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Unread 4 Aug 18, 07:12 PM  
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The Famous Five Hit The Beach Again August 2017 21st August

Monday 21st

Today was eclipse day whoopie...

I won't lie I had had a very bad night but let's not dwell on it...I got up at 6.50 as I decided a walk today was not on the cards. We were not beaching it today so we had a leisurely morning. I had 4 slices of toast...outrageous but they are only small pieces over here arn't they

I needed that toast to be honest, after an up and down night and feeling those cocktails I had yesterday I needed it! My husband and daughter were also still in bed so they got up and I did eggs for Daddy and I can't remember what Grace had to be honest!

It was then that Daddy said come on let's go for a walk and I was keen to show him my new route so we went out. I am not sure of the time but it was around 9. we walked the back way behind the house and decided to go along to the end of the road unlike I had yesterday as I was not sure of the distance. We walked and walked and walked and to be brutally honest we were dripping wet by the time we got back and were practically dragging ourselves along the ground.
I worked out how far we had walked later on map my run and it was 3.5 miles! For goodness sake...in 78% humidity and 90 degree heat no wonder I was shattered!

Straight in the pool was where I went... heavenly!
We had noticed the pool turning a bit green, this happened last year too so we called up Lance and told him the problem...a few hours later he turned up and did some maintenance on the pool. It was lovely to see him again and good to have a little chat. The economy down here is looking a lot healthier which is good to see and he appears to have enough to keep him busy House building is on the up with demand high which is great news.

It was 12ish by now and the eclipse was about to start so I set about making my paper projection which is not hard. 2 pieces of white paper one with a pin prick in it...Graces "wings" badge she received as a gift from the plane came in handy for making the hole lol

It worked perfectly and we turned the news on whilst I was making the salad ( I hadn't done that either this morning! ) I was excited about the eclipse but I am not sure anyone else was!
I watched a couple of places go through totality...love the diamond ring you get at the end and kept nipping out to see the progress for us. I took a few photos outside to see if you can see the sunshine getting less...at about 2.50 it was 78% for us and it looked outside as if the sun was behind a cloud but that was all, it was like the sun was going down in terms of visibility but that was about it. The projection worked well and there was only a little crescent of the sun left at the max for us. It was cool, this is the third I have seen in my life, would love to see a totality...one day! The photos I took were not great you couldn't see any difference really which is a shame.
I made sure Grace saw it all both on the telly and she kept coming out and doing the paper projection herself so I am glad she was interested. She remembered the last one too as we talked about it as she brought it up and she was in reception at school and she remembered not being aloud outside.

Tea and a bit of You Tube by the pool

Fun by the pool was had by all, in he middle of the eclipse we had our BBQ some chicken and pork was had and I had some chicken sausages we got in Walmart and some more chicken. The sausages were delicious...can't wait to have some more tomorrow.
The salad leaves had turned really I tried to rescue them but I couldn't and what is the point so we were short of that today but we had some more couscous I made roasted garlic this time and all the other bits..so we didn't go without.

For pudding we had chocolate cake from yesterday and I had cinnamon cake and ice cream and Grace finished the cookies with ice cream...happy days.

We stayed outside until 6, the weather was great and we were enjoying relaxing and not having to go out. We showered and I had a couple of glasses of wine and Grace and I shared some cheese and crackers it was nice. We watched a bit of tv and then at 7.15 I put Grace to bed, she went down quickly...and I was glad as I couldn't wait for her to go to sleep so I could! We sat outside for 20 minutes or so chatting and then at 8.30 I went to bed...well so did everyone else! I went straight to sleep while Daddy watched murder she wrote on YouTube!

For some reason he loves watching that when we are in the States
Thanks for reading along

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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
Unread 4 Aug 18, 07:18 PM  
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Unread 6 Aug 18, 01:34 PM  
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I love trying to catch an eclipse it's so exciting, my family don't really understand my excitement. Sounds like you all had a lovely, relaxing day - after your walk!
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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