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Unread 5 Jul 18, 04:01 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 17 High Grove Clubhouse, Tiki Bar At Lake Minneola On 4t

Got up at 8, and as usual folded and put away all the washing then got my coffee and out to the poolside.

Mr Hawk was around but staying very high up today

And this fella was drying his wings in the sun after a swim, same as he does every morning 😃

It was a scorcher this morning although we knew it was due to break at lunchtime

The original plan for today was celebration and I had a 4pm booking for celebration town tavern, but we had heard there was to be no fireworks there tonight (I think Helen posted it) so I was doubtful.

The kids and Kevin both wanted to go back to lake Minneola even though it would likely be different to last year with such different weather. So I cancelled the table and we opted for a lazy day then up to the lake instead.

Hannah was desperate to go back to the converse clearance shop and get 2 pairs for school so she and Kevin were headed there.

Kieran didn't want to go shopping again so I said I would stay behind and take him up to the clubhouse pool, where he might find kids to play with and I could enjoy the sun until the rains hit.

for the first hour we had the place to ourselves

then more people started arriving and the three ladies from the clubhouse started setting up tables and putting stuff out. Ah, of course. It's the 4th of July so they were putting stuff on.

Then the BBQ got lit

Before we knew it there was a full on pool party going on!

They laid on hotdogs, salads, pasta, chips, coleslaw, jello, and all kinds of soft drinks, beers and wine.

Kieran ate 3 hotdogs, countless cupcakes and salad. The ladies thought he was hilarious and kept taking photos of him for their Facebook page

By this time Kevin and Hannah were back and Kevin came to join us. Along with his hotdogs Kevin had a couple of beers as it would be hours before he would be driving again. He was surprised they had such a varied range of beers in the big iced bucket and cooler.

We found out why when one of the ladies asked what on earth has was drinking. He showed her and she said that people hand in all kinds of leftover alcohol when they leave and they just put it all away until they have one of these events then use it all up. That explains the extensive range!I had a couple of wines with mine.

An Irish family (who are apparently famous in Ireland) who are staying in Highgrove for 6 months while they perform somewhere in Disney every night, were there. The dad played a tune on his flute for us and the boys Irish danced - it was great!

We had a rerr old time!

The skies darkened and the rain started about 1:30 and the thunder was roaring a while away, so we packed up and made our way back to the villa.

Where we sat out beside the pool sheltered from the rain but still able to watch the goings on. It was still very warm and we were still in our swimmies. I had a few Seagrams and typed up the trippie to this point before getting back to my kindle. I needed a disco nap before tonight!

Kevin showed me what they had bought. A caramel leather pair for Kevin and 2 black n white high tops for H

we got ready and left the villa at 5:20 after a very lazy afternoon. Had to stop at Walmart for milk. We end up at the supermarket every blinkin day. We'd loads of milk but 2 lazy days equals kids pouring loads of cereal and glasses of milk and we suddenly have none. It's just like at home!

I was a wee bit unsure about doing the Tiki bar tonight simply because last year the weather was amazing and this year it's quite dull. I warned the kids we might not see all the speedboats and families and that glorious red sunset. I was worried they would get there and expect it to be exactly like last year, which was pretty magical let's face it. They said ok they understood, but that they still wanted to go.

As we drove up it did get a bit more clear

When we got to the left turn right before the Tiki Bar kevin said about we hadn't seen Superman this year. I turned to the right and there he was god bless him!

When we parked up we could see there were plenty of boats and families.

Kieran was in the water playing with the other kids within minutes

It was 6:15 so we took an empty table and ordered some drinks.

It was a lovely atmosphere again.

It was our villa owners Randy & Barb who told us about this place last year and it ended up being the best day of our holiday.

This year, Randy had left us a gift card for the Tiki Bar which was incredibly kind. So we had a wee toast to them with our first drink. Cheers Randy & Barb!

Kevin only had one beer. He still isn't sold on the Draught and prefers his cans!

About 7pm we ordered some food, and had to drag Kieran out of the water to eat it.

Chicken Caesar for me

Chicken strips for Hannah

Burger for Kieran

Jalapeo burger for Kevin

The food was all really tasty and it was lovely sitting here again watching all the goings on and listening to the lovely beach vibe music.

As the sun set it was nowhere near as dramatic as last years vivid red, but it was still beautiful, with lightning happening all around at the same time

Then the fireworks started all around the lake.

we left at 9:15 and drove back down the US27 with fireworks going off all over the place. Then all that lightning caught up with us and the most biblical rain started. We were crawling along at barely any speed with the window wipers on full whack and could still hardly see.

Home and into cosy showers. We are now all huddled up watching Jurassic Park after another lovely 4th July.

Night all x

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 5 Jul 18, 06:46 AM  
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What a wonderful way to spend the 4th July...my goodness I can't believe the converse prices either...brilliant!
Angela xx
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Trip 24... Back to Orlando madness
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Unread 5 Jul 18, 08:02 AM  
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Glad you enjoyed it again Great price on the converse
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 5 Jul 18, 08:47 AM  
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Happy belated 4th July to you all. What a lovely pool party to have in the morning, Kieran certainly looks like he made the most of it. The Tiki Bar looks fab again and I love your lightening photos.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 5 Jul 18, 09:40 AM  
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A great 4th July

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Unread 5 Jul 18, 10:10 AM  
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Getting Excited
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I have really enjoyed your trip reports! Have given us loads of ideas for our first trip next June! The Tiki Bar looks brilliant - such a lovely atmosphere and chilled out vibe. Far better than standing in a crowd for 4th July I would imagine!
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Beach Club and AKL here we come!
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Unread 5 Jul 18, 12:43 PM  
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Aww lovely! We will be at high grove the same time next year staying at heron villa. We have been trying to work out what to do on 4th July but your day sounds perfect. Mum is keen to see different places so lake minneola would be great. Thanks for sharing you trip with us, picking up some great ideas 😊
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June 19 2nd time in same Dibb Villa and Hard Rock Hotel
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Love a new countdown!
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Unread 5 Jul 18, 12:47 PM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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Lovely laid back day again Helen xx
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UK staycation
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My Magic Holiday

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