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Unread 7 Jul 19, 02:58 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 15, Nails, Shopping, Mini Golf, Rock N Brews

So today was a free day on the planner which meant letting everyone wake up when they felt like it and then deciding what to do.

I was up at 8am and unsurprisingly Kieran was already up and had his breakfast. Kevin was up shortly after. Kevin and I sat out by the pool watching the wildlife as usual. The rabbits were out, and a big crane flew in to visit. It was a lovely sunny morning after all that rain.

My first plan for today was a wee self MOT so I had a wee facial with my Clarins stuff, plucked my beard, dyed my eyebrows. What is that about? Why is it when us woman get to a certain age do places we want hair start going bald (brows) and have to be dyed to show up, yet places that should be fuzz free (chin) start sprouting? So not fair. My eyebrows disappear in the sun so I bring eyelure brow dye with me

That all done I got kevin to drop me at the nail spa along the road at Cagan Crossings.

My gel French manicure was looking a bit shadowed at the tips now and I hate when my nails don't look perfect. That was one of the money saving things I was supposed to do when I stopped work. Give up my thrice weekly manicure. But I just can't stand not having them done after all these years of keeping them perfect.

You can make an apt or just walk in and wait for the first technician like I did. I was taken straight away. This place was ok and she did a decent enough job. I am so fussy about my nails I go to a wee Thai girl in Glasgow that I think is the best nail technician ever. When she goes home to Thailand on holiday each year and I have to use somewhere else I'm never happy, so I know I'm hard to please. This was $25 and I gave her a $5 tip.

I finished in there and when I messaged Kevin he was in Walmart with the girls looking at suitcases. Caitlin has paid for an extra bag going home so needs to buy a cheap light one. She has done lots of shopping that I've not listed in the trip report as some of it is for family and they are reading the reports. She got a suitcase for $53 that only weighs 3kg. With a wee one inside weighing 1.5kg that will do as max weight hand luggage and 2 wee bags. A whole set actually

The girls wanted dropped at the premium outlets to do more shopping, well more Victoria's Secret really, and Kieran wanted to do mini golf.

We left at 12 and reached the outlets by 12:30. I couldn't decide whether to go shopping or go to mini golf.

The girls headed straight for Victoria's Secret. Kevin wanted to go into Ralph Lauren (yet again). 35 minutes in RL decided it for me. I was definitely not in the mood for shopping. Kevin bought 2 pairs of jeans and a shirt using his 40% email discount again.

I knew what I WAS in the mood for. The only other shop in the international dr outlets that you don't get at Vineland.

Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate

I got 20 milk chocolate

And 10 of each of these 8 flavours.

I took 3 wee extra clear bags so I could make each of the kids a bag with 1 of each flavour.

Told the girls we were leaving and drove to Fantasia Gardens mini golf (near the swan and dolphin hotel) 20mins down the road. We get free mini golf with our Disney ultimate tickets so no charge and parking the the mini golf places is free. These are the prices if you don't have ultimates.

Being Saturday, it was up to a 35min wait for the Gardens course (fun Disney themed, takes 30mins to play), or 10 mins wait for the fairways course (plain, flatter, like a golf course, takes 60mins to play). We wanted the Gardens so checked in. Plenty of seating in the shade with nice big fans to keep you cool. I actually enjoyed the wait! It was lovely and breezy and plenty of people watching opportunities. I also wrote the trip report up to this point so far. Kevin and Kieran were playing the games dotted around

while we were waiting the man at the desk was weather watching an iPad and said we might not get long as they expected a storm coming in.

We got called to play

then just as we finished hole 10 an announcement came over to say they were closing due to incoming lightning and we had to leave the course. At the same time hannah messaged to say they were done shopping. Nice timing eh? Told Hannah we were 20 minutes away from picking them up and sure enough as we drove up there was some lightning, even though it was still sunny. Weird! Kieran counted up the score card and he had won. Just.

The driving over here has been a lot crazier than previous years. There have been so many times folk have cut right across lanes in front of us this trip. Check this guy, 70mph on a motorbike, no helmet and no hands while he roots around in his bag. Bear in mind he was doing that for so long I had time to notice him, open my phone and take umpteen pics. Loonball!

Picked the girls up. Hannah had bought 2 tops in Charlotte Russe.

arrived back at the villa at just after 4pm for some chill time. The boys played pool

And I packed everything we've bought into a suitcase and weighed it. 18kg. Woo hoo! I still have at least 5kg to buy! Sshhhh - don't tell kevin!

the rain was full on biblical stuff now

Dinner tonight was to be Rock & Brews, which Randy the Villa owner had kindly given us a gift card for. He had suggested using it on a Friday or Saturday night when the live music would be on. The girls had been happy for an opportunity to dress up a bit. I say had. As by this time poor Caitlin was a complete snuffleupagus and now also had a sore head. She's been trying everything from the equate stuff, Sudafed, paracetamol, not all at the same time mind. She decided she just wanted to stay in herself with last nights Olive Garden pasta wrapped in a big blanket. Who could blame her the wee soul. Plus we have Animal Kingdom planned for tomorrow and that's Caitlins absolute favourite park, so she hopes to feel better for that. I turned the aircon off as I think that might be making it worse. Even though I have it set at 75 degrees so it doesn't often have to kick in. I don't like it cold.

So the 4 of us got ready and set off for the restaurant at 6:45 feeling weird without our wee 5th element. I felt sufficiently rock chick in my new top from Way Out West. Lol - Mad old bird alert.

Arrived and were told 25-35 minutes for a table. We waited 20Mins Long enough for me to drink a Ginny Hendrix from the bar.

We can see why Randy thought Kevin would love it. Check out those beers!

but this time round I'm not in the insurance for the car and Kevin refuses to have one and still drive so he didn't sample anything.

We ordered fillet steak for me. It was small but very tasty

Freebird chicken for Hannah.

R&B pizza for Kieran

Demon chicken for Kevin

I had a Smoke On The Water next which was very theatrical and lovely and sweet

then we had a couple of desserts to share

Purple rain drops

And a brownie sundae. I don't think it's really a sundae though. More a brownie with cream

I loved the atmosphere of this place playing everything from 80s soft rock/pop to Motown to Eric Clapton.

Very busy and loud. There was a live band starting up as we left at 9:15 but we couldn't stay as hannah was saying she wasn't feeling well now. Uh oh. Not sure if it's the cold or lack of sleep (Hannah needs a LOT of sleep but ends up staying awake late) but we needed to head home. Pity, I love a live band and they were sounding pretty good. Ah well.

So all in all the food was good, but not a patch on Teak, which still trumps everything else so far. 10/10 for atmosphere though. Would be perfect if you had the luxury of a wee couples night out. Maybe I can persuade kevin to come back with me one night and leave the kids in. That's what Uber is for right?

Home, Hannah went straight to bed after some medicine, and I gave Kieran a game of pool before uploading the trip report. Kevin carried on playing pool with Kieran.

Caitlin was snuggled on the couch watching a Harry Potter film and said she thought having the aircon off had helped her sweat the cold out a bit. Let's hope she has a good nights sleep and feels better tomorrow.

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1 week Anna Maria then 15 nights Villa
Unread 7 Jul 19, 03:18 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 7 Jul 19 3:18 AM.
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 04:17 AM  
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Its 4.15am here and I cant sleep, so what better way of occupying my time than reading your report.. thanks so much for sharing. Id love to do a really long trip so that we can plan in a day with no plans at all.

Have a wonderful day at Animal Kingdom- hope the girls feel better!
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 07:33 AM  
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Nice relaxing day but a shame Caitlin is still feeling poorly.
Hope Hannah and Caitlin are both feeling better today and you enjoy your day at AK.
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60th Birthday trip
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 08:16 AM  
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Love your outfit you look fab. Sorry the girls are feeling poorly hope they are better for today x
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 09:00 AM  
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We did that Lindt shop a couple of weeks ago - pure heaven for a chocoholic like me!
I live for that moment of walking into the Magic Kingdom for the first time each trip and the feeling of being home.

My daughter Charlotte's daily life as a Disney Cast Member in MK Summer 2018 blogged on theDIBB - CLICK ME!
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Orlando and Anna Maria Island
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 09:02 AM  
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Ah poor Caitlin, hope she feels better soon and that Hannah is able to sleep herself right 😊

Love your rock chick outfit, looked perfect for Rock & Brews! Hope you manage to make it back there

Great report as always xx
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So much for not going this year!
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Unread 7 Jul 19, 09:07 AM  
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Earning More Ears
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Have really enjoyed reading about your lovely family holiday, sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.
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Our universal honeymoon
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