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Old 18 Jul 18, 07:22 PM  
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The Famous Five Hit The Beach Again August 2017 15th August

Alert, alert, I have only taken 1 photo for this day (and it's a rubbish one as you can see!) so I have to apologise in advance!
This picture is so I can get a replacement battery for my kitchen scales... don't even ask"

Today I got up at 5.50am...I had slept well, had a great nights sleep Happy days this jet lag has not been too bad so far!

Everyone else was not far behind me and I had some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast while Grace was made silly shaped toast by Grandad. This includes little 2 pence sized circles and chip sized strips piled on top of each other... whatever it takes to get them to eat it I suppose...she is lucky if she gets it cut in to 4 triangles with me!

I also made the green salad for later and popped it in the fridge, better to do it when it's dark and not in the middle of the day when I can be enjoying the sunshine! I also put some spice marinade on some tilapia we had got.

We were out of the villa and in the car by 7am on our way to Stumps Pass. You pay $3 to enter in an honesty box and hang a ticket in your car. This morning we found some lovely shells and Mick spent quite a time snorkelling. We left the beach at 8.30 and drove home, that cool pool was calling after the hot sun this morning. We decided to be crazy first and go round the block on the bikes! This I love doing, the problem as all you ladies will appreciate, is that if you don't get on a bike very often the nether region suffers rather! I decided to brave it, despite last year finding it so painful I put a folded up towel on the seat... (no it didn't make any difference it was still agony!) so off Mick and I went round the block..it is so lovely just going at a nice pace, taking in the huge houses and lovely gardens, with hardly any traffic at all. It's beautiful!

When we got back we put the coffee maker on and had some eggs on toast before hitting the pool. Breakfast outside in the sunshine, love it, that's what this is all about.

We sat, slept or dozed and played in the water until 2pm when we fired up the BBQ. Grace had pizza and garlic bread sticks...the pizza was a great success. We BBQ'd the fish, burgers and some salmon today and had all the trimmings that we had yesterday too.

We also had ice cream after..can feel myself putting on lovely holiday pounds already!

Tonight we decided to go out to Target, this is again in Port Charlotte, just over the road from the mall. There are various shops on all four corners of the crossroad, perfect for us. We love Target and I got a summer maxi dress and Mick got some jeans $12 each, he got a pair last year and they are a great fit so he was very happy he found some more. We also picked up various bits and bobs, some notelets, pens etc and a card for my Brother in laws wedding in September. Grace somehow managed to spend $25 on toys!

We then popped in to Marshalls and Bed, Bath and Beyond, these are just over the road too. In Marshalls I got a lovely purple Ralph Lauren dress for $40, this was great as I had seen this dress in Macy's last year but didn't get it as they didn't have it in my size..I was made up! Mick got a multi pack of Calvin Klein pants to replace the ones he got last year

In BBB I always get shower curtains, so cheap and some "finger towels" these are tiny towels that hang on a little stand you put next to your sink. We got the stand last year but realised when we got home that all our hand towels are too giant! So I got 2 of these. (I have since found out that really you need enough for at least 1 a day ideally so these are on my list for this year too!)

It was 94 degrees when we got back in the car...love it! we were home for 7 so we let Grace sort her new toys out and then I put her to bed. She was asleep by 7.45 which meant tonight I actually saw the sunset!

Beautiful. Drinks and the sunset a perfect match.
It was hot today with very little cloud let's hope for the same tomorrow! We were asleep for 10pm after watching the birds and frogs and being delighted by the fire flies

Picture taken from tomorrow... So so it wasn't totally pictureless!

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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
Old 18 Jul 18, 07:27 PM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 18 Jul 18 7:27 PM.
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