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Unread 9 Apr 19, 10:50 AM  
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The Marshs Marvellous Mousecation- Day 2 - Monday 8th April

After setting up & successfully linking our Magic Bands last night, we decide to head to MK & parked up in Aladdin. I notice middle DD (age 10) looking very grumpy. She starts crying, says she hates the heat and being here! 😮 (it's not even that hot & there's a nice breeze), also says she has a bad headache - part of me thinks it's the crowds & sensory overload & she does have a tendency to get very emotional over things).
After actually getting into the park she is getting worse- we find some shade, and give her cold water (we'd been trying to convince her to drink on the ferry) and importantly the Calpol which I'd taken us. She was wearing her baseball cap, but had left sunglasses behind, so I give her mine (as I have them in addition to my varifocal reading glasses which fortunately have the transitions lenses).
After a little while the medicine & water does it's work and she's on top of the world! I think my other kids find her emotions a bit frustrating at times as they're all waiting to get on rides etc, but they were understanding with her today.
We head to our 1st Fastpass (Ariel /Little Mermaid Under The Sea). FP is fantastic and takes us about 5 minutes to get on the ride. Everyone's happy 😃 yay! 😀
We then head off to our next FP “It's a small world” - again we're on in record time compared to the standby line, and DH starts mentioning he's liking not having to queue! 👍 The planning he thought unnecessary is paying off!
Our next FP is BTM, but we're a bit wary as yesterday we got a notification saying it would be unavailable & to make another selection (which we didn't get round to doing on account of being so busy), and more importantly the ride is still showing as a FP on the app. I don't know but I'd assume if it's cancelled it wouldn't show on the app?
Anyway, we decide to chance it & see what happens. All good, it lets us through and again very little queuing.
Unfortunately as we approach boarding, middle DD decides she doesn't want to go on, so she exits with DH. The rest of us love it, even youngest DD.
All 3 FP's used, we decide to eat our sandwiches & see what else is a available. We decide on Buzz Lightyear Lazer Spin, but that's a couple of hours away. In the meantime kids decide they want to queue for Splash Mountain (this didn't come up as an option for a FP). Standby is 65 minutes so we decide to queue and play the “lets see if Disney know their stuff” game by timing the queue on our phones. Yes they do, and we board with 30 seconds remaining!

DD who earlier exited BTM surprised us with her wish to go on Splash Mountain- we didn't know if she'd want to exit again, but she was fine & enjoyed it because it's a water ride.
We also tried churros (plain, no choc dip, DD age 12 & some huge pretzels- or bread-shaped pretzel ( bread being what they taste like!)

We left the park about 4.30pm as I don't think kids will manage all day (especially middle DD). The kids were also eager to go back to the pool at the villa.
As we exit, the youngest 2 DD feel their dollars burning a hole and decide to part with $22.50 each for a spray fan which they have great fun with on the way out of the park.
DS also bought himself an Alien “I've been chosen” hat on exiting Buzz ride.

Btw, my score was pitifully low on account of youngest DD preferring to spin the car around & around!
Before the holiday when telling DH about the downside of FP (takes away the spontaneity of deciding the park on the morning), he was ok with me planning & I understood the need to use FP, but at same time he said he doesn't want to be frog-marched around the parks, or do morning to night. So we're planning to split our days.
While I remember, a big thank you to all of you who recommended the cooling towels. Fortunately I purchased a pack of 4 from Amazon for about 12 before leaving the UK, and these were a big hit with the kids! I'm also glad not to be paying $16 each for one in the park today!
On the way back to the villa, we stop at Publix (Championsgate) as we were unable to find any fresh pasta ravioli in Walmart yesterday. We also buy burgers & chips, mozzarella sticks, Parmesan & garlic bread for dinner in villa tonight , plus another couple of meals ready for other days (we ate the pizzas we bought at Walmart yesterday in the evening). Together with the kids bits & pieces (which we settle up later), it's another $70. We also get more fuel as driving up from FLL & the other driving we've done has used our 1st tank up!
Once back at the villa, the kids are happy to go straight into the pool (still cold), while me & DH have a beer/wine and watch them.
Dinner was ravioli (me & DH), burgers, chips & mozzarella sticks for kids & a slice of garlic bread each. Pudding was either a glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut or Frozen Oreo bites.
As every self-respecting holidaymaker does, DH & I sat by the pool and discussed buying a villa with some imaginary money! I even got DH looking at old threads on the Dibb about the cost of villa expenditure! We'll have to wait for a lottery win I think (although we are noticing driving around the vast amount of construction works for various apartments/villas.

Edited at 11:00 AM. Reason: Add photos
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Take me back, pleeeeeaaase!
Unread 9 Apr 19, 01:13 PM  
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Sorry your pool is still cold!

We often do half days in the park, just for everyones comfort, we just dont have the stamina for a whole day and always wonder at people who do but thats just us. Kids alwyas seem happy to get back to the pool. Pretzels are a bit of an overated food for me, just dry and - dry!

Glad your DD was ok in the end x
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Unread 11 Apr 19, 04:52 PM  
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Sounds like a good day

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Easter in Florida
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Unread 13 Apr 19, 12:22 PM  
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Good mix today of park fun and down time. Your poor DD 😐 thank goodness she rallied a bit or it could have been a rotten first day. Enjoying catching up on this x
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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
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Unread 15 Apr 19, 10:36 AM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder

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Sounded like a great day! Glad your DD perked up
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Birthday in the Sun!
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