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Old 13 Aug 18, 01:24 AM  
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A Southern Adventure August 2018 Day 5

August 12th Day 5

Well the beds were soooo comfortable in this hotel...really really cosy. It was a little warm but it was so cosy I couldn't be bothered to get out and take a layer off

We woke up at about 5 this morning and I made a cup of tea for us both and did a bit of trip reporting before starting to get organised to leave for the last leg of our journey.

We decided to get ready for 7, so we packed up for the final time, thankfully and went down to get stuff in the car. We had decided to get on the road and have something to eat when we got to the villa. Nanny and Grandad had been for a walk along the beach and the smell from the red tide today was not great so staying longer at the hotel was unfortunately not really an option.

We were on our way, we had to get fuel as we only had 21 miles worth in the tank. the first petrol station was closed! We soon came across another one though so we put $20 in and were off again. We were soon on the I-75 again and well on out way to Rotunda.

We needed a few supplies for breakfast until we could get out to do a “big shop” so we made a list on the drive and we pulled in to Aldi at Port Charlotte, unfortunately we were too early and it had not opened yet! We did a turn and went to Walmart across the road. Daddy and I literally went in for the things on the list and were back out in no time.
There was great excitement at arriving back at the villa and we were ready for a day next to the pool.

We arrived in at 10am and unloaded, put the kettle on and put our swimmers on and hit the pool. Unpacking can happen later

We spend until 3pm outside, we had the tunes on and all the inflatables known to man in the pool. Grace had the challenge of learning to complete a forward roll in the pool as she was so close in her swimming lessons and she mastered it in about 10 seconds! Before we knew it she was actually doing somersaults into the pool!

We had our breakfast outside, Grace got some lucky charm cereal so had a couple of bowls of that and Daddy and I had egg on toast, it was delicious.
We snacked on some fruit during the day but that was all.
We had a great time out there it was a little cloudy and we had a couple of showers but that didn't stop our fun.

So we came in and showered as today we were off to Chili's. We were out the door at about 3.40 and Grandad was going to drive us to the end of Pine Valley Lane just so he could say he has actually driven in the USA. He did really well after I yelled at him to mind the post boxes...twice! Lol

We swapped at the end of the road and were on our way. Grace loved the pizza at Chili's last year so the anticipation was high. Daddy and Grandad had been having a conversation about a new burger they had there called the boss burger...2000 calories for 1 burger! Anyway they were going to have this!

We had made a deal yesterday that we would eat out a bit more this year but the rule was no starter and no alcohol and no puddings...we could do all those things at home and keep the cost down a little. The only time this rule did not apply was when we went to the Cheesecake Factory

So they ordered the above and Nanny and I had the 3 for $10 deal, a drink a starter, nanny had chips and I had Southwest Chicken Soup and then we both had margarita chicken with rice and beans. The meal was great but the boys did say the burger was a bit greasy and wouldn't have it again. The bill with a tip came to $72.

We decided to go across the road to Marshalls and Bed, Bath and Beyond before going to Walmart.
I got some MK flip flops for $19.99 and in BBB I got a gadget to pull the oven shelves out instead of burning your that shop!

Next it was over to Walmart...Grace had only one thing on her mind and that was getting a squishy, so she went off with Nanny in search of those while Grandad mooched about and Daddy and I did the actual shopping. I was getting some fruit whilst daddy was looking for a pudding and he came over to me saying he had picked up some sort of crumble and been stung by something! We decided there must have been a bee or something trying to get in to it and it got him when he picked it up. He thought it may have been a bit of plastic but it was swelling so it was definitely a sting. It put him all out of sorts, he didn't even choose a pudding in the end!

We got some fruit and bread and, yoghurt, that sort of thing and we were soon done. By going out we didn't actually need that much stuff. We did get the coffee for the peculator so we are looking forward to that in the morning.

I popped next door to get some vodka and could resis a bottle of Lindemans bin 50 while I was there as I love it but it's about 7 pounds at home and I picked this one up for $4.50!
The others were loading up the car when I got out and we were soon on our way home and it was just before 7!

We unpacked the shopping and Grace had a cookies and cream yoghurt she had got, she loved it wand I was surprised but she ate the lot!

We watched some TV while I did my report after we had put the shopping away and I had given Daddy an antihistamine and some cream! He was taking it well lol.

I put Grace to bed at 8pm, she had done really well lasting today and I am hoping for a 6 o clock wake up tomorrow!

We then had a drink and sat outside chatting before retiring for bed.
Tomorrow we planned to go to the Ellenton Outlets and stopping off at the Cheesecake Factory on the way home

Thanks all for reading and we will see you tomorrow.

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Old 13 Aug 18, 01:29 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 13 Aug 18 1:29 AM.
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Old 13 Aug 18, 09:31 AM  
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A good transfer day nice to relax round the pool

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Old 13 Aug 18, 08:27 PM  
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All caught up. I might have a look at Lufthansa, Iíve never thought of them. What a shame about the red tide, stopping your beach fun. Itís nice you are all settled in your villa, I feel like you have done a lot of travelling. I hope you all have a good sleep!
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Old 14 Aug 18, 03:36 PM  
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A good travel day to the villa. And some lovely relaxing time by the pool.
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Old 18 Aug 18, 09:01 AM  
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Nice to get settled for a while in the villa. The red tide situation is horrendous. Must be such a worry for the locals.
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