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Unread 25 Feb 19, 08:32 AM  
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... and Then There Were 3, Orlando Feb 2019 - Day 3 - Premium Outlets, Icon 360 & Dennys

As we are still in President's Day week, the busy day guides were forecasting most of the parks to be crowded this weekend, so today was planned as a rest day.

We decided to head to Premium Outlets International to check out the bargains but, as we were making a later start today, first we were going to Denny's for our first BIG breakfast of the holiday.

We have eaten here before but DH has never been particularly impressed with it. I talked him into giving it another go by convincing him that he just needed to take his glasses so that he could read the menu himself instead of relying on me to order something that I thought he might like!

I had a cheese steak omelette (above) which was delicious.

DH had a build your own Grand Slam - consisting of 3 bacon, 3 sausage links, 3 fried eggs and 2 slices of toast. Unfortunately, he remains unimpressed. He thought that eggs were under cooked.

DD couldn't find anything on the breakfast menu that appealed so ordered chicken nuggets and chips with a chocolate milk shake ... I know, I know, please don't judge... we do try to make her eat more healthily at home. As those of you who read my New York trippie in 2015 might remember, she is a ridiculously picky eater, and we are on holiday so I just can't be doing with the battles!

I had a 20% discount voucher for signing up to the loyalty club. So, with tip, our bill came to $31.12.

After breakfast we popped into Walgreens to pick up some essential 😜 supplies for the room; I was dieing to try the caramel M&Ms and DD wanted an Eos lip balm as her lips were beginning to feel dry. This cost a total of $20.47.

By 9.30 we were on the I-Trolley and heading towards stop 1. We arrived at the Outlets just after they opened at 10am.

I don't know whether we were just unfortunate but we didn't find the discounts in most shops to be as generous as on previous visits and many of the extra discount vouchers in the savings passport were only triggered if you spent over $200 in that particular store.

My first stop was Kate Spade as I wanted a smaller purse which would fit more easily into my little Kipling bags but I couldn't find anything that took my eye. Although there was 60% off the entire store.

Next we headed for Levi's where DH tried on some 501s but, again, decided not to bother. He usually stocks up whilst in the US but reckons that he still has 2 unworn pairs in the cupboard at home! This was probably one of the best offers that we saw today at $39.99 per pair (if purchasing 3 pairs or more) and a further $10 off $100 spend.

He did stock up in Hanes because he loves their boxers which were on a buy one get one half price deal. We spent $35.15 on 2 packs of 5 pairs.

Next stop was Skechers as both DD and DH wanted new trainers. Nether of them found any that they liked but I did buy DD these rather cute socks- I'm not sure how I got conned into this as, looking back on my receipt, I paid $12.99 for 6 pairs - I usually get her socks from Primark!

Next stop was the Disney Character Outlet where we found this beautiful Cinderella dress at $24.99 to take home for our youngest granddaughter Elsie.

DD purchased some flashing Mickey Mouse ears for $7.99 and was glad that I'd talked her out of buying any in Epcot the other day for $24.99!

The choice in here was disappointing. I was looking for a new t-shirt but anything that I liked was only available in either XS or XXL.

DD has discovered Justice, which has quickly become her new favourite shop! I bought her some sandals from here as I'd failed to find any that she liked in the UK before the holiday ($24.99). She bought herself the red top ($16.99) and some macaroon bath bombs that were reduced to $5.99.

We nipped into Aeropostale as I remembered DD18 loving this shop when she was DDs age. Unfortunately they no longer have a children's section at this store. We were about to leave when one of the assistants approached us and said that all their jeans were on buy one get one free and also gave us a voucher for a further 5 off. I informed him that I was looking for DD not myself and thanked him but said that everything would be too big for her.

He suggested that she try their size 000 (!). I was sceptical because DD is small, even for her age, and very skinny - but they were perfect. Goodness only knows what type of adult they are intended for! 2 pairs were duly purchased. At $52 even with the discount they weren't particularly cheap but they are really nice quality jeans.

We then went to Nike to continue the search for trainers. I bought some Air Max for DD for $52.99 (RRP $70) but DH left empty handed.

He did manage to find some brown leather formal shoes in Bass which were reduced from $160 to $69.99 in their closing down sale.

By now it was getting really hot so we stopped for an ice cream. Haagen Dazs caramel waffle cones for DH and me and a Nutella cornet from one of the food carts for DD.

We checked out some of our other favourite brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Adidas but today they had no offers good enough to tempt us.

It was now 2.30 and we'd been shopping for over 4 hours (which is probably an all time record for DH!) so we decided to call it a day.

... but not before I'd checked out the Lindt shop. I deliberately left this till the end so that any purchases wouldn't melt. Before leaving home I'd bought a Groupon deal for here - I paid $10 for a $25 voucher - so I wanted to use it.

Unfortunately some of the daily special offers were excluded from the Groupon offer but I did manage to get a bag of 75 Lindor truffles for the value of my voucher so I just paid the 96c sales tax.

On the way out of the Mall DD called into Mimmic where she bought this pretty little heart shaped necklace for $22.

We were soon back at the hotel. Where DD couldn't wait to try out her purchases.

... and we debated what to do with the rest of the day.

Our original plan had been The Mall at Millenia and The Cheesecake Factory. But none of were up for any more shopping today or really fancied another large meal.

We thought about swimming, either at the hotel pool again or Aquatica but this excludes DH as he can't swim.

So we eventually decided to head out in the opposite direction up I-Drive and check out what the Icon 360 area has to offer.

We wandered around the shops for a bit then decided that, seeing as we were here, we might as well use our tickets for the Orlando Eye (this will mean a change of plan for our final day, as those of you who've managed to wade through my pre-trippie waffle will know!)

Having ridden the London Eye several times, I was amazed at how empty this was. We walked on without any queue and had a pod to ourselves.

It isn't particularly thrilling but made a nice relaxing break and it was a clear day so we did spot WDW in the distance.

After this we went in the Sealife centre and were very impressed with how this attraction has been put together. They have an amazing range of fish and we found it very interesting and informative.

DD was absolutely captivated by this experience, she's always loved fish,

On her very first visit to WDW, when she was just 15 months old, her very favourite thing of the whole holiday was watching the fish in the big tanks at Epcot.

We spent ages in here. Taking many, many gratuitous photos of fish. So I won't bore you with too many of them!

I was particularly fascinated by the Rays which came right up to the viewers if you put your hand on the glass and almost came out of the water as they swam round their tank.

Our final tickets in the Icon were for Madame Tussaud's. Again, I've done the London one and was keen to see how it compared.

We ,met, a lot of famous people and some of the models were extremely life like.

Of course, my priority was to have my photo taken with Walt Disney. DD said that she never realised that he was a real person. Jeez, have I taught this kid nothing!

DH (who's only 5'5) was amazed at the height of Shaquil O'Neil (7'1) ... and the size of his feet

This attraction was a lot of fun and we were all glad that we'd done it. Although it does include several American celebrities that we'd never heard of!

We had a final look at the area which was now starting to light up as darkness fell.

... and watched a few brave idiots have a ride on this - rather them than me, it looks terrifying!

... before heading back down I-Drive to the hotel.

We stopped at Walgreens en route and picked up a bottle of wine and some bottles of Bud to take back to the room. We spent $15 - but it was more than worth it as I got ID'd 😂😂😂 at 52 this made my day!

We remembered to pick up a bottle opener for the Bud from the souvenir shop up the road (this might seem like it's a minor detail but it will become significant later on!)

As we were all feeling peckish we also stopped at McD's for a take out - quarter pounder meal for DH, Philly cheesesteak for me and chicken nuggets and chips (again!) for DD.

Using my Dine 4 less card again this cost $27.40.

DH opened a Bud to have with his meal and discovered that they have screw tops over here so the bottle opener wasn't required after all. I went to pour a glass of wine to drink with mine, only to discover that it had a cork... and we didn't have a corkscrew! I then spent the next half hour trying to dig it out / poke it in with a pair of scissors. I won in the end but it was possibly the most hard won glass of wine in History! Very nice though 🍷

It was nearly 10pm before any of us went to sleep tonight. I think that we're finally adjusting to Florida time.

Tomorrow is supposed to be Magic Kingdom but DH's knees have started playing up so we'll have to see if he feels up to it after a good night's rest.

Day 4 is here:- https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/sho... php?t=1117942

Edited at 09:16 AM.
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Unread 25 Feb 19, 10:47 AM  
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Unread 25 Feb 19, 10:54 AM  
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A nice relaxing day

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Unread 3 Jul 19, 04:27 PM  
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A nice shopping day! Very successful
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Florida Escapes

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