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Old 6 Jul 19, 12:43 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 13. Shopping, Sweet Tomatoes, 4th July In Celebration

Today is 4th July.

I woke at 6:40. Got up and sorted the washings and tumble dryer stuff, emptied the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. Then took my coffee outside. Very quiet after all last nights rain. Only the wee rabbits bouncing about playing.

Went to get ready at 7:30 as we are due to leave the house at 8:15 this morning. The girls are desperate to go shopping in the 4th July sales. Hannah now has some money burning a hole in her pocket now that I have given her an advance on her exam money.

I was originally going to give her some money as a reward for each exam result when they come in next month. But to be fair, I've said right since the exams finished that I was so proud of how hard she had worked and the effort she had made that I didn't care about the actual results, as I knew she had done her best. So I decided to reward the effort rather than the result and just give her it now.

We left at 8:25, 10 mins behind schedule.

Arrived at Vineland outlets at 8:50 where 4th July opening was 9am instead of the usual 10am

We split up boys one way, girls the other, and picked up a store map from guest services in the food court. Hannah circled the stores of our choice with Michael Kors being the first stop.

They didn't have any additional bargains advertised but you really had to get them to scan things to get the real price. Everything I got them to scan was cheaper than the ticket with the discount it showed. For example I bought this lilac top which the ticket said $199 and had a 50% off sign so should've been $100 but it scanned at $40. This happened with every clothing item

Hannah bought herself the purse she had the strop over on Saturday

No bargains in Hugo Boss. I'm not used to looking at boys stuff as we always do the boys/girls split up to shop, but Hannah is now shopping for the boyfriend and Caitlin is shopping for her brother, so unfortunately it's a necessary evil. I would just update my trippie notes when in the boys shops.

Calvin Klein next. Hannah bought Mitchell a T, and I bought her one (I'm still buying her clothes - her money is for luxuries, or clothes I don't approve of so won't buy) I had to tear myself away from an absolutely stunning wee skirt suit that, had I still been working, would've been mine. It was a gorgeous cut.

Guess - I got a wee grey play suit, and bought Hannah a dress and 2 tops.

I bought a denim jacket in Calvin Klein

Caitlin had a look in Prada. There were barely any discounts so too dear.

Kate Spade next which had a queue to get in but shockingly I didn't buy anything. What's happening to me?

I went into Jimmy Choo and tried a few on from the sales rack. Jimmy Choo is one of the few designers who makes shoes to fit my big banana feet. I like these but at half a size too small they pinched too much

Clarins where I bought a wee skincare set

In Ralph Lauren I picked up a shiny silver necklace

Into timberland where kevin has already bought a couple of polo tops earlier

He tried some jeans so I could see the fit of the different styles but nothing he wanted.

Out of this section and across to the wee separate section for North Face.

I hit the jackpot here with the very thing I wanted. A knee length black coat. I bought this very one back in 2015 and have worn it to death. I was very happy! it just goes to show you do need to check both NF stores as they do have totally different stock.

The girls were straight into Forever 21. I hate that shop. It's so disorganised and inefficient, it just freaks me out so I now avoid it.

In Gap I got a wee top and got Kieran a shirt and a couple of Ts. Lots of bargains in here with racks of $9.99 then 40% off.

Hannah had bought sunglasses and a couple of tops from F21.

Shopping done and everyone was starving. we went back to the car and being 12:45 the car Park was absolutely stowed with people just driving in circles. There were about 8 cars fighting for our space when saw us loading the bags in, which took a while as Kevin is so strict about making sure no bags or handles can be seen from outside. Thank god we did the early start.

Although we got some bargains I don't think any were more discounted for 4th July so I'm not sure why that's such a thing.

Set waze for Sweet Tomatoes on international drive as everybody was starving but we wanted a doze of healthy stuff. This is an all you can eat buffet restaurant but as well as endless pizza, soup, pasta and baked potatoes, it has a massive salad bar and fruit and ice cream.

We went to town in here. My kids are pretty good at eating huge salads and Caitlin loves nothing more, so this place suited us just fine.

It is right across the road from Boot Barn (this was not a coincidence!) and I am still looking for ankle boots for my bestie Disneydianne. Stuffed to the gunnels we rolled over there.

I got very distracted by a huge rail of my favourite sparkly Miss Me jeans. Tried on about 6 pairs and bought a pair that were reduced to $74.99. Bootleg again but I will just run a seam up them to take them in to make them skinny's or straight.

Then onto the boots. Dianne has been my best mate for over 30 years and I know her style inside out. She's been desperate for a pair of ankle length cowboy boots and in May I had given her a (home made) voucher for her birthday to say I would buy her a pair.

Started searching and the assistants were trying to show me stuff but I knew exactly what I was looking for then - bingo!

There they were! Got Caitlin to try them for size, sent dianne a photo and she confirmed she loved them, gave Di a quick phone to discuss the size we were choosing and we were done. Feeling quite chuffed with myself we paid and back to the car.

Now 3:25 and bang on schedule we were on our way to Celebration. The last 2 years we have spent 4th July up in lake Minneola but I fancied a change and had never made it to celebration yet. I had managed to book a table at Celebration Town Tavern for 5:30. I had to email them to do that as the website wouldn't accept a booking for 5 people.

The booking doesn't mean you are seated at 5:30 it just means you will wait for a table but be prioritised over walk ins. We will probably be glad if it runs later given how much we've just eaten at sweet tomatoes.

Arrived at 3:55 and had to wake all 3 kids who were sound asleep. We drive into celebration then turned round and parked on celebration avenue facing the direction we would drive home. I felt this might be easier if it gets busy than being parked right in the centre.

We walked down to the lake front then started to walk around it but it was partly closed due to all the celebrations.

So we walked all round the lakes to the right and passed some absolutely stunning houses with slides going down to their swimming pools and all sorts. Well they're not really houses I suppose - mansions really.

then back round to the lake. There were lots of stalls selling street food and various alcohol. If I was visiting on 4th again I would probably just use these rather than book a restaurant.

There were a few areas closed off to the public and only open to residents so I would like to come back another time when I can see the whole thing freely.

They were setting up a stage for bands later so for the moment we're just playing all my favourite stuff, Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Brad Paisley - it was great.

While sitting there waiting for 5:30 to roll around I heard 'Helen?' And here was an old friend of mine called Ellen Killen that I used to work with years ago. Was so lovely to see her with her daughter and granddaughters. I was so busy hugging her and catching up that we didn't think to take a ohoto!

just after 5:30 we went into Celebration Town Tavern. Hannah was desperate to sit inside as it was so hot and sticky today so were given a pager and told 15-20mins which was accurate. When we went to our table we discovered all 3 tables closest to us were all Scottish families.

I had a citrus cooler cocktail, and the others all had various sodas and water.

I ordered salmon thinking it would be light after our big lunch. Then the blooming thing arrived and it was 3 times the size of a normal salmon fillet!

Kevin ordered fish n chips (small)

And the kids all ordered appetisers having stuffed themselves at lunch

Crab cakes

Fried mozzarella

Pulled pork sliders

Then both girls had chocolate brownie

And Kieran and I shared the 4th July cheesecake

Soon after we left the restaurant the live band starte up on stage. They were an eagles tribute band from Nashville called 7 bridges and oh my lord - they were fab.

Now don't get me wrong, i had my fair share of these wee bad boy blue cocktails, but it wasn't just that. They were rocking it.

I kept taking videos of them and sending them to my parents as I knew they would have loved it.

They played from 7:30 right up to 9:15 and it was a brilliant atmosphere. At 9:15 the fireworks started all set to a cracking pop country soundtrack. I was really surprised at how good they were. A full 20 minutes and excellent quality. The kids were loving it due to the soundtrack and both the girls said they thought they had enjoyed it even more than magic kingdom.

When it was all over we moved through the crowd and walked the 5 mins back to the car. It had been a good parking choice as we walked past the really busy gridlocked area and when we reached our car kevin just slipped out and away. We stopped in at Walmart on the way home as we needed picnic supplies plus I wanted to visit the pharmacy shelves to get something for Caitlin. She's been very snuffly and we're not sure if it's the aircon or a cold. I got some of this as I know dibbers have said it's good.

I also got some heartburn stuff for me and a stash of advil

while I was in those aisles, the girls were dispatched to pick up the booze, while Kevin got the picnic stuff. We were out in 10 minutes and away home. Got home at 10:45 and as it had been a long, hot, busy day (and I was a bit, em, tipsy) I abandoned the trip report to join kevin in that lovely hot spa instead.

So I'm sorry it was late and wasn't there for all the breakfast readers!

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Old 6 Jul 19, 02:38 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 6 Jul 19 2:38 AM.
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Old 6 Jul 19, 06:47 AM  
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Taffy1959's Reviews
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What a fantastic day, plenty of shopping and I love the lilac top you bought.

Sounds like you all really enjoyed yourselves at Celebration too.
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Old 6 Jul 19, 07:16 AM  
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Looks like you had a very memorable 4th July. We canít wait to try Sweet Tomatoes when we go (well, when I say we I mean the females in the group- the carnivorous males are still needing a bit of convincing! ) Iíve told them they can do their bit to save the plant and go without meal at lunch for one day! To be fair, showed your photos of it to them and they were impressed 😋
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Easter in the sun - I wish!
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Old 6 Jul 19, 07:34 AM  
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Missed you yesterday morning but very acceptable reason 🍹🍹🍹. Looks like you had a quality day, great shopping haul by the way. Loved that you were stuffed to the gunnels or "foo as a baggy" as we say at Sweet Tomatoes. We love a day at Celebration too.

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Old 6 Jul 19, 07:43 AM  
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Love the shopping, that lilac top is very nice. I spent hours in Kate Spade last year, my guilty pleasure 🙂
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Old 6 Jul 19, 08:04 AM  
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Mrs Red C
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Thanks for the update, I'm one of those that likes to catch up at brekkie 😆
Sweet Tomatoes is now on the list too, looks fab!
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I don't think I'll be going back in Aug
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Old 6 Jul 19, 08:24 AM  
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Another fab day Helen! We have been to Celebration for 4th of July too and had a lovely time. Some great bargains there too!
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Trip 9 : 7 Nights on Symphony & Orland
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Old 6 Jul 19, 08:28 AM  
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Rob & Jan
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That was a busy day, some good bargains, love the coat you'll appreciate that in winter. Celebration is always a really lovely place to visit, but going for the 4th July is very special , hope Caitlin's cold doesn't develop-hopefully it is the AC it can give you a 'stuffy nose' .
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Old 6 Jul 19, 08:29 AM  
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A fab way to celebrate 4th of July!
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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