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Old 15 Aug 18, 12:39 AM  
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A Southern Adventure August 14th 2018 Day 7

August 14th 2018 Day 7

I know I started yesterday's report with news of the storm in the night, well sorry to be boring but that one had nothing on the one we had last night!

It was 12.45am when I woke up and the alarm clock on my side was flashing so the power had been cut, I looked at the one on the other side and that was still on so it was definitely only momentary. I went back off to the sound of the rolling thunder, the next thing I know there is an almighty crack of thunder that even made Daddy jump, the Lightning came and the power in the bedroom went off completely. There were about 4 massive cracks of thunder in all I think all of which made Daddy jump...I was literally awake now in the middle of the night proper laughing at him, so funny!

I did say do you think we should go and get Grace as she would be terrified if she woke up and had to come to us in it but to be honest I was too scared lol

It was the loudest thunder I had know for a long while but luckily Grace didn't wake up. It was soon over and we were back to sleep.

the good thing about the power being off was that we didn't know the time until we were properly awake and when I did look at my phone it was 6.40am...happy days! Grace who had arrived in the night went out to find Nanny and Grandad and Daddy and I had another half hour in bed.

We got up and made tea and decided that today we were going to go to Miromar Outlets near Fort Myers, it is about an hour and 15 m drive. We would normally go in the evening on our own but we had decided to take Grace with us and then she won't be up all evening waiting for us to get in.

It opened at 10am so we had a dispatch time of 8.30 and seeing as we were up a little later we got a wriggle on and I made the eggs and toast and sat eating on the lanai. Grace had circle and soldier toast made by Grandad and we were in the car at 8.35 leaving Nanny and Grandad to some time on their own.

It was another good journey, I can't complain! The only entertaining thing that happened was that these 2 random cars that were on the hard shoulder decided to rejoin the carriageway, I wasn't best pleased that I had to slow down to let them on! No sooner had they joined they put their blues and twos on and pulled over a couple of cars...I couldn't believe it! They were unmarked and as we passed them there were 2 more in front so it was obviously an exercise to crack down on speeding or something. I always put the cruise control on so that I don't get tempted to go too fast or before I realise how fast I am going!

We came off at our junction and turned in to the outlets, it's dead easy and I am sure it was 9.50 so perfect by the time we had gone in to Starbucks

We shared a coffee and got Grace a doughnut and we had some water with us so Grace had that. I hooked on to the wifi as I wanted to get the coupon book code on my phone so I could get one from the kiosk. I tried to log in at home but the site was not working. I got it no problem and we sat having our drink while I watched the man open the kiosk. We finished up and I went over but he had completely disappeared! The coupon book was on the side so I took one and a map and we cracked on lol

First stop was North Face but we found nothing in there, then round to Justice...this is such a great shop for kids...Its like a sensory overload (like Smiggle) for kids so I went in there with the idea of trying to get Grace a few things for Christmas while she went in to Claire's with Daddy.

I got a pair of flip flops, sunglasses and a purse and shoved them in my bag (after paying of course) just before they arrived in the shop! I was dragged over to Claire's where they had an orbie (don't know if that's how you spell it) filled squishie for $9.99.

I was done with kids shopping by now! We checked out Nike and I got a couple of T shirts for my nephews and one for Grace and then we went to Kate Spade. Don't get me wrong there were some lovely bags for lovely prices in there but I decided to look in Michael Kors first.

We went along there and I was in heaven, I found the bag I wanted at the back in the 70% off section and we had another coupon for another 20% off so I got the bag $398 for $94... what's not to love! I got the purse to match and paid the money, perfect and I was a very happy lady

We had a look around Ralph Lauren but found nothing, we picked up sunglasses and a card wallet for Daddy in Fossil for $40 and we were nearly shopped out by then, it had been nearly 3 hours and a little lady was getting tired. We had another Starbucks pit stop where Grace had a massive warm cookie and then hit Converse and came out of there with 2 pairs for Grace the high top boot being the best thing ever for her narrow foot it seems and a pair each for Daddy and I...$125 down and that was buy one get the seen on at 60% off.

Our last stop was Gap where Grace and Daddy got a hoodie, I have so many I really didn't need another.

We were pooped! It was just after 1 and we had done well I feel! We got back in the car and had an estimated arrival time back home of 2.50pm so we whatsapped Nanny and told them to be ready to go straight out to Longhorns.

In car selfie?

We got back at 2.50 on the dot and Grace rushed in to show Nanny and Grandad what she had and we turned around fast and got out the door as we were starving!

We arrived just about 3.15 to a very quiet Longhorns and today we were back under our strict routine, no alcohol and no starters and no desserts!.

The bread came and then Grace ordered her sirloin steak, Daddy his salmon, Nanny a steak sandwich, Grandad a Flo's fillet and I had shrimp. All the adults except Nannys came with a salad so we had those while we waited for the main event. Absolutely gorgeous! I really enjoyed mine today, Grace ate more than half of hers but the chips were really really salty!

Always we have a great meal there and soon enough we were walking outside into rain! Luckily only a splattering so no harm done.

As the weather was not exactly pool inviting, we decided to have a walk around Target instead of going back. Daddy dropped us at the door due to the rain and he used the brollie I kept in my bag to comeback with once he had parked up.

I picked up a few little stationary things and then we had a look at the clothes, we often get lucky in here but today was not so luckily! Daddy picked up a rather brief pair of trunks! He had to have them at $19.99 lol if you could see the others he has, these are tame!

Grace then tried on some jeans and had a mini tantrum in the shop because she liked the first pair but she has such a narrow waist (yes, just like her feet!) that they didn't fit well. I then got her to try on a pair on jogging a which were much better, but she preferred the first pair. Anyway it was the jeggings or nothing so we had the jeggings lol. I also found a pair of shorts for her and she loved those so we were back on an even keel. We went to any and I sent Daddy over to Starbucks to get my new Florida mug and then we were out of there. It had stopped raining so we were OK. We stopped at Race Trac on the way for another $30 of fuel and were home by 5.45 and in the pool. Nanny, Daddy and Grace were in the pool, I am catching up on my report and Grandad is eating or drinking somewhere

We went in at 7 and showered and then had some chocolate cake, well the chocoholics did!

We watched some TV to chill out and I put Grace to bed before we went out and had drinks well to be honest that's what we plan to do but it's only just gone 7.30pm lol

I am going to finish up here for the day anyway and if anything exciting happens tonight I will let you know in the morning

Thanks for reading along and we will see you tomorrow. Apologies for the photo light day today!

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Old 15 Aug 18, 12:47 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 15 Aug 18 12:47 AM.
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A very good shopping day

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Old 16 Aug 18, 08:41 AM  
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You got some great bargains today.
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Old 18 Aug 18, 09:12 AM  
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Daddy and Grandad certainly have an unusual sense of style ! Love your new bag though.
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Old 20 Aug 18, 08:25 PM  
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I love your Michael Kors bag and purse. The trunks are interesting! 😂😂 a pretty good shopping day
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