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Unread 3 Jul 19, 02:40 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 11, Animal Kingdom, FOP, Chinese Takeout From bamboo Wok

As I finished off my trip report last night, Kevin was playing pool with Kieran in the games room. When he finished he brought his beer out and climbed into that toasty hot spa so I joined him. Kieran came out for a swim in the pool and Caitlin (who had been for a run around High Grove) sat on the edge and dipped her feet in.

We turned off all the pool lights and watched the fireflies. Still can't believe how bright they are. So pretty. Kevin kept saying 'this is what I love' 'this is why we book this villa'.

We didn't come in for showers and bed until nearly midnight. It was so lovely.

When I had checked on Hannah earlier in the evening she was fast asleep with the lights on and there on her phone beside her was her boyfriend, snoring away back in the UK on FaceTime. They had obviously been talking then both conked out!

I woke at 7 this morning, got my coffee and out to my favourite morning spot. Kieran was already up (as always) and said he had been up since 5. He will be shattered later!

it's funny. There are loads of wee rabbits this year which we have never seen before. Can't get you decent pics though because when I zoom in I just get the pool mesh and when I leave the pool cage they all scarper.

No sign of Mr Hawk this morning. He must be hunting elsewhere. And the birds are so much quieter and calm this morning as a result.

Today's plan in Animal Kingdom but a later start as our fastpasses are all afternoon. This was because the only Flight of Passage I could get was 6:30pm. A later start will do no harm anyway

Caitlin appeared at 8:30 in all her gym gear saying she was going to go up to the gym at the clubhouse.

Kevin was up just before 9am and was only up 5 minutes when I spotted a wee alligator at the side of the lake. It's just a wee one. Much smaller than the one we saw last year.

Kevin grabbed his SLR so got a couple of good pics.

Caitlin sent me a pic to show she had been joined in the gym by Duchess, the clubhouse cat

There's water available in the clubhouse and they gave her a wee towel to use while working out

Caitlin came back puffing panting and pink so the gym was a success.

We all got ready. Hannah did my hair for me which was no mean feat with those nails. With them clicking together it sounded like somebody was knitting a jumper behind me.

Kevin made the sandwiches, I did the salads, and the coolbag was packed to perfection again.

I was taking a bag today as I wanted to take the ponchos. It always seems to rain at AK. So we put the crisps n cereal bars in mine which left more room for water in the coolbag.

Left the villa at 11:20 and arrived at Animal Kingdom at 11:38. He waved us through parking as we had the pass on the dash.

Parked in peacock 10 and onto the tram

Once through security we wandered through, stopped for a photopass then onto Its Tough To Be A Bug at 12:10. It showed a 20m wait.

Same as last time we did this, there were young kids screaming the place down! It's scarier for wee ones than it first looks. Lots of dark and banging and feeling stuff moving around you.

Then we walked to Dinoland to queue for Dinosaur which showed a 50min wait. Got there at 12:40, into the orientation room (for the video) and on the ride at 1:30 so exactly right again. I just spent the time dibbing.

Legolass has posted that her son has started working on a food cart in AK and should be on an evening shift tonight so we were on a mission to try to find Owen from Aberdeen!

We walked round to Africa next stopping at any animal bits for a nosy. Went into the 2pm Lion King show. I love this show! The monkeys are my favourite.

Show finished at 2:35 and we found the shaded bench area next to tusker house to have our lunch. There were lots of other families doing the same including from big wheeled coolbags.

Enjoyed our wee rest in the shade til 3:15 then made our way to the Gorilla Falls exploration trail.

This was Caitlins idea of heaven! Birds, beasties, gorillas, zebras - all sorts - including a 6 week old baby gorilla. Just gorgeous.

by the time we left here and had a quick loo break it was 4pm and our Everest fastpass was well and truly open!

It was 65minutes standby. Entered FP queue at 4:10

Off at 4:30. Quick snack stop. See the size of coolbags allowed at Disney? Every time a chat comes up on the Dibb about what size coolbags you can take into Disney I show our big wheely one we took in 2015 when there were nine of us. Then umpteen folk insist they're not allowed now because Disney cracked down on them. But see? They are still allowed as this wee woman had one today. And there's another in the photo of the family where we had lunch.

I love that this coolbag is smiling for the photo!

Round to Kilimanjaro safari for our 4:50 fastpass. Caitlin really liked this again. We did see a decent amount of animals as we had to stop a bit more than usual because the giraffes were enjoying standing on the road!

Off at 5:30 and round to Pandora to explore

this place is just stunning. So pretty.

Navy river journey was a 45min wait so since we had 40mins til our Flight of Passage fastpass opened, we decided to go over and queue for that. We went into the queue at 5:55.

I spent the time reading the dibb thread about Love Island catching up on the recoupling drama (the girls on that thread are fair keeping me going - thanks girls!). As well as updating my trip report of course.

While in the queue Kevin announced he had managed to get tonight's episode of Love Island on his phone. So there's me in the queue with Caitlin on one side and Hannah on the other all 3 heads bent over the phone watching the recoupling! And it would only let us skip some of the ad breaks. Others we had to watch before it would play again so when a condom ad came on here's me with the phone clutched to my chest hiding it, in the queue for Navi river surrounded by families. Certainly passed the queue time quicker.

We got on the ride in 35 minutes which was really good. It is a lovely ride. I'd forgotten about the wee creatures you can see running around on top of the leaves above you. Very clever.

By the time we came off our Flight Of Passage FP was open. Standby by was 115minutes. Now THIS is what I had been waiting for. Hands down the best ride in Disney. Soon we were on our banshees, flying above the forest and the seas, with the spray in our faces and the smells in our noses. A-MA-ZING.

When we got off kevin said it was just as good as he remembered, and Caitlin said 'oh wow. That was stunning, just stunning'.

So glad I managed to get that fastpass but I do hope I somehow get another before the holiday is over.

Out for a look in the gift shop where Kieran almost bought everything but kept talking himself out of things deciding they weren't worth the money

It was now 7:30 and there were no more fastpasses available for anything other than Tough To Be A Bug. The decent rides all had wait times of 45mins or more and we were just about done in.

We eventually decided between us to call it a day and get a Chinese takeaway.

Out of the park and onto the tram

We went to Bamboo Wok in Berry Town Centre on the US27 as its near home, and we've used it before and know the food is nice.

we had chicken sweet n sour

Chicken chow menu

Garlic chicken

And chicken curry

this came to $34. It was delicious and don't let those wee pots fool you. They seem never ending!

Stuffed full, Hannah headed for a shower (and no doubt to FaceTime her boyfriend). Caitlin went to her room, and the boys were straight out to the pool and spa with Kevin's beers.

I'm going to finish this report then will join kevin.

That lovely hot spa, with a cocktail in my hand and the fireflies as my entertainment. Ahhhhhhhh.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 3 Jul 19, 07:00 AM  
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Fab day . Fair play to Caitlin running and gyming on holiday. Daniel reckons hell be dong that this year, we shall see!

I was seeing the smiley face on the cool box and then saw your comment afterwards

Ive never seen an alligator in the wild, even on Alligator Alley, and would so love to!

Great report as always x
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So much for not going this year!
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 07:04 AM  
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Looks like you had another great day at Disney AK. The Chinese take away looked yum! Think this is the same one we got from last time - v tasty but huge portions! Chilling by the pool looks like a great way to end the day!
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Yeah, we're going back AGAIN!
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 07:12 AM  
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Serious Dibber
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A great day, you packed plenty in today, I love the wildlife, AK is my favourite park and Lion King my favourite show and FOP my favourite ride, a bit of a theme there! Thanks for the report, so enjoyable to read.
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 07:14 AM  
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Another great day and no ponchos required after all! (We always seem to get drenched in AK too)
I would love to see the fireflies 😊
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Not the YC sneaky Universal trip
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 07:18 AM  
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Serious Dibber
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Forgot to ask, did you see Owen from Aberdeen?
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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Unread 3 Jul 19, 08:00 AM  
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A great day at AK lots of things done we like a takeout from Bamboo Wok very tasty

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Unread 3 Jul 19, 08:02 AM  
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Loving these every morning thankyou! X
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Our WDW Holiday.
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