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The Famous Five Hit The Beach Again August 2017 22nd August

Tuesday 22nd

Today I was awake at 5am after a really good sleep, much needed after the night before. I didn't get up until about 5.45 though so I made a cuppa and had a banana before making some salad. I put my walking gear on at 6.15 and went out the door at 6.20...a little too early because it was still quite dark and it wasn't people I was concerned about it was the wildlife.

I started to walk and could hear this banging honestly sounded like someone was stuck in one of those big metal containers banging on the side trying to get out! It sounded like the next road along, I had already decided to go right at the end and not left so this only confirmed this for me! Honestly it sounded awful but after about 10 minutes it stopped. They are building a couple of houses along that road so I am assuming it was that but honestly at 6.30am?

The walk was nice and it was much brighter when I walked in the door at 6.50am. Daddy and Grace were stirring...not very much and we were due out of the door at 7.15am!
I had made some overnight oats the day before so I got them out and gave them a stir and added some more yoghurt then popped a slice of toast in the toast for myself and Grace. We had this while Nanny packed up the stuff for the beach and when Daddy was ready we bundled in the car at 7.25 so not too bad. It was the usual 75 degrees on the drive to the beach of choice today, Englewood Beach.

Grace went in the lovely play area when we got there. Nanny and Grandad went off on their walk along the beach and Daddy stayed with us for a while before leaving for the beach too. Grace had been going on about going to a park for a few days now so I let her stay as long as she wanted which ended up being a good 20 minutes or so. We got on the beach and Daddy was just sitting on the towel ..he had waited for us and not gone in. I said we would not have been as long if I realised but he was happy to wait for us. He was a bit annoyed he had forgotten his goggles though!
There were also quite a few jelly fish both in the water and on the beach so we were a little wary of going in the water. We saw dolphins again this morning and plenty of Pelicans.

We stayed an hour at the beach again and found some more shells which was good, no sharks teeth though again today. We did the showering of the feet and general faffing to get ready and back in the car. We stopped at Publix on the way back to buy a bottle of robinsons squash $4.49! The second bottle... and a bag of salad as we would be going to Walmart later. We all went in to the store but I was super quick and it was a quick in and out basically...I was cross as we meant to pick up ice cream as it is close to home and just about makes it back but I forgot!

We pooled it for an hour before Daddy and I decided to go out for a walk we set off with a bottle of water and a wet flannel, after the other mornings shenanigans ... best thing we did. We did lots of photo taking and even one of the sign of the end of the road as I am planning to make a canvas for the hallway of that one and one we already have of St Petes Beach we took some years ago...anyway. We also took some pictures of our favourite houses so we could share with our friends when we get home. It really is so lovely here, the houses are beautiful, the canals in-between and the people are so friendly from waving to you as you are walking along to saying hello as you pass each other...this is always without fail, it's lovely and very welcoming.

We found a little froggie friend on he car this morning

We got back after half an hour and 2 miles and jumped straight back in the pool. We had the BBQ at 1.30, I cooked some pizza for Grace..again! Everyone else had pork, salmon and tilapia and the salad was lovely as we actually had leaves today!

We planned to go out at 5.30 so showered at about 4.40 and were ready for the off just before the allotted time.. We made the short drive to Walmart and we had a list as we only had 2 more BBQ's to go as we had decided after a family meeting to eat out on Friday and Saturday. Daddy and I ran around getting everything on the list whilst the others went to do their thing. The bill was about $100 and I don't think we will be getting much else now really. Crisps and chocolate were got too, we were so good at the beginning of the holiday but it was all going out the window now. Daddy chose a Hersey chocolate cake... wrong choice I thought and I said ha ha but the damage was done and he now admits it was the wrong choice lol

We had told Grace we could pop in to the dollar store as she had $7 left in her purse and wanted some Disney characters she had seen before so we shot in there. It was a different store to the last one she went in to before and she came to me in a panic saying they didn't have what she wanted...I found them it was just that we were in a different place! She chose what she wanted and still had $2 left and was faffing about spending them...she had one left then and I found a Shopkins cup and we were out of there!

I then popped in to Publix while everyone waited in the car and I just got some vanilla ice cream 4 quarts! It was massive and $5.99 we will probably not finish it but the smaller one was too small so hey ho!

We arrived home just after 7 so we had a vodka and chilled out for a while or so before I put Grace to was 8 o clock by the time she went to bed so a bit too late really. We sat under the lanai and had a bottle of prosecco. We watched an electric storm for most of the time we were out there, no thunder. We retired at about 9.15 and then surfed the internet until about 10. I had decided to go to Walmart on my own in the morning, early instead of going for a walk. I end up spending the time in Walmart getting the food shopping and not looking at the things I want to so I was going to take the trip when I got up, but before then I had to sleep.
Good night all

Thanks for reading along I will leave you with some of the sites of Rotunda West we took today...

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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 4 Aug 18 7:31 PM.
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Rotunda West looks really nice. A good day. I do love a walk along a beach in the sun.
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