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Unread 17 Apr 19, 04:32 AM  
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The Marshs Marvellous Mousecation- Day 10 - Tuesday 16th April

Today was HS, but as our 1st FP wasn't until 1.25pm (and we wanted to stay & see Fantasmic), we decided to have a relaxing pool morning at the villa, and an early lunch before we left.
We arrived at HS at about 12.15, and the parking Gods were on our side as we got directed to the end of row space (next to where you catch the trams) in Buzz section! Hoorah! 😁
As we were driving in, they were testing the new cable car system, as we saw ‘wrapped' cable cars moving around. A few were unwrapped, but most seem covered (see above photo).
On entering, we caught The March of the Storm Troopers (sorry if that's not the official title), but very impressive & funny when unsuspecting visitors come face to face with them!

Our 1st FP was ‘Star Tours'. DD had me check with a CM about how enclosed (or not) this ride is after yesterdays awful Mission Space experience. When the CM said “Oh yes, it's enclosed mam” (not the answer I was looking for!), but I asked if it was as bad as MS, which he then confirmed it is nowhere near as bad, so we all braved it, and luckily enjoyed it.
We had a bit of a gap before our next FP, so opted for the Muppets 3D, again the kids loved it (especially the youngest 2).
We had a look around the gift shop, where I decided to start off my very own pin collection (after being inspired by a lady I saw yesterday who had them pinned to her Kipling handbag). Just to add, my Kipling bag is a cheap 2nd hand deal from EBay, so Im not too bothered if it gets too many pin holes! I opted for the Mickey/Minnie sliders & the house from Up, plus a Mickey head 3D ice cream magnet.

The slider pins were $14.99
Up house pin was $12.99 and
Magnet was $12.99
My eldest DD also finally bought the rose gold ears shes been looking at since we arrived ($28.99 + tax).

It was then off to Toy Story Land for our 2nd FP at Toy Story Mania - TSL was absolutely heaving, but the fantastic ride & theming made it all worthwhile! Just a shame it's so difficult to get on the other rides (huge standby lines).

Our 3rd FP was for Rock'n'Roller coaster, which the youngest 2 didn't want to do. Now this is a learn for me for the future (and it may be obvious that younger children wouldn't like this ride), but back when booking FP, I didn't want to keep splitting the family up & didn't really know what to do, so ended up booking all 6 of us for exactly the same rides. I also didnt want to assume that the older 2 kids would be happy to go off on their own, just in case (turns out they are more than happy to go off by themselves to get a ride they want!). However, on a few occasions throughout the holiday, this is exactly what we've done.
Today I took eldest 2 on Rock'n'Roller coaster while DH queued with youngest 2 for Alien Saucers in TSL.
Rocknroller coaster I really didnt like- I felt a bit queasy after (I must be getting weak in my old age as used to love these type of thrill rides!).
In the shop after the ride, my Stitch obsessed daughter found a rocknroll Stitch on the counter which she wanted to take with her! Instead we opted for a photo!

Restrooms were needed & the rocknroll signs bought a smile to my face, so I just had to take a photo!

I promise you I didnt go into the mens! 😂
After our 3rd FP was over, I hoped & prayed that Fantasmic would be available- good news - it was (although we had a bit of time to kill), so I quickly added a FP here for us all. However the eldest 2 (adrenaline junkies), decided they'd rather queue for 90 mins for ToT.
After dinner which was QS Pizza - as we didn't have an ADR (we tried Mama Melrose on the off chance they'd have availability, but they didn't). There was another Pizzeria near MM, but sadly this was closed. However the QS Pizza was fine, served with a Caesar salad & filled a hole.
Anyway, after the pizza, again we had a little time to kill until Fantasmic started, so we walked the eldest 2 to ToT & agreed where we'd meet them after their ride (as they'd be finished before Fantasmic ended). All holiday Id been meaning to go to guest services to get my kids their 1st visit badges, but never got round to it. Youngest DD reminded me, and just along the path was a CM at a little booth, so asked her where we could get the badges. Low & behold, she had them at her little pop-up station & kindly wrote my kids names onto 1 each. She then offered me & DH. I politely declined as it isnt our 1st time. However, she wasnt taking no for an answer, and told me but youre celebrating your childrens 1st visit!, so me & DH ended up with a base each also! Love a bit of Pixie 🧚 dust!

We still had time before Fantasmic, so decided to go to the Oasis Canteen and try the much talked about Funnel cake.

As they're so huge & we'd not long had pizza, we shared 1 between the 4 of us (Oreo version). I'd looks forward to this (and they look lovely), but was very greasy & we didn't finish it off (the 2 youngest preferred the Oreo cookies on top). I'm glad I tried it, but would probably opt for a soft-whip ice cream next time.
We finally entered Fantasmic arena - gosh this wasnt here on my last visit & the size of the area is amazing!
DS & DD texted me to say there were nearly at the front of ToT queue & could they try & get on Slinky Dog while we were watching the show. I said ok, unaware that all rides closed once the show started. I always thought people said this was a good time to get on rides! Anyway, luckily after finding out they couldnt go on more rides, they still had the Fantasmic FP on their magic bands (again Id booked for everyone). Apparently the CM questioned them as the show had started, but when their said that we were waiting for them, they let them in (obviously we were in different sections), but at least they got to see it!
We all loved the show (having never seen it before). One of the memories that I think my youngest 2 will cherish however is the Mexican wave that went backwards & forwards around the arena before the show started, with lots of whooping & clapping! I had a lump in my throat at this point before the show had even started!
A great day all in all! Tomorrow were off to Blizzard Beach, followed by Mall of Millenia.

Edited at 05:16 AM. Reason: Add photos & more text
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Take me back, pleeeeeaaase!
Unread 17 Apr 19, 09:32 AM  
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Deck 4, Disney Wonder

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Another fab day!

I love the sliders pin

We kept hoping to see the cable cars moving in Jan/Feb but never saw them. Not sure how I feel about them though!

Thanks for sharing your trip each day; having done a live trip report many years ago, I know the effort that's involved. I love reading about it knowing what I just read is for yesterday in my favourite place
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Birthday in the Sun!
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Unread 17 Apr 19, 01:16 PM  
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VIP Dibber

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I love your photos of the loo signs! I never spotted that before! Hate that ride though bluerghhhh!
I like funnel cake but only plain, with just the sugar on it, nothing else.
Looks like your kids are having a fantastic first time, and am realy enjoying your trip report thanks for sharing!
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Unread 17 Apr 19, 02:45 PM  
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Another great day glad you enjoyed Fantasmic

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Unread 30 Apr 19, 01:30 PM  
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What a good day. Glad you all got to see Fantasmic, it's not my favourite night time show but it still has to be seen for first timers.
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Family Trip to See Mickey
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Unread 6 May 19, 02:14 PM  
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Love the pins. I think the Mexican wave was the highlight of our Fantasmic night too!
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Unread 16 May 19, 10:09 PM  
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I love fantasmic 😟
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Our WDW Holiday.
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