matching purse, a necklace, earrings and a new coin purse. I love this shop

At this point Kevin and Kieran caught up with us and Kevin had already bought boots from North Face for an amazing $50

Jeans and a shirt from Polo - using a code toonarmani had posted for 30% off this time (thanks yet again!)

We stopped at Haagen Dazs for some ice cream

Kevin took all our bags and we split off again. Hannah and I headed for Charlotte Russe and Hannah tried on LOADS of stuff, and bought a fair few things all of which I approved of so paid for.

When we came out the rain was bouncing and we had to run to our next stop. I was on the hunt for Dress Barn as the one in Vineland had closed. It showed there was one here but also showed as being called Roz & Ali. Once in we could see all the dresses had tags saying dress barn.

Kevin had bought a shirt from Tommy H by then

There were about a dozen Calvin Klein dresses around $59-$69 dollars each (FAO I33na who wanted to know &#128515 I found the clearance section at the back which was a decent size but with none of the CK dresses in it.

I tried some clearance, and some CK ones. Then I stood there talking myself out of the CK dresses. I buy a new set of these every year, but with me finishing work in a few weeks and having no intention of getting another job for about a year or so, I simply don't need them. It was difficult though. I'm not going to lie!

So I ended up with just 3 dresses which were ridiculously cheap but do look gorgeous on.

When I was paying I asked about the whole Roz & Ali / Dressbarn thing. She explained 50 stores have changed to Roz & Ali and they stock 40% Roz&Ali brands and 60% other brands. The remaining stores (don't know how many) are the same dressbarn stock as they always were. So I wonder if I find an old style dressbarn whether they might have more Calvin Klein stuff? I may have to investigate this. Purely *cough cough* for dibb journalistic purposes of course. Since I don't need work dresses anymore 😉

Yes! That's how cheap they were!

All shopped out we met the boys outside North Face. We had a quick look inside and I tried a full length padded coat in cream but wasn't convinced I would get the wear out of it.

Round to the car and it was 3pm and time to eat. Kevin had said last night that he was ^all burgered out^ and the kids have eaten nothing but burgers and chicken sandwiches, so I knew where I wanted to try.

This place is all you can eat buffet but (slightly!) healthier stuff. I had an email from them for lunch for $9.99 including a drink. Normal prices below

You basically start by filling from the salad bar, paying at the end of that line, then find a table and continue visiting the different sections as much you like.

We started with big salads which my two do love but would never choose over a burger off a menu.

before trying all kinds of soup

Kevin had baked potato with chilli and cheese

Kids had pizza and pasta

And then loads of ice cream and muffins

We all really liked this and would definitely do it again. Makes a nice fresh change.

We crossed the road to look in Boot Barn. Don't laugh! But I've always had a daft notion of getting myself cowboy boots so I wanted a nosy. Tried a few pairs on but couldn't bring myself to buy any yet.

I sent this pic to the whatsapp group I have with my best mates and immediately got back umpteen ^get the white ones^ messages.

Bear in mind they were all answering me at the back of 10 on a Friday night in a heatwave Scotland is having. They were probably all on the wine after their BBQs!

We then went 5 mins down the road to the Boots Factory Outlet to see what they had. Theirs are buy 1 pair, get 2 pairs free which is a bit nuts. Theirs were probably more practical in that you could probably wear them in public without someone trying to section you. But I am slightly in love with the full on sparkly white ones 😍 I just need to decide if I want to part with $300 to do the hoovering in them!

They also have some gorgeous sparkly bags and belts. I will have a think and go back another day - even if just for a belt.

As it was now 5:15pm on a Friday we drove smack bang into peak traffic and took almost an hour to get home passing umpteen accidents. In fact, it took so long that I managed to type up most of today's trippie. So it's two for the price of one today and I've finally caught up after that Homecomin hangover!

Once home, I sorted all the washing, then unpacked and photographed all today's purchases. I better slow down or will have spent all my redundancy money by the time I get home!

We then spent the early evening playing pool with the kids and having a beer.

But now the sun is starting to set where else would we be but heading for the spa? Well - wouldn't you?

Time for some firefly watching

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Old 30 Jun 18, 02:32 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 30 Jun 18 2:32 AM.
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Old 30 Jun 18, 06:27 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Some great bargains there and eating in one of my favourite places, love the food in Sweet Tomatoes
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Old 30 Jun 18, 07:13 AM  
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Nicki G
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Been thinking about trying sweet tomatoes as never been, definitely going now and Kate Spade is really calling me now 🙂

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Clarksville, GA & Smokey Mountains, TN
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Old 30 Jun 18, 08:24 AM  
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Thanks for the info about Dress Barn, I was disappointed not to find one on my travels this year (Vineland, International Drive and Sawgrass Mills)., I never did find time to google it. I wonder if my loyalty card would still work in Roz & Ali?

Do you ever go to Macy's for clothes shopping? I usually find just as good bargains as the outlets, plus more choice in my size. I got two nice Michael Kors dresses in Macys at Aventura Mall.
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Coast Starlight
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Old 30 Jun 18, 08:33 AM  
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Rob & Jan
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Two days together, loved reading them with my tea & toast! Really enjoying your reports. You had some good bargains at Roz & Ali I'll pay them a visit when we are next over, I thought I had done well with a dress for $15 from Ross at Easter.
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Old 30 Jun 18, 09:03 AM  
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Perfect Saturday morning, a lie in and 2 days to catch up on while eating my toast! Love the shopping pics, cant wait to be let loose in Kate Spade we had some amazing bargains on our last trip.
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And Adam makes 4!
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Old 30 Jun 18, 09:44 AM  
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More bargains you are going to need another case

Canít beat Sweet Tomatoes for a nice change

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Old 30 Jun 18, 09:54 AM  
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Buy the boots! Nothing more to say 😂😎😍
2017 Two Countries and Eleven States Trip Report

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Oh Canada!
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Old 30 Jun 18, 10:08 AM  
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princess allie
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I love the white boots, think you should buy them, youíll only regret it if you donít. Nice to see a trip report that includes Sweet Tomatoes, we love it there and go every year, but it never gets much mention on the Dibb.

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Our next adventure
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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