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Old 2 Apr 19, 11:56 AM  
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Ok Let's Try This ... With A Difference - March/April 2019 - Day 2

Another early wake up this morning, 3am first time but I got back to sleep and was awake for good at 4.45pm. Considering a fell asleep about 8pm last night this was a full nights sleep 😂.
Just before 6 I got dressed and went down to roaring forks for some drinks in our refillable mugs. As I wandered down there was hardly anyone around, the lobby was so peaceful. I got DH and I a coffee each and Dd some Coke Zero and returned to our room.

We each had our snacks be bought last night for breakfast.
Dd got a rainbow crispy donut, this looked impressive and very pretty, she wasn't too sure about the crispy bits on top at first but ate 3/4 of it and we kept the rest for later.

DH had a chocolate chip muffin which he really enjoyed.

I got a magic cookie bar. I have wanted to try one of these for about 10 years and never got round to it or kept forgetting to grab one while at wilderness lodge. This was so good! It's kind of like a oaty-cakey-flapjack base with dried coconut, chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles and who knows what else in/on it. It's really gooey and chewy and absolutely amazing! I managed about 2/3 of it as it was also huge! I wrapped the rest up for another time as there was no way this was going to waste! We'd bought the 3 snacks using the rest of our snack credits and the cost should have come to almost $11.

In terms of our final calculations with regards to the dining plan here's our break down:
Cape may cafe - $166
3 refillable mugs - $57
Chef Mickeys - $128
Plaza ice cream 2 snacks - $14
Goofy glacier - $5
Storybook dining - $175
Roaring forks 3 snacks - $11

Total - $556.

The deluxe dining plan cost us $276. For us this was a considerable saving as we would have paid to do them 3 meals anyway. We will get a lot of use out of our mugs and would have bought them for our stay. The snacks were used on things we wanted in magic kingdom yesterday and the final 3 came in handy for breakfast today. The only compromise was on the timing of the meals, we wouldn't have done them all on our first 2 days if we had been paying cash.

We decided to leave it upto Dd whether we moved room today, she wanted to be able to see off the balcony so we put our loose items into our empty case, managed to fit everything into 3 cases and took them down to bell services on our way to the car. So as we were in between rooms and the weather was expected to be on the cool side (high of 21 &#128561 we planned our shopping trip for today. We drove out to Vineland outlets arriving at 9.45am, the car park was almost empty and we spotted these spaces.

We wandered past the shops until they opened at 10am. First up was character warehouse where we witnessed the most bizarre behaviour from some of the customers. Some locals obviously come for opening to buy up huge quantities of merchandise that is particularly good value. We saw people grab multiple sets of rose gold ears which were on sale for $12, and Dooney and Burke bags were cleared out in the time we were in there.

Next up we looked in under armour, Levi's, super dry and then made our way to the food court for some lunch. I absolutely love the Chinese from food courts, particularly maki of japan so that's where we headed. We got 2 of the combo meals to share between us. I had noodles with bourbon chicken and orange chicken, this was $9.99 for the combo meal and an extra 50 cents for the orange chicken. It was absolutely delicious. I shared with DD, she had mostly noodles and I had mostly orange chicken.

DH got fried rice with broccoli chicken and bourbon chicken. He really enjoyed his too, particularly the bourbon chicken, he even finished of the rest of mine.

We had a large soft drink to share between us.
Total came to $25 but we were all stuffed afterwards and really enjoyed it.

After lunch we looked in a few more shops then called it a day at the outlets and drove down to the Walmart on old lake Wilson road. Here we got our usual supplies for the room: bottles water, beer for DH, Gatorade, cookies, crisps, sweets to take home, fruit for Dd, pop tarts, cereal and milk, plus other ‘essentials' 😂. We came back to wilderness lodge and sit in the lobby until our new room was ready, we got exactly the same room but the floor down which is perfect, lovely view of the pool and a balcony Dd can actually see off, it doesn't feel like you are sat in a wooden box when you are out on it.

We unpacked our cases properly this time and decided to head on over to magic kingdom for the evening, I picked us up Some fastpasses before we left. The boat journey seemed quicker today, and there was only 1 other person on the boat with us. When we got to magic kingdom we were ready for something to eat so called into caseys corner for some hotdogs. We got a foot long regular hot dog.

And a foot long Cuban speciality hot dog. This was topped with Mojo pulled pork, Swiss cheese, and dill pickle relish all drizzled with yellow mustard. We shared the 2 between the 3 of us.

They both came with fries and there was a small area where you could get pickles, onions and jalapeņos to go with the dogs. Total cost was $27 for both. The Cuban hot dog was really good with plenty of topping and 2 shared between us was plenty of food.

After our food we walked round to splash mountain where Dd and DH had a fastpass and got absolutely soaked 😂. Next up was haunted mansion and then I managed to modify their fastpass for the barnstormer. While they were on there I picked up a fastpass for the tea cups and then we went for a ride on the people mover, this was the longest we waited for a ride tonight! The queue was the longest I've seen it, around 10 minutes. While waiting in the queue I secured a fastpass for enchanted tales with belle, love this attraction, it's so well done!

After this we called it a day and exited the park picking up a popcorn bucket refill on the way out, we had a short 5 minute wait for the boat back to wilderness lodge and arrived back just as the happily ever after fireworks were starting. We caught most of them from our balcony where you could hear the music too.

As soon as they finished the electrical water pageant started so we watched that and then called it a night.


ASMo, ASMu x4, SSR x2, BLT x 3, CSR, POLY, AKL, BC x 2, BWV, CC, OKW
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Old 2 Apr 19, 12:09 PM  
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New Photo Added by missdopey - 2 Apr 19 12:09 PM.
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Old 2 Apr 19, 04:12 PM  
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Glad they sorted another room for you and a nice trip to MK

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Old 3 Apr 19, 07:41 AM  
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Good news about your new room, nothing more disappointing than not feeling the wow factor when you arrive in a hotel after months of anticipation!
Wilderness resort looks amazing I really want to visit one day, will probably be just for a meal though.
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Old 6 Apr 19, 07:55 PM  
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Great view 👍
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Old 7 Apr 19, 08:34 AM  
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Love reading your reports. Glad you managed to get your room changed
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Old 9 Apr 19, 08:48 PM  
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Another fab day.
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Old 22 Apr 19, 02:19 PM  
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Glad you got a better view for your DD. You are a whizz with the FP modifications!
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