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Unread 23 Jun 19, 03:12 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 1 - I Hop, Anna Maria Island, Rod N Reel Pier

At 1:35am kieran leapt out of bed shouting ^GRAN! THE CASES!^. Good lord here we go again 😳 this time it was Kevin who shooshed him to lie back down while I pretended to be asleep (as if). I had dropped off fine at 9:30pm but woke at 1am and been trying to get back to sleep ever since. Kieran spent the next hour sleep talking, then sleep walking back n forth to the loo without ever actually going in. In the finish up he sort of woke up just enough to actually visit the loo then fall asleep again til all of 3:15am. I can't exactly say anything as I was wide awake. I knew Caitlin was awake next door as I saw her active on Facebook so we had a wee whatsapp chat. I messed about on my phone before settling down at 6 to try to sleep some more. Managed to nod off about 7am for 45mins or so. That would have to do!

The girls were up by 8am so after a quick chat the plan was a lazy morning. Back to sleep for kevin and pool for everyone else.

The Rosen pool is supposed to open at 9 but by 8:30 there folk out so down we went. Kieran was straight in the water.

collected towels from the wee hut and took some beds

I initially thought as it was 8:30 and I would only be out an hour or so I wouldn't need suncream. Within 5 minutes I was slathering on the spf30 and getting the girls to do the same. It was roasting!

Hannah, who is milk white, was point blank refusing but eventually relented as long as I put it on for her - so she didn't get it under her nails. Jesus wept. I will not be doing that for 23 days so she can think again.

Kevin joined us after an extra wee sleep

Just after 10 we started drifting upstairs one by one for showers etc. By this time is was 30 degrees and the pool was busy.

All showered and ready to go kevin packed the car carefully so Kieran would have as much room as possible and we would have room for a food shop on the way to AMI.

drove down to the ihop down the road. It was mobbed because it's a Saturday morning so we were told 10-15mins for a table

Kevin and Kieran went for a nosy in the shop next door

We got called in 7mins.

The girls both had Mexican tres leches pancakes

Kieran and I shared a french toast combo, choosing strawberry and banana flavour.

And Kevin had toast n cheese with coffee. Well he ordered toast n cheese but only got dry toast, no butter, no cheese.

We had to call her to ask for cutlery and still waited ages for that.

When she passed later and mentioned the cheese we said not to bother as he had started eating it since it took so long. We asked could she still bring some butter. We are still yet to see the butter.

We also never got the water refills we ordered.

We paid the cheque (after asking them to deduct the cheese we didn't get) and only left 15% tip as we not impressed with the service.

all went for loo stops then started the drive to AMI

Caitlin slept most of the way having not slept much last night

Hannah and Kieran were full of nonsense with daft photos n stuff

I had downloaded the 'spot the states' app and we ticked off the licence plates as we spotted them. when you tick a state it colours the map for you.

It was a very straightforward drive with only a few areas slowed down - no real traffic. When we reached Bradenton we stopped at the Aldi

then the Walmart before crossing to the island.

I had my shopping list ready so we didn't buy too much we didn't need. Yeah right!

We arrived at the Sassy Seahorse at 4:15pm. I will post more about the house tomorrow as I am really flagging tonight, but suffice to say it's STUNNING and we are really happy.

After helping kevin unload the car the kids were straight out to the pool and sun loungers.

This was the car with the shopping loaded in by the way - just as well we didn't have far to go!

I put away all the food

then helped Kevin unpack the cases. At this point kevin face timed our best pals back home (the Easton's from our 2015 trip) and showed them all round the house. He is so delighted with it! Then we were straight in the Spa which wasn't hot - just kind of tepid. I had a really sore head by now so just sipped my way through a couple of bottles of water. I think I just need a good nights sleep now after such a lack of sleep and all the travelling, shopping, unpacking etc. Plus my body is still on uk time. Takes me ages to adjust

We went in for showers and got ready for dinner. We walked the 4mins round to rod n reel pier

We arrived at 7:35 knowing it being a Saturday night it would be mobbed. We were told it would be at least an hours wait which was fine.

It's not exactly a horrible place to wait!

we wandered around and the girls went for a walk along the beach then we just sat in the pier enjoying the view.

We got called at 8:20 to an inside table. Kevin had a large fish n chips, Kieran and Caitlin had regular fish n chips and I had a crab cake dinner.

The food was delicious - all of it. And the regular fish n chips would be adequate for most people. We still had to ask for a box for the rest of mine and Caitlins. We had hoped to try the key lime pie but none of us could manage it. Paid the check leaving a nice tip for the excellent service and food.

We all strolled home loving the lazy heat and talking about how gorgeous the stars look when the sky is so black

We are all very tired now but so looking forward to spending the next 7 nights in this gorgeous place. Kevin took some nice photos on his SLR tonight but he is too tired to load them up for me doing my trippie, so I will come back and add them later.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 23 Jun 19, 03:31 AM  
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Oh Helen I feel your pain it was 88 on our pool,deck at 6/50 am this morning sun screen after nearly 25 years youd think Id know better
Park/Pooldays its slabbered on after breakfast /showers etc
Nope numtie head here didnt even think to put it on when I was hosing down the pool furniture/deck
Being an Florida Alan Titmarch in the garden Silly Silly me Ive caught the sun first time in 20 odd years
Cool showers aloe Vera gel from the fridge fluids and paracetamol and a self inflicted slap at being so stupid
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Halloween Thanksgiving pre Christmas
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 06:33 AM  
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Have a lovely restful day x
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Take us back to the magic
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 08:16 AM  
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welcome back love your reports we always stay at the rosen inn pointe orlando welove it back there in november cant wait will you going to that river place you went last time it looked fabulous
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going home to the house of the mouse
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 08:39 AM  
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Weather looks fab! But a bit of a shock to the system after the awful weather you left back home. Its finally starting to warm up a wee bit here but nothing like what youre enjoying 😎
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Yeah, we're going back AGAIN!
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 08:42 AM  
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I want to go now!
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Your trip reports are brilliant! X
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 09:31 AM  
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A lovely day. The thought of going into that lovely pool takes me back! Its so annoying waiting for part of your meal when everyone else has theirs! Hope Kevins breakfast gets sorted!
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Take me back, pleeeeeaaase!
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Unread 23 Jun 19, 11:22 AM  
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Ooh I'm in suspense. I can't wait to get to the AMI bits. We were there in April and I think about it all the time - that soft white sand, the warm sea, the grouper sandwiches, Ginny and Jane E's crme brulee French toast! So looking forward to holidaying vicariously through you!
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