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Unread 12 Jul 18, 05:31 PM  
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The One With No Pretrip And A Better Chance Of Finishing - Day 11 - IOA

We were up nice and early and after a quick breakfast we were on our way to Islands of Adventure. We are staying at RPR later in the week and will have Express Pass so we are just going to see how we get on and try not to get stressed out about getting on rides if the lines are long.

We were parked up by about 8.30am and then made our way along the moving walkways. It was fairly quiet so Abbie decided to go the wrong way on the other one to show off.

We were soon into CityWalk and the boys needed a restroom so Abbie had a bit of a pose.

We headed towards IOA as the kids really wanted to try Hulk as neither had been big enough last time we visited.

They were holding the line just outside the entrance to Hulk and just before 9am we were allowed through. I got a locker - I like that they are free here and that this one lets you use your park ticket instead of your finger. We had hardly any wait before it was out turn. I liked this but it wasn't as good as I remember - I think that's because I've been on newer rides now.

It was a big thumbs up from Abbie though. Next Scott and the kids went on Dr Dooms Fear Falls, I sat this one out.

Then we went to Spider-Man as it had a 5 minutes wait which turned out to be a walk on.

Next we walked round to Kong. The kids weren't keen to ride this but they came along when there was a 5 minute wait again. As were were going through the queue are I thought it was much darker than usual and maybe just too dark. Next thing I know something jumped out up ahead and gave the people in front of us a right fright. Abbie and Daniel started to have a bit of a meltdown at this point. We stood back a bit and let others pass. They were close to tears and we were very bad parents indeed by telling them to get over it! I thought it was an animatronic that jumped out but it turns out it's a real person and they took pity on us and let us pass. Scott and I thought the ride was ok. The kids kept their eyes shut with hands over their ears the whole way round. I don't think they will be back on this anytime soon!

Next on our travels was Jurassic Park. Still a good ride in my opinion and even better as I only got a tiny bit wet!

We were all in need of a drink so the next stop was for a refillable mug $17.03, seems expensive but we definitely have been getting our money's worth as you can deactivate each day for around $7 and we are mean so only get one between the 4 of us (not just being mean really, I'd end up carrying 4 if we got 4).

Suitably refreshed we moved into Hosgmeade. It was pretty busy and the wait time for the Forbidden Journey was 45 minutes so we decided not to wait and spotted the Frog Chorus about the start.

They were having technical difficulties with their muggle equipment so the show was cut short.

We decided to keep moving round the park and headed for the Hogwarts Express. I was glad to get a chance to cool off. It's was roasting again today.

We only waited a minute or 2 before we were on board.

When we got off the kids had a good chat with Stan from the Knight Bus.

Tummies were rumbling by now and we'd been wanting to try a Lard Lad donut since we saw them in my friends Hazel's (Closeder) report. So we headed in that direction.

Abbie was quite fascinated by the duck that was wandering around this area.

We must have done Men in Black on the way to get the donut. It was a 10 minute wait. None of managed to press the red button at the right time so we'll need to work on that!

We were just about in time for the horror make up show, but after the Kong experience the kids didn't really want to. We met this guy outside.

And went on in because we were all melting. It's a great show and the kids enjoyed it too even saying the were quite glad we went in.

Next stop was Diagon Ally in search of wands as the kids wanted to spend the dollars their gran gave them, despite already having wands which they never play with. We got in line for Ollivanders and only waited about 5 minutes before being taken in. The kids were disappointed not to be picked but happily parted with over $100 for a wand each - Deatheater for Abbie and Narcissa Malfoy for Daniel.

They sort a bit of time casting spells, which they were pretty good at.

The wait time for Gringotts was showing 5 minutes but there was a massive line outside the doors so we thought it was probably down. We were flagging a bit so headed off for another drink in the Coca
cola shop. Now you label and personalise a virtual bottle in here. We all had a go. I was very disappointed that I couldn't. My name is Anouska and I am a sucker for anything that is personalised as I couldn't really get anything like that when I was young. It seems my name is deemed controversial and the closest I could get is Anoushey!

Scott however was able to enter these.

I've censored it a bit. We were all flagging now and decided to call it a day. It was 2pm and we were all getting hungry. On the way out Scott suggested we try the Toothsome Emporium.

Abbie had a Birthday Cake milkshake, I had a brioche French toast with ham and egg. Scott had the nachos so Abbie could have some and Daniel had the kids burgers/sliders.

Abbie managed most of her milkshake and they kindly washed out the glass for her as you get to keep it. Scott's idea had been to come for dessert but we'd all been too hungry, now we were too stuffed for dessert. We agreed to try to come back another time as the desserts looked amazing. I've started to lose track of the bills but I think this was about $75.

We headed back home and had a bit of pool time as it was so lovely and we'd been roasted today. We were much later getting ready to go out but decided to use Lyft to go along to Millers for a couple of drinks and some food to share as we were all too full for a proper dinner. Just as we were ready we heard an almighty crack of thunder and the heavens opened. Within a couple of minutes we could see the car park flooding so even if we got a taxi, chances are we'd be soaked. So we ordered a pizza but there was a mixup with the address and at 9.15 we called to complain and ended up cancel - it was bagels and cookies all round then off to bed. Just as well as we needed to use everything up before our move to RPR. Tomorrow we have nothing planned as we were wiped out after today. Thanks for reading along!

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Take me to the Beach Club!
Unread 13 Jul 18, 04:47 PM  
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i've been reading along each of your days, great stuff, we are staying for the first time at Blue Tree resort in October which I believe is next to where your condo is, so its been good to read where you've had dinner nearby etc .
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I'll be there for my birthday!
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Unread 13 Jul 18, 05:33 PM  
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Laughing that your name is controversial yet it allowed...erm... funny bows, shall we say? Hilarious!

Good day. Toothsome looks nicer in daytime actually. I found it so creepy when we went at night . Cant wait for your RPR move - enjoy!
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7 nights AMI, 2 weeks Villa & Disney
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Unread 13 Jul 18, 07:59 PM  
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A busy day, Toothsome looks amazing. Shame about dinner. Looking forward to reading about your move.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 14 Jul 18, 09:58 AM  
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A busy but good day

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Easter in Florida
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Unread 14 Jul 18, 01:07 PM  
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Oh I could do with one of those donuts in my life right now, worth the entrance fee to universal alone!

Index to my trip reports at link below, updating live
"Over the hill and sailing away March 2017"
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Harry Potter here we come!
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Unread 14 Jul 18, 09:52 PM  
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The Muppets
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Enjoying your updates and we are all laughing about the personalised coke bottles
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Maui and Kauai
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Unread 16 Jul 18, 12:54 PM  
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New Photo Added by clubhouse - 16 Jul 18 12:54 PM.
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