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Unread 4 Jul 18, 01:33 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 16 Cowboy Boots, Mini Golf, Devenneys Irish Pub

Longer lie ins with me up at 8:30. Kieran was up but said he had slept an hour longer than usual.

I sorted the washing, made my coffee and took half the Tiramisu out to the poolside for breakfast. Oh my word that tiramisu was yum!

All quiet out back this morning. Although whilst Kieran did his pool cleaning he realised a rescue mission was required.

A wee frog was in the pool. So he was gently evicted back into the lake.

Kevin joined us with his biscuit /scone for breakfast

We sat here all morning just reading and relaxing by the pool. Then we started getting ready as today's plan was supposed to be this

You will notice I say supposed to be! Hannah was in her bed and when I went in to see her she said she wasn't going anywhere today. She had been complaining of a bit of a sore tummy yesterday and today she said her tummy was still sore and she had a bit of a sore throat too. She was pretty pale so I decided maybe she had just overdone it and needed a day of rest. This happens with Hannah. She needs loads of sleep but can't get to sleep early at night, so too many early mornings and busy days soon catch up with her. Some recharging was needed if we were to get back on track.

I am ok leaving her on her own for a half day or so but I wasn't going to leave her all afternoon and evening, plus she had actually really been looking forward to the resort hopping day so I didn't want to do it without her. So a change of plans was needed. We would do the resort hopping on one of our free days at the end of the week instead.

We decided the 3 of us would go have a look in another boot shop kevin had found online, then maybe take Kieran mini golfing or something so we were doing something he really liked. Hannah was delighted she was getting a day of rest but not missing the resort hopping.

We drove straight down the US27 to this place

Within 5 minutes we could see they had a better range and better prices than the two we had visited on I drive

Well. Oh my god. I went to town in here 😳

I'm a total magpie and this place had all sorts of sparkly belts, sparkly jeans and of course, the sparkly boots I had already seen.

Once I started trying them all on I found another pair of cream boots I liked even more. And, they had every single pair of ladies boots in size 11. Size 11s everywhere! It was heaven. And nobody made me feel like a freak!

They had a 50% off section at the back with about half a dozen pairs in my size that I could easily have bought as day wear standard boots. But there were no glitzy ones there, and I was on the search for sparkle.

The young girl assistant was so helpful. When I said I liked the pockets of the jeans but didn't like the really wide bootlegs, she had a skinny pair and a straight pair out in my exact size (without even asking me) in about 10 seconds flat.

I tried sooo much stuff on in here!

I asked the girl if I bought two pairs of jeans, skinny & straight, the boots and the belt could I have an extra discount. She gave me 20% off the belt and 10% off everything else which I thought was good.

So I ended up with the white sparkly boots.

Skinny jeans

straight jeans that fit over the boots

and a sparkly belt.

Told you I went to town! I love it all though. The skinny jeans I will be able to wear with heels, and I will wear the boots with the straight jeans over them out to our local, or wherever. I don't even care, I love them 😍

Kevin had been worried about the dye from the straight jeans marking the boots. She said they have a scotch guard spray to stop that but were out of stock and it would be in on Friday $10. So we will go back for that.

We left there and headed for the pirates cove mini golf. As we did the skies were dark and the rain started pouring down. So what better to do but cut around a mini golf course holding your very own lightening rod eh?

We went in and paid up $33 as this was a last minute change so no vouchers, groupons or discounts. That almost makes me itch.

We got to the second hole before the thunder and lightening started and we had to take shelter back in the office. The girl on the til was really nice and offered us a rain check voucher for another day, but we decided to stick it out.

While we waited she let kieran choose a free ice cream from the freezer so he had a chocolate ice cream sandwich.

After 15 minutes the rain was off (and I had typed up today's trip report to this point. I'm nothing if not a multitasker!) so we set off again. I kept my rain jacket on as there was still water running off the trees when we were under them. Checked Teeny was ok back in the villa

We had such a laugh, I was getting most holes in 2 or 3 and was definitely winning, then suddenly got one where it took me 14 shots! I swear it was rigged. Kevin and Kieran were doubled over laughing at me. That hole lost me the game. But I didn't care. I've got sparkly cowboy boots 😃

When we got to the end she got Kieran to spin a wheel for a free gift so he got a free sprite, and she also gave me a coin for a free game. She was really nice.

We set off back for the villa and stopped off at publix on the way as we needed beer. We just keep running out. Can't think why! Incidentally, if any of you like modern country music this station is the best one I've found this visit

Arrived back at the villa at 5pm and Hannah was feeling much better. We decided to walk round to the Irish pub on Highgrove, called Devenneys, for some dinner.

They are showing all the World Cup matches in here so at 2pm they'd had the Columbia England game on. The lady said it had been mobbed earlier but now at 6pm there were now just 4 Scots at the bar and a couple of families eating.

We ordered chicken strips, of which the portion was huge and Hannah gave half to Kevin and Kieran

BLT with cheese

Summer chicken

And baked fish

We had been chatting back n forth with Randy, our villa owner earlier and I had been explaining why Kevin keeps refusing beer when we go out when I offer to drive. I'd explained Kevin likes Draught beer at home to have a nice head and hates that the beer here all seems flat. Randy had said the only American stuff he really likes is Yuengling so kevin had picked some cans of that up in Publix. He had one before we went to the pub and said that he really liked it. Devenneys sell this on Draught so he had one here.

He liked it well enough but still prefers the can version.

Then Kieran, who was the only one who could possibly fit dessert, had chocolate cake with caramel sauce.

Paid the bill

And back out into that lazy hazy sunshine that is my absolute favourite. We walked (well we rolled Kieran) back round to the villa but when we got there Kevin and I felt like we could happily carry on walking, so the kids went inside and we went on for a stroll right around Highgrove and past the clubhouse again, finishing up by coming around the back of our villa along the lake. Magic

Cracked open a beer and a Seagrams and out to sit by the pool. Lovely to sit here all evening and watch the sun go down, and listen to the wildlife start to come to life.

The kids spent all evening playing in the pool diving for rings and doing races. It was fab to all be out together. Love it when Hannah comes out of her wee teenage bubble and comes back to us at these times 😍

Fair enjoyed our lazier day today.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 4 Jul 18, 02:02 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 4 Jul 18 2:02 AM.
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 04:32 AM  
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Good to see Hannah is feeling better.
Lots of sparkly bargains for you today they look great.
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60th Birthday trip
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 06:40 AM  
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Glad to hear Hannahs feeling better. Sometimes a lazy day is just whats needed. With the added bonus of you now owning a pair of fab-u-lous sparkly cowboy boots and some gorgeous jeans.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 06:58 AM  
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Isn't that shop on the 27 great bought a couple of pairs of jeans and the best hat ever for keeping the rain off when walking the dogs
Glad Hannah is feeling better
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 07:42 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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Loving the bling Helen , sounds a lovely relaxing day and definately needed ... now you are all recharged and refreshed it's time to crack on lol... have a great day today xx
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UK staycation
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 07:55 AM  
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Another great report 😎 love the chill/relax days
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Yiphee! we are going again
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Unread 4 Jul 18, 09:16 AM  
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Getting to know the DIBB
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Looked like a perfect day. x
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