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Unread 22 Feb 19, 07:18 AM  
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... and Then There Were 3, Orlando Feb 2019 - Travel day - Virgin VS27 & Rosen Inn I-Drive

We were awake early this morning but DH (who is always a nervous flyer) really didn't fancy going down for breakfast. DD and I left him watching TV and headed back to the Thyme Restaurant. The breakfast buffet was good and plentiful. I had a selection of the hot offerings which were usual Premier Inn standard and very tasty.

DD only wanted a slice of toast with Nutella. This coupled with DH's decision not to eat at all meant that, for us, the meal deal didn't turn out to be much of a bargain!

We were soon packed up, checked out and heading across the road back to the North terminal. We had missed Twilight check in last night so still had to drop our luggage and collect boarding passes. We were pleasantly surprised to find no queue at the check in desks and by 8.30 am we were heading through security.

I always find security the most stressful part of the airport experience and today was to be no exception! DH set off the metal detectors (he's had a hip replacement, so this happens frequently) and got taken to one side for a pat down. Then both DD's and DH's bags had to go through extra screening because I'd forgotten to warn them to take their iPads out! (I was popular by this time, I can tell you)

Once this nightmare was over we wandered through Duty Free where DH bought some Lacoste aftershave and I replaced my concealer which had snapped the day before.

We mooched around some of the other shops for a while. I bought some Apple ear pods for my phone as DD Nicola had borrowed mine a while ago and I've never seen them since! We also got some drinks for the plane and a big bag of M&Ms from WH Smith's.

We then spent a while watching the planes taking off and landing whilst we waited for our gate to be announced.

Right on schedule, at 10.45, the gate number went up on the board. We were flying in Jersey Girl.

Whilst we were waiting to board DH was pulled out of the queue for more security checks - I really wasn't sure what DD and I needed to do now but we were told to stay in the queue and board as normal. They assured us that DH would be sent straight on to the plane when they'd finished with him. Everything was fine and he was actually ready to board before we were through passport checks but it really does nothing to calm his nerves!

Obligatory, unflattering plane selfie!

This was our view for the next 9+ hours.

The plane took off about 20 mins late but we were told that they still expected to arrive ahead of schedule.

We settled in to enjoy the IFE. There was a very good selection of films. I watched Bohemian Rhapsody. DH watched Equaliser 2 and DD Hotel Transylvania 3.

It didn't seem long before the dinner service was brought round.

Between us we sampled all 3 of the main course offerings I had the chicken curry which although it didn't look very appetising tasted OK.

DH had the sausages which he said tasted as awful as they look!

DD had the tomato and ricotta pasta which she barely touched. She ended up eating the crackers and Boursin off all 3 meals.

None of us enjoyed the pasta salad starter. The highlight of the meal without doubt was the Gu chocolate and caramel desserts which are very rich but amazing.

After dinner I read some of my book, listened to music and we all spent some of the flight asleep.

Approx 1 1/2 hours before landing, afternoon tea was served. This consisted of a seeded cheese and chutney cob and a scone with clotted cream and jam. This really wasn't very nice at all. Both the cobs and the scones were very dry and uninspiring. Yet again DD refused to eat any of it.

The flight was smooth and there were no major problems. The IFE is good and the drinks service is frequent. I would happily fly with Virgin again if the price is right but I would never pay extra for the privilege - the food, in my opinion, is much better with Thomas Cook!

We arrived to an almost empty immigration hall and were through passport control and collecting our luggage within half an hour. We were very lucky as 2 more flights arrived quickly after ours and the queue soon built up.

Once we'd retrieved our cases we headed to level 2 and went outside to call an Uber. This took 7 minutes to arrive and cost $29 for the journey to I-Drive. We added a $3 tip via the app. I would definitely do this again rather than book a transfer; so much quicker and less hassle.

Check in went smoothly at the Rosen Inn and we were quickly heading for our room. This is where things started to go wrong!

We've previously been very impressed with this hotel and have always had lovely large rooms, on the ground floor, with a pool view. I'd emailed ahead, requesting the same again. I know that requests can't be guaranteed but I was still slightly disappointed to learn that we'd been allocated a 2nd floor room overlooking the parking lot. Particularly when we realised that the 2 storey buildings have no lifts and we had to lug our cases up the stairs - not what was required after a long day travelling!

When we reached the room and opened the door the smell hit us immediately - a nasty over powering damp smell. At this point DH was saying what a dump the place was and how much it had gone downhill in the last 6 years, etc etc etc. Then DD (who you might remember hadn't had a proper meal all day) started moaning that she was hungry and tired and desperate for food. I was beginning to wish that we'd never come!

Anyway, we couldn't very well turn round and go home, so instead I returned to reception to complain. I hate complaining but if you don't ask, you don't get ... ,and I couldn't live with that smell for 2 weeks!

The lady who dealt with us was extremely nice and efficient and although they were fully booked and couldn't offer us a pool view room she quickly swapped us to a ground floor room in the tower. In general the rooms here are now starting to look a bit tired and the view still wasn't pretty but most importantly there was no smell (I do feel sorry though for whoever now gets stuck with our original room!) She did offer to move us again on Sunday when some pool view rooms become available but we decided that it wasn't worth the hassle.

From DD & DH's point of view, the upside of this new room location was that it's much closer to McDonalds! So, for the sake of speed, that's where we headed for dinner. DH and I both had the double quarter pounder meal with coke. DD had chicken nuggets, large fries and a chocolate milkshake.

I have a Dine 4 Less Card which gave us $4.62 discount on this meal, bringing the total to $27.85.

They now bring your food to your table when you order here and unfortunately the service was very slow. They also forgot DD's milkshake so I had to go back and ask for it. The food was what you'd expect from McD's and filled a gap.

We returned to the room and unpacked, by which time DD & DH had had enough and both got in bed. I wandered across the road and spent another $4 in Walgreens on pop and water for the room before following them.

We were all shattered and unfortunately the experience at the hotel and the slow service at McDs had definitely taken the glow off our arrival.

Still, we're HERE and in the words of the song - there's a great big beautiful tomorrow - when we'll be heading for Epcot!

Day 1 is here:-
https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/sho... php?t=1117544

Edited at 11:06 AM.
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3 Return to Orlando
Unread 22 Feb 19, 08:46 AM  
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New Photo Added by ally1966 - 22 Feb 19 7:46 AM.
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Unread 22 Feb 19, 09:05 AM  
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Thanks for sharing - great travel day - no delays etc. such a shame about the arrival - but hopefully you will settle in and not spend too much time in the room. Hope you have a lovely holiday and enjoy Epcot xxx
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Just one more trip!
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Unread 22 Feb 19, 05:26 PM  
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A good flight and through immigration quickly

Shame about the hotel room not being up to scratch glad you got a better one

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Unread 22 Feb 19, 09:14 PM  
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Sounds like a smooth travel day other than the room mishap. Glad you got swapped for another and hopefully can settle in now to enjoy your trip!

Still yet to try a mcds milkshake state side are they as good as everyone says
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I can't wait to go back...
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 03:54 PM  
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A pretty smooth travel day! What a shame the room wasnt great when you arrived! I find McDonalds expensive in America compared to here!
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