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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 01:42 AM  
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New England Summer 2018: Day 14 - Beehive Trail And Bar Island Acadia

I actually managed a slightly later wake up - 6.30 am! F was also awake and the boys woke up not long after.

I went downstairs to make coffee. The others appeared and we all had our breakfasts - toast and cheese for the girls, fruit and yoghurt for the boys.

Our aim this morning was to be out by 9am to go to the Sand Beach car park so we could do the Beehive Trail which is just opposite the car park entrance. We did well - we were in the car at 8.34am!

We entered the loop to the north at the Sieur de Mont entrance and headed south on the loop road. Perhaps unsurprisingly the car park had just reached capacity so we parked on the road. On the one way section of the loop road there are actually two lanes but you can park in the right hand one. We were only 100m from the entrance to the trail so it wasn't an issue.

The first part was up a rocky path in a forest.

We then hit the cliff face. O, being the lovely son he is stayed close to me as I am not at all coordinated (unlike the goats in the rest of the family). This was the first clear view - we could see Sand Beach.

There were quite a lot of people doing the trail. Ages ranged from 5 or 6 to people in their 70s. Most people were wearing trainers - though we did see one person in flip flops.

We went higher and higher - it was a cliff face. At times we had to climb up metal ladders - it is not for the faint hearted.

Almost at the top - the cliff flattened out thankfully. This trail was not for people who don't like heights. The guidebook was right when it said that it was strenuous and arduous!

O laughed when he saw the top marker - only 160m climbed. It seemed much higher than that!

We had great views over towards Bar Harbor.

Going down was easier. The first part was just rock face but not that steep.

You can see that lucky O got to carry my Kipling backpack. At least it was blue!

Then the return trail was through the forest. You cannot go back down the way you came (just as well - it wasn't easy to go up the cliff face - going down would have been horrendous!)

Going down was a lot quicker.

This is what we climbed up - you can just make out all the people on the cliff face!

We were glad we had started out early as there was a constant stream of people heading up now (it was getting on for 10.45am)

We got the swim stuff from the car and headed down to Sand Beach

F just paddled (her blood sugar was low - she had tested it throughout the walk but it nosedived just as we got to the bottom so the had sugar to get it back up!)

The boys swam though. I heard someone saying the water was 59F. J thought that was about right.

Apparently Sand Beach is a rare species in the region - because of Maine's situation most beaches are made of small pebbles with perhaps some sand. Sand Beach really is all sand!

The boys stayed on the water for about 30minutes.

We walked back to the car - it really was heaving on the loop road. A cruise ship was in dock in Bar Harbor so lots of tours. Plus just lots of people. Cars were parked up from Sand Beach to Thunder Hole continually!

I made the kids a grilled salmon sandwich and J and I had takeout lobster roll from one of the local restaurants - not cheap at $45 for 2 rolls (which came with fries) and a donut. But very tasty!

After a short break, we drove to Bar Harbor. I was a bit over zealous on the parking front - we could have bern closer!

First port of call was an ice cream. I had 2 scoops - one was ginger and the other fresh mint. A bit different but nice nevertheless.

Suitably refreshed we walked along the coastal path, passing the Maastram cruise ship. No wonder it had been busy with almost an extra 2000 people around!

We were headed to Bar Island - you can only cross to it 90minutes before and after low tide. If you get stuck out there the boat taxi costs $50.

It isn't a difficult walk across. We saw a few red jelly fish washed up.

The others walked up to the top of the hill - my legs had gone!

I sat and admired the view!

We walked back through Bar Harbor. O bought a t-shirt and a Maine number plate. I found a nice lobster keyring.

Bar Harbor is very vibrant - lots of restaurants and souvenirs shops (from the tacky to the upmarket).

Back home I cooked gnocchi for everyone and then crashed out on the sofa!

The walks have been great - I especially recommend the Beehive Trail. It was hard work on the legs but worth the effort!

Edited at 02:11 AM.
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Argentina - Summer in Winter
Unread 11 Aug 18, 02:32 AM  
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New Photo Added by Melbatb - 11 Aug 18 2:32 AM.
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 07:15 AM  
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We stopped at Bar Harbour last year on a cruise there were 3 ships there that day and was very busy. It is a lovely little place though. We loved that and Peggys Cove (Nova Scotia) when we stopped at New Brunswick.
Love ur trip not sure if I would be brave enough to go up all the ladders to the top though!would love to do road trip in New England. Our road trip this year is Washington down through Shenandoah,Blue Ridge Parkway and across to Outer Banks. New England on our list of to dos.
Looking forward to reading ur next day.

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New York and Anthem Of The Seas Cruise
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 08:17 AM  
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Wow what a cliff face to climb, but so worth it for the views. The beach looked the perfect place to recover from your morning exertions. Bar Harbor sounds very nice.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 10:16 AM  
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Crikey that walk/climb was not for the feint hearted no wonder you had a sit on the beach

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Easter in Florida
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 10:31 AM  
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Full of admiration for your climb - I definitely won't be doing that one! We're staying in Bar Harbour in a lovely b&b. I didn't know it was on the cruise ship route - hopefully not too many when we are there!
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New England Road Trip
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Unread 11 Aug 18, 02:18 PM  
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Well done on doing the beehive trail - Im not good with climbs like that so we gave it a miss and did North Bubble instead. Also well done on the boys spending so long in the sea - we had gone numb it was so cold! Lovely photos and the ice cream sounds yummy.
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Chicago and the Great Lakes
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Unread 13 Aug 18, 12:14 AM  
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Well done on doing that climb. Im fine on the flat but rubbish at anything with elevation.

Bar Island sounds a lovely spot.
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Cape Coral and NYC
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Ocean Florida

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