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Unread 21 Aug 18, 09:47 PM  
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New England Summer 2018: Day 23 - Duxbury and Going Home

Last day today! Back to reality.

We finished off the packing - thankfully it has all gone in! I hate packing. There were scales on the apartments and the bags went from 22kg to 16kg. The two cabin bags were 6kg (spoiler - these weights were spot on - phew. No unpacking at the airport.)

At about 9am we left to go back to the Blue Blind Bakery for breakfast. If you are in Plymouth I highly recommend this place. Though perhaps don't google it for the history of the community behind it...

O had the french toast again.

I gad the waffles again.

F and J had pancakes again. We are creatures of habit. It was all delicious.

With 2 cappuccinos it was $38.

We then drove north yo Duxbury - the next town up the coast. We gad hoped to see the lighthouse.

We came to this bridge and drove across - hoping to then turn right and drive down to the lighthouse.

However, there is the harbor police at the end of the bridge. If you are a resident you can park in the carpark to the left. To drive along the toad you need a permit. So we turned round snd drove back across the bridge. There was a free car park there so we parked up and walked across.

We went onto the beach. It was fairly cloudy and windy.

Most people on the beach were just walking - only one person was brave enough yo have gone in! It was pretty rough out there!

We wished we had discovered the beach earlier as it could have been a good surf beach! It was a shame we never saw the lighthouse though.

Time was ticking on so we walked back across the bridge and drove back to the apartment.

We took the bins out and stripped the beds, leaving them downstairs for the owner.

J thought it would take about 1h to get yo the airport. As it was a Sunday we thought the traffic wouldn't be do bad. We had to have the car back by 2.30pm yo avoid any further charges. We decided we would eat at the airport.

We left about 12.30pm. In fact the traffic was pretty bad - not helped by a sellout Redsox game due yo start at 2pm!

We got to the airport at 2.15pm - so it took quite a bit longer. Car drop off was easy. We had had a free tank of petrol so we didn't need to fill it up. One less stress.

Check in wasn't open. We were in Terminal C - this was mainly s Blue Jet terminal. There was just Aer Lingus and TAP as other airlines.

There was just one proper restaurant but it had something for us all. Service was very slow - it took nearly an hour for our meals to arrive but we weren't in a hurry!

O had fish and chips (as usual! )

F had a veggie burger and fries. J had a tuna burger - again with fries.

I had fish tacos. Thankfully the food was lovely. It cost $64 which for airport food I thought was good.

We then checked in. Either side of us were passengers who had very overweight bags - one was 36kg! She got it down to 32kg and paid about $200 in excess baggage! The other side was still trying to organise alternatively! Fun to watch!

Security was fairly easy. Though they did pill over one of the wheely cases! They were suspicious of the white powder - which was cake mix. I only threw it in as I had space! They were satisfied that it really was cake mix.

There are not too many shops so we went to the gate. F and I went to find her a sandwich for the plane. She had a made to order cheese and avocado - a bargain for $3.50.

O then went off with the last $5 and got a cookie and a yoghurt and muesli.

They asked for volunteers yo check in hand luggage. I checked in the cake mix one through to our final destination - there was nothing in there we needed!

Boarding was on time. The flight was pretty full.

Dinner was either chicken or fish. I had fish - it was edible.

Disaster then struck (well that may be a bit melodramatic! ) I was next to a middle aged guy. When he opened his salad dressing it squirted all over my brand new, only worn once LLBean jacket. And all over the front part. I rushed to the toilets to try to sponge it off. With little success. He was horrified.
He gave me his business card (he us a professor st one of the Boston universities) and made me promise that if couldn't get it out to let him know snd he will get me a new one. I have washed it but you can still clearly see the oil stain. I will try again at the weekend but I feel bad saying that it hasn't come out. Any hints on how to get olive oil stains out gratefully received.

We landed after 5h30 at 6am. I think we all managed about 2 hours sleep. Leaving at 6.30pm makes it difficult yo get to sleep.

Passport control took 2 minutes as did security.

We had a croissant and coffee then went to the gate. The flight left from a remote stand. We all fell asleep for the whole flight.

After landing we were home within an hour! Washing was done as was a grocery shop! The dog came home!

O went yo sleep at 4pm and woke up at 11pm. He has managed yo stay awake today though. The rest of us managed until 9pm.

I will try yo do a highs and lows post in the coming days.

Thanks for reading along. I will reply yo all your comments soon too!

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Argentina - Summer in Winter
Unread 21 Aug 18, 10:33 PM  
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New Photo Added by Melbatb - 21 Aug 18 10:33 PM.
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Unread 22 Aug 18, 12:25 AM  
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Have loved reading your reports and it's made me excited for our trip in May! Lots of tips to take with me Thanks for taking the time to write.
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New England Road Trip
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Unread 22 Aug 18, 01:59 AM  
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I too have loved reading your report - we are also nearing the end of our New England adventure (currently sat in our Mystic,Connecticut overnight hotel room, before moving to cape cod tomorrow for our last five nights).

thanks so much for posting and I hope the jet lag clears up really soon!
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DCL Norwegian fjords trip!
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Unread 22 Aug 18, 05:55 AM  
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Have really enjoyed reading your reports thank you for sharing

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June 2007 Loews Miami Beach & Buena Vista Palace
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Route 66
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Unread 22 Aug 18, 09:42 AM  
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As usual a great trip report Mel thank you for once again taking the time out of your holiday to do it.
Hope you manage to get the stain out of your jacket

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Easter in Florida
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Unread 22 Aug 18, 05:57 PM  
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Another great trippie Mel. Hope you manage to sort your jacket - can imagine it feels a bit awkward to contact him.

Surely we must have someone on the Dibb who can suggest something. It might be worth putting a post in general chat where more people might see it.
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Cape Coral and NYC
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Unread 23 Aug 18, 06:53 PM  
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I am not a shopaholic

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Ah what a shame about your jacket . Busy last day but sounds like it went as well as they can and your airport meals sound lovely.
We have shout stain spray that we buy in Walmart or stain devils that work wonders on grease . Hope you can sort it

Another fab trip. Loved reading along x
All my trip reports are HERE
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The Treat Yo Self Trip
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