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Old 1 Jul 19, 02:21 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 9, Shopping & Teak Neighborhood Grill

I was awake around 7am and could hear Kieran in the kitchen banging about getting his breakfast. So I got up and went through. I made a start on the trip report that I hadn't managed to do last night. The thing I hate about doing it in the morning is the photo reporter app shows the report as soon as you do the first photo and first paragraph. But you then have to do every photo and cut n paste the paragraphs in one by one which takes a good half hr even if I've already typed the report up in my phone. This means it pops up and folk start reading it thinking it's finished and I'm still actually adding bits. It's much easier when you're all still asleep in the uk!

With that done I sat out beside the pool with Kevin having our coffee. Ahhhh. We were 'home'. This is what I love about this villa. Sitting watching the goings on of the wildlife. Mr Hawk was up doing his rounds while the wee birds underneath were all going mental warning each other. A rabbit came bouncing by. It's fab!

Today was a free day with a loose suggestion of waterpark or shopping. We had decided during dinner last night that we fancied a bit of shopping then dinner at Teak. Got to get a visit in early if Kevin is going to squeeze it in the 3 times he is hoping for! Although there's so many places to let Caitlin try this year. And Randy and Barb have very kindly given us a generous gift card to use in a restaurant we have never been before - rock & brews.

So once the girls were up the wanted to know when we were going. We agreed 11ish to let me finish the unpacking I didn't have time for yesterday.

Our first stop was Way Out West as I was on the hunt for more of my Sparkly jeans.

Caitlin went for a wee wander round the lake this morning and saw the alligator. In fact she says there are now two. I know her pic says in our garden but I promise you it was away down the lake outside the meshed off pool areas. Still to be careful though. I can't believe some rockets think it's ok to feed these things and they have to put signs up asking people not to. Who would? Honestly?

They had plenty but the vast majority were bootleg. I was through every pile looking for the right waist size and length I wanted. I eventually decided to include the bootleg ones knowing I can always run a seam up to take them in however I want anyway. Then as I approached the changing room Kevin held up 2 pairs he had found on the 50% off rack. Yee ha right enough!

I took them all in and tried them on. The half price ones ended up being the best fit and I will just take the legs in. The pockets are nice n sparkly

Then I found a wee top I quite liked also on the sale rack

The belts also had a 50% off section and that turned up the wee sparkly leather number you can see in the photo

I had come here expecting to pay $220 for 2 pairs of jeans but in the end left with 2 pairs of jeans, a top and a belt for $180. Result!

the only thing I had no luck with was finding my bestie her cowboy boots. Dianne (who you met in my 2015 report) would love a pair of grey ankle length ones, so that's what I'm on the hunt for. I know exactly what her style is so although they had ankle boots none were exactly what I want for her, so that search will continue at another store another day.

We popped into the Disney tat shop next door but it very much just that. Tat. Which Kieran is drawn to and we had to persuade him not to buy the crappy tshirts and instead to wait for the decent stores next.

Our next stop was supposed to be the Nike and Converse clearance stores on the 192 but we got there to find them both closed down with signs saying they had moved to The Loop, so back into the car and 4 miles down the road to that

converse first where I got white leather trainers and a few tshirts for Kieran. Bargains

then next door to Nike which I wasn't interested in so I plonked myself down and did my trippie write up for the day so far, before finding the guys to see what they had found. Caitlin had warned us she LOVES Nike and that we would probably struggle to get her out of here! But in the end she got shorts and 2 tops she was happy with for $36 total. Nobody else bought anything.

Bath and body works next where I bought my favourite foaming handwashes. They were 5 for $23 and at first I was going to buy 5 today and 5 another day. But then I realised that would mean I would need to listen kevin moaning about them today, then have to listen to him moaning about them all over again on the other day. So I just got all 10 today. Get it over with! Also got 5 hand sanitizers. I still have some from last year so didn't need as many of those.

Time to head to the Premium outlets on international drive. Target - Victoria's Secret. On the way there we saw this wee car with a massive mattress on its roof.

When we drew up with it the wee woman was holding the string inside the door to hold it on!

It was really busy at the outlets so kevin dropped us off to make a start while he parked the car.

I had briefed the girls on the old 'how to find a matching set' technique. I go for the bras first and loop all the ones I like in my size over my arm. Then head to the boxes with the knickers in and start raking for colours to match the bras over my arm. Once you get a matching set you pop them in the bag over your shoulder for trying on. Sorted.

And remember girls - don't be afraid to get into those boxes underneath the tables!

We were in there almost 2 hours. Not kidding. But we got some cracking sets. And the girls bought lots of sprays. This is mine and Hannah's haul.

We met the boys outside, had a browse in Ralph Lauren and north face but nothing else we wanted today. I am looking for a knee length black padded north face but they only had ankle length. And as tempting as this was for watching Kierans Rugby on a freezing Sunday morning, even I am only willing to look like a tube to a certain extent. I thought I looked like Nanny McPhee in it.

Enough shopping - time for food and our favourite place. Teak Neighborhood Grill. 12mins away from the premium outlets.

We sat at a big outdoor table where it was still nice and warm and were greeted by a lovely server.

Caitlin was about to find out why we love this place so much. This is the standard menu

and Kevin asked if we could see the underground menu

Kevin ordered the Godzilla

Caitlin had the donut burger

Hannah had the same but asked to substitute the beef for chicken (which they will do in any burger)

Kieran had the Along Came Danny

Which he then has to cut up and eat with a knife and fork because of his brace! Bless him

And I had the chicken quesadillas, which are an appetiser but are huge

I had a couple of cocktails - strawberry bliss then sunset lemonade

They have changed their weekly events now and no longer have a ladies night.

The food was absolutely delicious. We were chatting away to the server about where we were from, what we had planned and the fact we visit Teak every year. He said the owner was in, pointed him out and said he would bring him over.

Well this guy was just lovely and one of the first things he asked was 'did you read about us on the dibb?' Now we actually didn't. A guy in Kevin's work had told us about it in 2015 and we have been coming every year since. Although I did find posts about it in the DIBB after we had been.

The owner said someone had written about them in the dibb and since then they've had brits in saying that's why they had come. I was bouncing inside thinking 'yeah - I tell folk every year!'. We chatted for a while and he patiently answered Kierans questions about whether they made everything themselves or bought stuff in (fun fact - the ranch dressing and honey mustard are bought in. Every single other dressing, sauce or dish is made from scratch, including their own tomato ketchup)

He told us all about his new restaurant he has opened, and how he is planning a third then that's him finished. They serve the full food menu right up til 2am so he said it can be really busy 11pm to 2am with the guys who work at the parks dropping in for dinner on the way home. He gave us his business card and said to email or text him at any time.

Such a nice guy, and when the server came over later he said what a brilliant boss he was, which I think must be why we've never had anything but perfect service here. I always think a brilliant leader at the top shows all the way through the employment line.

Only Kieran could even consider a dessert, so he ordered lava cake.

then we paid the bill leaving a hefty tip for the fab service

we left stuffed and happy and as we got in the car Caitlin said 'now I know why you rave about it'. Still our favourite restaurant. Best food in orlando. Never disappoints. I have no doubt we will be back this holiday. Caitlin was already planning what she might order next time.

Into the car and set Waze for home which was a half hr drive. Opened a hard Mikes lemonade, photographed today's shopping, then got stuck into the trip report. Kevin meanwhile is outside with his beer, his feet in the pool, pointing out the fireflies to Caitlin. Caitlin is loving the wildlife she is getting to see this trip. With her about to start studying as a vet, this is all right up her street.

We have an early start tomorrow to hit Disney for the first time. Can't wait!

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Old 1 Jul 19, 02:51 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 1 Jul 19 2:51 AM.
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Sounds like a great day love the sparkly jeans
See my dibb villa advert
Our video tour https://www.vr360floridavillas.co.uk...rs/Forbes1068/

6 bed villa in the prestigious community of Tuscan Hills, with wall mounted flat screen TV in living room, tvs in every bedroom

email uppercairns@outlook.com
Phone 01346 541318

Edited at 05:34 AM.
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Old 1 Jul 19, 06:07 AM  
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Loving your trip report!

What a fabulous day. I have only done Teak once on my first visit despite meaning to go back every time. I am determined I must do it this year and am planning on a cheeky trip when staying at Cabana Bay - I’ll have to ask for the underground menu

The server and owner seemed amazing. I assume it was Dinner you went for but do you know if they offer the full menu at lunch? I thought it would be a nice way to break up a park day.
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Old 1 Jul 19, 07:15 AM  
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macy's Reviews
Restaurant Reviews: 1
Another busy day, those burgers at Teak are some size the owner seems so proud of his business , which explains why so many people love the place. You may find a knee length coat at the vineland North Face store. We always head there and find the Ugg outlet seems to have better deals too. When there in May we noticed a small outlet has been built just along the road that runs behind vineland SAKS . There is a nice new Marshall's and a few other places eg Ross. The stores were quiet in comparison to others so might be worth a short detour and check it out. Bet everyone's looking forward to a Disney visit , enjoy it and thanks for another fab post.
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Old 1 Jul 19, 07:18 AM  
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Your meals looked gorgeous, loving the wildlife. Amazing shopping haul as well!
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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JoJo88's Reviews
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Fab day . Confession, despite reading about it on here for years, we’ve never once made it to Teak in all our years! But then I struggle with a normal sized burger, Daniel likes them literally plain - burger/cheese/bun (sometimes lettuce!) and my parents aren’t fussed so it would be just Adam & Simon with the burger mountains!

Great shopping haul x
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All over for another year...
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Another fab day. I love reading along in the morning.

Southern Dunes 2006 & 2007 Highlands Reserve & Hard Rock Hotel May & Sep 2008 The Sanctuary West Haven 2009 Freedom of the Seas & Doubletree Resort 2010 Highlands Reserve May 2012 Windsor Hills 2014 New York 2016
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Great shopping haul. Teak looks fab as always, what a shame there is no ladies night cocktails for you this year.
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Don't you just love the way the foaming handwashes stack nicely together for the case! Though I do wrap them in poly bags too.

Your jeans are great and a great find.

Try Macy's for a North face coat. We find even going to different outlets like Sawgrass, Palm Beach and Orlando, that the factory stores really just have the same stock, whereas Macy's has the same concessions but can have different stock on their sale rails. I think you can still get the 11% tourist discount too, though not if it's already heavily discounted.
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