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Old 6 Jul 18, 01:28 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies Redundancy Trip Jun18. Day 18, Busch Gardens, Buffalo Wild Wings

I was up at 7 and had some peace out by the pool before waking everyone else at 7:45. Kieran was still asleep which is only the second time this whole holiday

Usual round of showers, suncream and getting ready. Hannah was first ready! Well seeing she was ready for some park action after a couple of lazy days. We were supposed to be taking the Seaworld cup with us to reactivate for all day refills but Kevin had put it in the dishwasher and melted it!

A quick look in the pantry turned up the Seaworld cup we had left behind last year, and another one someone else had left so we gave these a wash out and that lets the kids have their own. Yay! No fighting over flavours. No moaning who got to drink it first and who is the most disgusting!

we left the villa at 8:56 (with the kids taking great delight in pointing out to their dad that the cups do say hand wash only on them) and programmed the drive into waze. We drove along with the radio playing some of my faves so I was giving it Laldy in the front seat🎵 love all that country feel good stuff. Happy happy.

Arrived at the car park at 10:10 and paid our $22. Parked in Cheetah which is right next to preferred parking which is $34.

Onto the tram and away. Through the gate and scanned the barcodes on our groupon tickets again and in.

We usually head straight for Cheetah Hunt which is our favourite ride but having read my previous trippies this turns out to be our longest wait of the day. I wondered if we should what we did at Seaworld the other day and head left towards Sheikra instead. So asked the others and we agreed to try that.

We reached Sheikra and it was a 5 minute wait so they all went on. If you've read my previous trippies you will know I don't do this one. I absolutely hate it with a passion and it brought me to real proper tears last time I rode it. So I was cups, caps n phones holder for a change.

I went and got them drinks refills while I waited. I had popped Hannahs phone in my Kipling multiple beside mine. The only problem with this is it buzzes every 2 seconds with Snapchat updates. When you are wearing your multiple around your body, this ends up feeling like one of those machines I used to strap to me when I was a teenager coz I was too lazy to do sit ups. Buzz buzz buzz

they came off and straight on for another ride while it was quiet. The noticeboard next to the ride showed I was right (so far anyway) Cheetah hunt was currently 40mins and everything else 5 mins. Whether cheetah hunt would be quieter when reached there later remained to be seen, but for now I was happy we had gone left.

I sat in the shade people watching and waited. By the time we moved on the board showed cheetah hunt 65m, montu 15m Sheikra 10m with everything else 5mins.

We walked on up to see the tigers and orangutans. The orangutans got up from sleeping in one spot and swung down under the glass floor to sleep in another.

When we went to see the big tiger, he suddenly ran across the enclosure towards 2 pigeons that were trying take flight. He just slapped a big paw down on top of one then ^chomp^ big jaws right on it. He lay there chewing away.

It was like a supersize version of when our own wee tiger Trixie catches a bird. The times I've chased that bloomin cat all over the garden trying to get her to let something go!

Hannah demonstrated the size of tigers again. Need to put this against the exact same pose she did last year

Kumba next. Know what I like about Busch? There are lockers, but for most rides they have wee cubby boxes beside the ride for non valuables, and they let you on wearing a Kipling multiple. So for most rides no locker needed as I put everyone's phones into my multiple 👍

Kumba was a 5 minute wait which was correct. We did this one twice as I like it. It's mostly loops instead of drops. We walked down through Pantopia to find Falcons Fury was off again. Same as last year

So Hannah and I found a seat in the shade while the boys rode the Scorpion twice. These wee rest areas are great

The wee white boxes are actually charging stations for mobiles if you happen to have your cable with you

I had some dippin dots here

from here we walked through Africa seeing the lions and hyenas. All sleeping of course. Don't blame them, it was really scorching hot today. And the meerkats

We reached Cobras Curse to find it was a 75minute wait. No thanks. The ride lasts about 30 seconds! Hannah wanted us to wait in it so wasn't happy that we moved to Montu instead.

Montu was a 30min wait so we went in. Actually waited 18mins so not bad. I started to feel a bit woozy in this queue so when we came off I sent the other 3 back in while I refilled the drinks cup, bought a packet of Cheetos, and found a seat in the shade. If I hadn't felt a bit fragile I would have gone on Montu again as I do like that one.

Walking past Cheetah Hunt it was 65min wait so we decided to get the sky ride to the back of the park, maybe get some food and come back later. We even had to wait 30 mins for the skyride.

Got off and started to walk down again. Both kids were saying they weren't that bothered for food and Kevin and I weren't hungry. But it was 3pm so I thought I better get them something. All the food places were mobbed. The queue at the smokehouse grill was massive so we passed by and looked for a quick queue.

Stopped at a food booth and started to queue. After 10 mins standing I thought I was going to pass out. I waved to Hannah to get Kevin over to take my place in the queue and when he arrived I could hear my own voice echoing in my head when I was speaking to him and everything was a bit white round the edges. I really did think I was going to pass out. I made it to the table and put my head down. Hannah and Kieran both said they weren't even bothered about food so we should just call it a day and aim for home. Got Kevin back out of the queue, which was barely moving anyway.

The kids went to see what the queue time was for Cheetah Hunt but at 50 minutes they were too hot n bothered to wait. It was so hot today and no sign of the 3pm rain that was predicted. We decided to call it a day.

We got the tram and when we reached the car it was 101 degrees. No wonder we were struggling

We set off along the road with the aircon full blast trying to cool everyone down. Once I was properly cool I started to feel better.

I whatsappd my best mates group to tell them I had overheated today. Their responses tell you how unusual that is!

Along the I4 we stopped in at the only other dressbarn I had seen in the area. I was in and out in 5 minutes though as was looking for one specific dress I had seen on the clearance rails of the other store, but not in my size. As soon as I could see they didn't have it I was out. Not in the mood to browse. Not to mention that rain had finally caught up with us.

There was a Buffalo Wild Wings across the road so we decided to stop there for dinner.

Hannah had a BBQ ChIcken sandwich and the rest of us ordered to share

Boneless wings

Garlic mushrooms

Cheese curds

Chilli cheese nachos

And chicken street tacos

Hannah then had cheesecake balls for dessert

And Kieran had a mini chocolate cake which was the perfect size for him given how stuffed he was.

All lovely. The young waitress and another waitress who came along were so nice, talking about Scotland and Outlander! When she had brought the drinks to the table she bumped them and spilt a wee bit on the table. No problem for us and we just mopped it up. But when she brought the bill she said she had comped the drinks as she had ^spilt them all over you^ so the bill was pretty cheap.

Kevin put his leftover chilli and cheese into a box to have later after some beers 😃

And we drove home. It's now 8:30 and despite the pouring rain my crazy husband is in the hot tub with his beer.

It's still his favourite place, even when it's chucking it down. Will he be warned about lightning? Will he heck!

I am ready for a bit of chilled time playing pool with the kids before an early night I think

And it might be a lazy day tomorrow given how I felt today. These last 3 crazy weeks must be catching up on me!

Night all xx

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Old 6 Jul 18, 01:51 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 6 Jul 18 1:51 AM.
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Old 6 Jul 18, 06:09 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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Hope you feel better today, I really struggled in Busch Gardens last October as it was so humid and just seemed to take all my energy away.
I don't know how you cope in the temperatures in the summer.

Food at Buffalo Bills looks good though think it will be somewhere for us to visit next year.
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Old 6 Jul 18, 06:52 AM  
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pretty71's Reviews
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That food looked good! Hope you are feeling better today and a lazy day sounds good. Enjoy
Angela xx
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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
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Old 6 Jul 18, 07:25 AM  
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Earning More Ears
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Hope that you are on the mend today, amazed at all that you managed to do yesterday even though unwell!
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Old 6 Jul 18, 07:57 AM  
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Wow it was hot, I would of collapsed long ago.
Well done for carrying on
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Yiphee! we are going again
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Old 6 Jul 18, 08:03 AM  
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Rob & Jan
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A lovely park day but Helen you take it easy today-plenty of relaxing by the pool is called for.
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Old 6 Jul 18, 08:32 AM  
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A great park day but you need a chill day today to recover.
Sept 2004 - Hampton Lakes and Madeira Beach. June 2005 - Westridge. May 2006 - Clear Creek. Apr 2007 - Crescent Lakes and Madeira Beach. Apr 2008 - Crescent Lakes. Apr 2009 - Bahama Bay. Sept 2010 - OKW. June 2011 - LBV resort and spa. Feb 2012 - Regal Palms.
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Old 6 Jul 18, 08:35 AM  
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Hope you feel better today We all love Busch Gardens
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We will be back
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Old 6 Jul 18, 09:21 AM  
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mick's Reviews
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Shame the heat got to you but you seemed to get lots done

Hopefully you are feeling better after a good nights sleep

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