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Unread 13 Apr 19, 09:13 PM  
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Ok Let's Try This ... With A Difference - March/April 2019 - Day 10

This morning I was awoken by the loudest neighbours ever! The baby crying I can deal with, babies cry. The raised voices, young child running back and forwards, sliding along the wooden floor on something on wheels on it in not so tolerant of and definitely not at 5.30am!
The left the room just after 7 and I couldn't get back to sleep so went for a wander around the resort. It's really beautiful here, probably one of the resorts with the nicest grounds.

I walked all the way to hospitality house and got a coffee in my refillable mug. I also bought a chocolate hazelnut cupcake to have with this, it was lovely.

I sat on one of the tables on the walkway and just enjoyed the view, it was raining lightly this morning which was as welcomed by me. I also picked up DH a chocolate muffin to take back for him, this was $3.59.

I walked back to the room and after getting ready we made the decision to go to Hollywood studios for the late morning/early afternoon. The weather cleared up from earlier and ended up being far hotter than I had anticipated. Our first fastpass was for toy story mania, again DH beat me which he was pleased about 😂

After this we took Dd to meet the Disney junior characters in the animation courtyard, we saw Sofia, doc and vamporina. The queues for these weren't too long and in general we'd noticed the standby queues for the rides were a lot shorter than we had seen last week.
DH and Dd had a fastpass for star tours so that's where they headed while I took the opportunity to seek out some shade and have a sit down.

When they came off star tours we decided that we'd done pretty much everything we wanted in this park and were getting hungry, the food options are quite poor here so we droves down to Disney springs to get some lunch and all agreed that blaze pizza was the place to go. We parked up in the bottom garage on the second level, there were plenty of spaces and by now it was nearing 2 o'clock. We went straight to blaze which was very quiet and ordered 2 pizzas, being he adventurous types we are Dd and I had the same as last time, pepperoni and pineapple.

DH had almost the same as last time, but added some pineapple to his too.

e also got a blood orange aqua Fresca drink, this was absolutely amazing! And a bargain at $3! Blaze does 10% passholder discount so it came to just over $21. Absolute bargain! And again we loved the pizza, I can't wait to come back here!

We left blaze and the heavens opened with a swift downpour, DH popped into the Lego shop to pick up a birthday present for Dd and we went to amourettes for some dessert. They are all absolutely beautiful to look at and it's almost a shame to eat them! We got a mini Mickey chiffon cake. This was chocolate sponge and white and milk chocolate mouse covered in a ganache with chocolate ears. Even the icing decorations tasted like chocolate, this was $8 but was shared between 3 of us, it was so good!

Originally we had thought about going to Epcot from here but the weather had clouded over and was still pretty warm so I suggested the pool as Dd had wanted to go in the pool again since last time and I was keen to try out the main pool.
We got changed and drove to the main pool, we spent a good hour and a half here playing catch and Dd going on the slide. There were a few heavy downpours while we were there but each only lasted a few minutes and in the pool you hardly noticed them.

We got out and went to find the restrooms, they were so well equipped with showers and towels etc and were beautifully clean, Dd and I got sorted in here and then we drove back to our room to get changed to head back out this evening. Dd had spotted the playground when leaving the pool so on our way to Epcot be stopped off at the main pool and Dd had a play on the playground while DH and I had a lie in a hammock each. This is such a lovely area with all the amenities together and we are definitely considering here for our next trip. I feel like I say that about most resorts though 😂

We called into the general store where I bought the DVC spirit hoody. I'd seen all the various Disney ones and there seems to be ones released for the flower and garden festival etc now. I liked the baby pink colour and subtlety of the dvc writing. It'll probably get worn on the plane home as I have realised I've not really packed anything for the inevitable return to colder weather.

We arrived at Epcot just after 6pm and went straight onto spaceship earth which had no wait. Unfortunately it broke down when we were right at the top looking back at ‘spaceship earth' and we were stuck there for 10 minutes. We then went to the character spot to meet Mickey, Minnie and goofy using a fastpass I had got before leaving and then as usual called into club cool for some melon frosty.

Next up was a slow walk around the world showcase, DH got a lobster tail for $8 from one of the flower and garden festival booths at the showcase plaza area. He really enjoyed this and said the lemon sauce was particularly good.

We kept on our journey round and stopped at another booth in Morocco where Dd and I got a honey walnut baklava to share. This was really good and we both loved it. We sat under the shop in japan to eat this and shelter as the rain had started really heavy again. We had a look round the shop and Dd got some chewy sweets. By the time we paid for these the rain had stopped again.

We continued onto the American adventure and DH and I went to the smokehouse for a slider. We got one each at $7.50, it was filled with pulled pork, burnt ends and cheese fondue sauce and had a sausage and pickle on top, there was pork belly in there somewhere too. This was fantastic and a really good size, I loved every bite.

We continued the rest of the way round and made our way to mission space where Dd had been desperate to get to play in the play area at the end of the ride. It makes us laugh we come all this way to Florida and there's loads of fun rides and Dd still wants to play in the play areas like we have at home. She made a little friend in here and they played away together for 20 minutes or so while we waited for illuninations.

We left here about 8.50pm to give us time to walk back to the world showcase lagoon to watch the fireworks. I am not a fan of these and find them quite dull so I had a wander around Norway and Mexico while Dd and DH watched them. Tonight was extra magic hours until 11pm so we took the opportunity while some of the crowds were heading out to go to electric umberella and get some food to share between us, as great as the flower and garden snacks are they just don't fill us and Dd hadn't really fancied much until now.

We got a beef brisket sandwich topped with beer cheese sauce, this came with fries and we also got another side of fries and a drink. We shared this between the 3 of us and it came to just over $20, quite expensive when you compare it to what we got in blaze earlier for the same price!
After food we walked over to the land pavilion and went on soarin, this said it had a 20 minute wait but actually we walked right down to the loading area and were on the actual ride in less than 5. This was great as usual! When we came out we took a left and had a ride on the seas with nemo and friends. This always makes be laugh when you walk through the queue and see the potential queuing area available. When we got off at the end we went and had a look at the marine life in each of the tanks, it was almost deserted in there and it was great to be able to wander around at your own leisure looking at things. We realised it was nearly 11pm now so we made our way out to the car which we had no problem finding as the car park was really empty by this point. We got back to the room and my app says we did over 25000 steps today! Hoping for a quieter start to the day tomorrow...


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Unread 13 Apr 19, 09:27 PM  
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Unread 14 Apr 19, 12:19 AM  
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A great day

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Unread 14 Apr 19, 12:12 PM  
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Fabulous day, despite the weather, you cant beat a bit of Blaze pizza! Yum. That looks so good.
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Unread 15 Apr 19, 08:16 PM  
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Loving your report!

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Unread 21 Apr 19, 10:10 AM  
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A good day with a good mix of things done and some lovely looking food.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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