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Reports and Reviews for Dining and Restaurants Trip Reports
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 09:42 PM  
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DxDP Takes Revenge [a Fall 2018 Report] - COMPLETE


This dining report was supposed to be called Oops!... We Did It Again as after conquering the Deluxe Dining Plan on last years trip we had lined up a repeat performance. The actual title is a major spoiler as you can probably tell things didnt quite go to plan, we departed with 30 ADRs in place and 12 of these we didnt make it to.

I am Colette, and my boyfriend is Nik. Here's a picture of us last year as we did very badly with Memory Maker shots this year.

We had an extra Cast Member on board this trip as my mum was joining us, no photo of her for you though as she is camera shy!

Pre-Travel Day - Holiday Inn - Glasgow Airport
Travel Day - Frankie & Benny's, Chicken Guy
Day 1 - The Wave, Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano, Landscape of Flavors
Day 2 - Boma, Yak & Yeti Local Foods, Satu'li Canteen
DAY 3 - Cape May Cafe, D-Luxe Burger, Narcoossee's
DAY 4 - Magic Kingdom - Early Morning Magic, Columbia Harbor House, Artist Point
DAY 5 - iHop, The Plaza Restaurant, Plaza Gardens Dessert Party
DAY 6 - Denny's, Tiffins
DAY 7 - Tusker House, Gasprilla Island Grill, Afternoon Tea at The Garden View Tea Room, Yachtsman Steakhouse
DAY 8 - Spyglass Grill, Trail's End Brunch, Casey's Corner, Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
DAY 9 - Capt'n Cooks, California Grill Brunch, Be Our Guest Dinner, Contemporary Room Service
DAY 10 - Contempo Cafe, Tony's Town Square, Beaches and Cream
DAY 11 - Ale & Compass, Epcot Food & Wine Festival, Everything Pop
DAY 12 - Miller's Ale House, Epcot Food & Wine Festival, Flying Fish
DAY 13 - Spyglass Grill, Sanaa, Hollywood Brown Derby
DAY 14 - Cracker Barrel, Outback

Edited at 11:41 PM.
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 09:43 PM  
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We spent the night at Holiday Inn Glasgow Airport. For anyone looking for an airport hotel when flying from GLA, I cant fault this one. We only paid 70 for the night and it is literally across the road from Departures.

Holiday Inn

It was just the two of us this evening, as my mum prefers her own bed. Nik finished work at six oclock, so we had a mad rush to make it to Glasgow before the restaurant closed at the 9.45 pm listed online. We arrived around 9 and I double checked at the front desk what time the restaurant closed and was told 9.30!

We were seated straight away in a really nice booth. We had a lovely server who told us we were the politest people from Dundee he had ever met. He took our drinks order for two Pepsis and shortly afterwards two pints of Pepsi Max were delivered to the table by another server. I explained that we ordered Pepsi, which he seemed surprised by, he said they didnt have any Pepsi and put the glasses on the table. I asked if we could change them for something else and he was not happy about this, he slammed the glasses back on the tray, almost spilling them in the process and walked away muttering to himself and whispered something to another server. He returned with our second set of drinks and was nice as pie, so I decided just to let it lie, we were going on holiday and I wasnt going to let myself get in a tiz over something so petty.

I only realised recently that when you upload your photos directly to the Dibb readers cant click on them to enlarge them meaning all the menu photos I shared in last years report are unreadable *face palm* This year, Ill upload them elsewhere so you can hopefully see them without a magnifying glass

They had a special offer, which allowed a Starter and a Main for two along with a bottle of wine or a soft drink for 39.99, but the dishes I wanted werent included in this so we opted for a la carte instead.

I was intrigued by the sound of the Mac & Cheese Smoked Haddock Fish Cake accompanied with Flame roasted tomato relish.

This was delicious, the fish wasnt overpowering, as smoked haddock can often be, and the cake was nicely crisply on the outside. The relish made a great accompaniment and it was also served with rocket, which added a nice bit of texture.

Nik had Crispy Chicken Wings with your choice of sticky barbecue or Franks hot chilli sauce and cheddar slaw

He loved these, they were definitely crispy as promised. I tried one and they reminded me of the wings they serve at Wetherspoons. He also said the barbecue sauce was just the right strength and sweetness. I tried the Cheddar Slaw, Im not sure what was cheddar about this certain the orange you can see in the picture was carrots. It was nice enough, but I prefer my slaw to be dripping in dressing.

Next up, I had the 8oz Rib eye Our West Country steaks are aged for a minimum of 21 days & come with garlic roasted field mushroom, grilled tomato, fries & rocket salad.

I asked for it to be medium-rare and it arrived perfectly cooked, although the meat itself was a little tough. The chips look awful in the photo, and in person actually, but they were delicious; nice and crispy, I couldnt stop eating them. I also added Bearnaise Sauce and Garlic Butter, both were great, particularly the Bearnaise, this was better than the Bearnaise I had last year at Narcoossees, and it probably came from a packet!

Nik ordered Butter Chicken Balti with Basmati rice, grilled naan bread, pineapple & mustard pickle.

This looked was though it was going to be spicy but it wasnt, it was bursting with flavour and the chicken was very soft. He cleared the plate, and also polished of a side of fries which he enjoyed as much as I did.

We didnt bother with dessert despite me having high hopes of managing three courses. The meal including a discretionary service charge came to 68.48, which was very pricey but we thoroughly enjoyed our food so would happily pay that again considering our only other option was a Tesco sandwich!
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 09:44 PM  
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I was adamant that we wouldnt be eating at Frankie and Bennys this year but Glasgow Airport isnt exactly flush with choice, I did want to go to Wetherspoons but they were very busy so we ended up at F&Bs after all!

Frankie and Bennys

I figured I had days and days of eggs and bacon ahead of me so I went for the Salmon, Avocado & Spring Onion Bagel Smoked salmon on a slightly toasted poppy seed bagel, spread with cream cheese, smashed avocado and spring onion. I added Cubed Potatoes for an extra 2.25.

This was very tasty, but very messy. The avocado was the dominant ingredient, they were a little stingy with the cream cheese and (predictably) the salmon. The small amount of salmon present was good quality. The potatoes were nice and crispy but I wish I had added a side of beans alongside them.

Nik didnt think he could handle a big meal alongside travel day nerves so had Scrambled Eggs and Toast Two eggs scrambled on your choice of lightly buttered toast or English muffin. The toast was a bit sad, it was very lightly toasted and they were very stingy with the butter. The eggs were lukewarm but very tasty.

I took a picture, but then Nik added some pepper and wanted me to snap a second one as it looked much more appetising with the seasoning added. See!?

Frankie and Bennys have a new thing which allows you to pay via app without having to request the bill. I LOVE this, as waiting for the check is a huge pet hate for me. All you have to do is enter your table number, then your bill pops up, you pay by card and then away you go.

Breakfast came to 24.55, which I thought was decent enough for an airport. Two Pepsis alone were 7.60 so the food was very reasonable. I added a tip as our server had been very fast and very efficient.

We didnt bother with the plane food as we bought sandwiches in Boots before boarding, no pictures as Im sure you know what a ham sandwich looks like! Thomas Cook were offering a choice of Braised Beef or Chicken Curry, neither of which would have appealed to me so I was very glad of my sandwich!


Last year, I had booked a TS meal for arrival night and regretted it, I had vowed that our first meal this year would be QS. I had decided on D-Luxe Burger, but then Chicken Guy opened. Now, Nik doesnt take much interest in the planning, he is happy to trust that I know what I am doing and just goes with the flow, but he was desperate to eat there. So, I decided wed try both and share our meal.

Mum thought it would be more sensible to just go one place, and try the other another time, and we settled on Chicken Guy.

Chicken Guy

Chicken Guy is a newly opened quick-service restaurant at Disney Springs, similar to Chick-Fil-A it specialises in chicken tenders (strips), these are also served on Sandwiches. You can see their menu here.

It was a Friday night and I expected Disney Springs to be busy but it was early evening and not too crazy yet. We did have to queue outside Chicken Guy but this was fine as it gave us time to peruse the menu. The restaurant is very small inside, the dining area is much smaller than it looks from the outside, so we grabbed a table outdoors. You place your order then youre given a tracker to take to your table and your food is brought to you. The sodas are self-serve and refillable.

Originally, they didnt accept the Dining Plan at Chicken Guy but you can now use a QS credit here. A Combo includes any Sandwich plus Fries and a Fountain Drink.

Nik and Mum both ordered The CG Glassic - two Chicken Tenders (Crispy Fried or Grilled All-natural), Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Cheddar and Special Sauce. I was very sad that they ordered the same thing as its no fun for a dining report!

These sandwiches were huge, and very messy to eat. Id recommend keeping them in the paper wrapper, as Mum managed to drip sauce on her bag, which stank and she had to buy a new one! Nik, despite really looking forward to this, was a bit disappointed, he said it was just okay.

They both liked the fries, these come flavoured with signature fry seasoning, which is the same slightly spicy seasoning they use at Planet Hollywood which I really didnt like (I still dont!).

I had Three Tenders - Three Tenders (Crispy Fried or Grilled All-natural) plus your choice of any Two Signature Sauces. Of course, I had the fried version.

These were huge but so disappointing, our mini fillets at KFC over here are much better! They were much drier than I anticipated and absolutely needed the sauces.

Speaking of sauces, Chicken Guy has 22 different ones. My meal came with two, I chose Garlic Parmesan and Buttermilk Ranch. The Ranch was Ranch, but the Garlic Parmesan was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted! We also added a Spicy Mayo, which wasnt anything to get excited about. The dips cost 50 cents each and if we didnt have my mum with us Nik and I definitely would have ordered all 22, thats the kind of crazy thing we do on holiday.

Mum also had the Cinnamon Apple Flavortown Frozen Treat Hand-spun Vanilla Soft Serve, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks Cereal and Fresh Whipped Cream. This was really delicious, obviously heavy on the cinnamon but really, really nice. Very autumnal.

The three combos came to $36.72 but were covered by 3 of our dining credits. I paid $5.85 for the shake and the extra dip, I never thought to ask if the milkshake could be considered a snack credit! If youre paying cash then Chicken Guy is definitely a reasonable option for dining in Disney but there are definitely tastier places.

TOTAL IN $$ 36.72
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 09:50 PM  
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Yay! Youve started! We had looked at Chicken Guy before the trip but didnt get in the end. I dont think Ill rush there though!

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Unread 17 Oct 18, 09:56 PM  
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Excellent, looking forward to this! Dont think we will bother with Chicken Guy, very disappointing.
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 10:02 PM  
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I didn't realise you were back Colette, that was quick! How rude of the Holiday Inn server to go in a strop because HE brought you the wrong drinks It seems the service picked up though, and the food looks nice.

The sandwiches from Chicken Guy look delicious, what a shame they didn't live up to expectations . I'm planning to be at Disney Springs A LOT soon and I might have chosen to eat here, but now I'm thinking there are much better options available.

I'm so glad you included a pic of the much improved, peppered version of Nik's scrambled egg on toast - we needed to see the difference
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 10:13 PM  
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I loved your last dining report, so looking forward to this! Glasgow airport food options are rubbish arent they, but I now associate frankie and bennys with holidays which is good I guess 😂 x
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Unread 17 Oct 18, 10:51 PM  
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Looking forward to reading along xx
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