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Old 14 Apr 19, 03:59 PM  
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Ok Let's Try This ... With A Difference - March/April 2019 - Day 11

So next door started kicking off at 5.40am this morning. Same noises as yesterday and general shouting and carrying on. I tried to ignore and get back to sleep but it didn't happen. They finally went out at 7am and peace ensued. I got back to sleep then and woke again at 10.30am.

This mornings plan was a visit to the pool, so we got ourselves ready and drive round to the main pool. Dd had a play in the playground again and I got myself some loaded nachos as a snack to put me on till later. Hear were homemade crisps topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, sour cream and salsa. They were pretty good and put me on nicely. These were $7.99 so not badly priced. We spent an hour or so in the pool and then made our way back to our room to get changed and ready to head to magic kingdom for the rest of the day.

We arrived at the transportation and ticket centre and decided to get the monorail. We were sat on it for about 29 minutes before it moved anywhere, it was first ‘holding for further traffic clearance' then it was undergoing a maintenance check. We finally got to magic kingdom about 2.40pm and noticed the Easter bunnies doing a meet and greet next to city hall. There was literally no queue at all which I was surprised at and actually thought we would be turned away and told they were leaving but no we were quickly meeting the bunnies.

After this we walked round to Frontierland crossing before the parade started and got the raft to Tom Sawyer island. Unfortunately due to our delay with the monorail we missed aunt pollys being open. We spent some time exploring the island and Dd loved the caves and fort.

We crossed back over to Frontierland a were all feeling hungry so first stop was the market square in liberty square. DH got a hot dog and Dd got an apple, this came to $10 and DH had inhaled the hotdog before I'd even realised. We kept on walking towards fantasyland and upto Gaston's tavern, we got a warm cinnamon roll, with extra icing and a le few's brew. This came to $11 and was absolutely delicious, it's big enough to share but I'm sure I could take on one of these on my own!

We continued our journey around magic kingdom and came to Tomorrowland where DH was wanting to go on the carousel of progress, DH and Dd went and watched this while i did some people watching. If we hadn't already had enough sugar we thought a visit to the plaza ice cream store was a good call right about now, we got 2 sundaes to share.

First up was an all American sundae, this was with chocolate ice cream and cookies and cream ice cream. I'm not a fan of whipped cream and they put too much on so I asked for it without so this is just topped with the hot fudge and peanut butter sauces and chocolate and peanut butter chips. I still got the cherry as Dd loves them.

Our other sundae was a plaza sundae, cookies and cream ice cream and strawberry ice cream in a waffle bowl with fudge sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. These came to just under $15 but was more than enough between 3 of us and totally delicious.

I'd managed to pick up a fastpass for big thunder mountain from 5.55pm as this seems to be a favourite of DD's. We'd also been allocated a multiple experience anytime fastpass as one of the rides we had a fastpass for this morning was down during our window so we made our way across to big thunder mountain and Dd and DH rose this twice. Once using their actual fastpasses for it and once using my fastpass and a multiple experience of DH. Dd loved being able to ride it twice in row with very little wait. After coming off here we walked up through fantasyland a to the carousel. Dd isn't quite as obsessed with this as she has been in the past but it's still a favourite. This is where we had the most bizarre incident of the holiday. We were stood in the final part of the queue next to the railing surrounding the ride and a rather large woman tried to squeeze past me and couldn't fit, she then said excuse me, so I attempted to squeeze in against the railing, being 6 months pregnant I don't really get any smaller at which point she pushed me. I explained I couldn't get any closer to the rails as I'm pregnant and it doesn't move. She then called me a rather offensive word (not very disney) so I turned no longer going out of my way to give her any room to get past and she started ranting and raving about her niece being further up in the queue and she was coming past, we pointed out her niece could come
Back to her in the queue but she wasn't having any of it and continued to swear at us, I told her to calm down and her language was not appropriate in front of children and quite frankly not very disney. This just seemed to make her worse and in the end she went back and pushed herself around the chain further along. I'm not exactly sure what she wanted me to do, short of backing up half the queue so she could get past my bump there was no way the two of us were passing in that tight queue. The funniest part of the whole thing was she was carrying on like a lunatic with 2 stitch stickers stuck on her forehead. If I was her niece I'd be embarrassed to go out with her in public in future 😂

We had our now relatively calm ride on the carousel and walked down to storybook circus where we went to meet daisy and Pluto in the circus tent. The characters were great and the queue was only about 10 minutes. We had been hoping to see the falcon heavy launch on live feed/in the sky but discovered it had been delayed again so we mobiles ordered ourselves a snack from cosmic rays and went and had a sit down for 20 minutes. We got a kids chicken nugget meal to share and picked fries for both sides. We got a small tray of tomato slices and pickles and shared his between us. It was a nice little snack and enough to keep us going the rest of the evening. Great value at $7.69 with a chocolate milk too. DH had been walking to catch the philharmagic again so this is where we ended up next, excellent timing as we only had a few minutes wait when we got there for the next show. This is absolutely brilliant and it was great having people in the row behind us who had never seen it before they were massively impressed and loving it.

After a slow walk round by Tomorrowland we decided we would look for a place to watch happily ever after, we got to the front of the castle about 30 minutes before it started and there was still quite a bit of room. We decided as we had never watched it from close up we would wait and watch it from here tonight. It was so good watching it close and being able to see the detail of all the projections on the castle. The fireworks are more difficult to see as some as obscured by the castle itself from this close up angle but we really really enjoyed it and maybe I future will watch it from both positions. After the fireworks there were still 25 minutes or so left of park opening then it was extra magic hours. As Dd and I still had a multiple experience fastpass we decided to ride buzz light year space ranger spin together while DH sat in Tomorrowland and took in the surroundings. We weren't as successful this time with our scores but enjoyed the ride all the same.

When we came off we walked up to the teacups and rode these, these were a walk on and Dd really enjoys seeing how fast she can spin us. Next we had planned to the the people mover but they close it during extra magic hours. Instead we saw the Astro orbiters had a really small queue so we went on these instead, the view from up here at night is amazing! And the ride itself is pretty fast and throws you around when landing again, but we loved it!

From here we took a slow walk round to the haunted mansion, again another total walk on, we enjoyed the opportunity to look on the queue at the different gravestones and interactive bits. We got off here and walked on over to pirates where again there was no queue, there were only a couple of people in each boat going round which was great. This part of the park seemed particularly deserted. By now we had about half an hour left and I saw that big thunder mountain had a 5 minute wait so thought this would be a good ride for Dd to finished our visit to magic kingdom with. DH and Dd rode this while I sat on a bench by the exit and other than a couple of other people waiting for riders and the people coming off the ride every couple of minutes this area was so quiet! It didn't take DH and Dd long so I suggested they went again, which Dd was thrilled about!

After their final ride we made our way back through Frontierland and onto main street, we stopped for a picture on Main Street which was emptying out now and then headed on down to the resort monorail for our ride back to the car park. The car park was pretty deserted when we got there and we had no problem locating our car, it was a tired drive back to Old Key West and we were in bed just before 1am.


ASMo, ASMu x4, SSR x2, BLT x 3, CSR, POLY, AKL, BC x 2, BWV, CC, OKW
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Old 14 Apr 19, 04:06 PM  
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Old 15 Apr 19, 08:29 AM  
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Just cannot believe the lady trying to push you! she sounds like a total nut job! Not nice with you being pregnant shame there was no staff member to help sort her out.

Apart from that incident another fantastic day!
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Old 16 Apr 19, 03:55 PM  
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Some people are so rude
But a good day otherwise

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Old 21 Apr 19, 10:19 AM  
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What a terrible person to come into contact with! So rude!

But what a magical day and some fab deserted rides at the end of the day.
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