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Unread 11 Jul 18, 01:07 PM  
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The One With No Pretrip And A Better Chance Of Finishing - Day 10 -Seaworld & Outback

After a fairly late night last night we hadn't planned to get up early this morning so it was around 9.30am by the time we were up, fed and ready to rock. We decided we'd return to Seaworld but focus on the shows this time.

As we got in the park we spotted Shamu, but the kids didn't want to stop for a photo. The wait for Manta was 30 minutes so we keep moving. We got round to Journey to Atlantis, which was 5 minutes so we went on.

It turned out to be a walk on and we all enjoyed this although we did get drenched. It was roasting today so we didn't mind. The kids checked out the wait time for Kracken, 45 minutes, so we checked the time guide for the first show, Dolphin Days was at 11am. On the way there I tried to reactivate the refillable cup, but the cart outside the show didn't open till 11am which seemed a bit daft if lots of people would be passing by on the way to the 11am show, never mind the kids and Scott went into get a seat and I went in search of someone who could help. It felt like I trekked halfway round the park, but I found somewhere, coughed up $7.48 and refilled the cup. I spotted Scott and the kids and went to join them, we had 15 minutes till the show started and were in the soak zone.

We were also in the full sun so we proceeded to toast a bit, then melt. I didn't think I'd make the show, it when it started it was enough to distract us all as it was very good. We didn't get wet at all mind you, so I think the kids were a bit disappointed.

After the show we checked out the manatee rehabilitation area.

And we spotted a couple of giant turtles too.

Then we went off for a look in the aquarium.

We were a bit disappointed that the film st the end was broken down. We found that the workers in the park didn't really want to engage or offer any information, so we had no idea if it was going to be a couple of minutes to repair or if it was down for the day. Things like this and the lack or organisation when it comes to ride loading remind us why we love Disney so much. So we gave up and tried out the turtle game.

Daniel won, I was second, Abbie third and Scott was last. Then it was off to the Ray tank. It was busy so we didn't buy food.

Next we headed back to the Pretzel Kitchen, not for pretzels but for free beer! Beers in hand, we got the kids some juice and headed to the Shamu Show making sure to get seats in the shade.

The soak zone for this one was really wet!

It was a good show and we all enjoyed a bit of a rest in the shade. We walked round to Mako which was a 10 minute wait so the kids went on while we waited outside for them. It was a bit longer and that's because they chose to wait for the front row. Quite pleased with themselves they tried on some daft hats to send a photo back to their gran.

The time guide said the Bubble Legendary Show was starting soon and it was nearby so we grabbed another drink and some Funnel Fries (funnel cake strips) about $8.

These were yummy and were finished before the show even started, just as well or they'd have tasted very soapy!

The whole auditorium filled with bubbles at the end, very pretty. We were all hungry when we left so set off in search of something to eat and settled on some chilli cheese fries to share.

It doesn't look much there but there was plenty. The lady in front of us in the line was on the all day dining deal and had a side of cookies she didn't want so gave these to Abbie who was delighted!

Next we went to see how long the line at Manta was, 5 minutes so on we went. It turned out to be a walk on. Probably not the best idea after chilli cheese fries as I thought they might make a reappearance! Thankfully they didn't. The kids wanted to go again, so I went on with them and Scott sat it out. After that we walked round the aquarium there, as we missed it last time.

Next we headed to Pacific Point Preserve for the Sealion Show.

The best bit was the mime guy at the start. And the wee otter, he doesn't get the credit he deserves!

After this we debated if we wanted to stick around for the Pets Ahoy Show at 4.30, our tummies voted no and we decided to leave and go straight for dinner.

I had some reservations about this as after a fairly long day at the park especially after being somewhat roasted waiting for the dolphins I didn't feel the freshest and my hair was best described as challenging. However I had to suck it up and get in with it. We decided on Outback and headed to the one beside Premium Outlets as it was nearest. We got in and seated straight away and our waiter was training a new start. I thought this would mean we would get excellent service. I was disappointed to be wrong.

We love Outback and we really like the bread. We order drinks, the usual apple juice no ice for the bambinos, a beer for Scott and a Castaway Cocktail for me. We waited for the bread... it didn't come. The drinks came.

Don't think you need a photo of the apple juice. We ordered our mains, not wanting appetisers as we wanted to save room for the amazing bread and our waiter said he'd be right along with the bread.

We waited. I handed out side plates. We did our best hungry look. We waited, if a bit impatiently. The restaurant was pretty much empty and our waiter was meant to be showing off his great service skills to his new apprentice. We waited some more.


I couldn't help but say “what about the bread?” And that's when he laughed.

I gathered in the side plates and quietly seethed. The mains were lovely. 9oz sirloin, with loaded baked potato and broccoli cheese for me.

The kids both had the 6oz sirloin and fries.

Scott had the 9oz steak and shrimp with a side of mac and cheese to keep the kids happy.

Oh and the bread finally turned up as we were eating. I had a bit just because it was there - still lovely, but not so good when it's late.

It was a bit cloudy when we got back so Scott and I had a beer on the balcony, the kids were glued to iPads. I did some laundry and tidying up and then we had a fairly early night.

Thanks for reading along, sorry I'm getting a bit behind and this day has taken me about 5 attempts to complete!

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Take me to the Beach Club!
Unread 11 Jul 18, 03:13 PM  
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princess allie
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Really enjoying your trip report. We arent doing Disney this year (sob) but I am getting excited for Seaworld, lovely to see it today x

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When 1 countdown closes, another 1 opens
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Unread 12 Jul 18, 09:23 AM  
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A great idea to do a day of shows at SeaWorld, although my lot aren't interested in going to SeaWorld at all so I guess trying to talk them in to 2 days (rides then shows) is a definite no go!

Imagine no bread! Not showing his apprentice the ropes at all.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 12 Jul 18, 11:21 AM  
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New Photo Added by clubhouse - 12 Jul 18 11:21 AM.
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Unread 12 Jul 18, 04:02 PM  
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Another great day

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Easter in Florida
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Unread 12 Jul 18, 10:29 PM  
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slightly serious Dibber
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Great day, shame about Outback service but food looks fab x

Index to my trip reports at link below, updating live
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Harry Potter here we come!
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Unread 15 Jul 18, 04:52 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Great report - shame about the bread
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Unread 15 Jul 18, 09:39 PM  
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Why did he laugh when you asked about the bread 😡
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halloween horror nights the return
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