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Old 9 Jul 19, 01:47 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 17, Typhoon Lagoon, Florida Mall, Teak

Today was a free day in the planner, but from the chat last night the idea was a water park nice and early before the storms hit, then maybe shops.

I was up early as usual (still after Kieran though. I'm starting to wonder if that boy actually sleeps!) sorting the never ending washing, rolling up the now dry ponchos, repositioning the still damp shoes.

Had a coffee by the pool. All quiet again this morning. Kevin was up, woke Caitlin, but when I woke Hannah she croaked that she had been up most of the night still not well and was going nowhere today. So I made sure she had her medicine etc and left her to it. Hoping maybe she might agree to be picked up after the water park.

It was a lovely sunny morning after all that rain yesterday, but the weather said it would rain from around 3pm again.

We left at 9:35 and arrived at Typhoon Lagoon at 10:03. On the way there I messaged Kevin's brother Stan to say that's where we were headed, as on his plan today was either magic kingdom or typhoon lagoon.

This is their first time in Florida and I eventually had to get him to give me details of what he had booked and planned so far, then do some research and make him an actual plan to follow. He started down in Miami then Marathon, fishing (which is his only passion in life) and was originally only doing 3 days in Orlando despite having 14 day ultimates, staying in The Avanti and planning to use their shuttle busses. When I looked up their shuttle bus timetable they were rubbish. They only go once early morning then once mid morning, they only take you to Hollywood studios or Epcot then for anything else you need to use the Disney busses. poor wee Calum was going to spend half of his 3 Disney days on a bus. I eventually talked some sense into Stan for Calum's sake, and persuaded him to come up to Orlando a bit earlier, for 5 days instead. Then to download Uber for the days going anywhere other than HS or Epcot, then I got stuck into the Busy day guide, did him a plan, set him up on MDE and booked him fastpasses. I planned it right down to when he needed to book the shuttle bus the night before etc and aligned some of their days to ours so Calum would have some other kids company at some points.

Thankfully so far Stan has just trusted me and followed the plan religiously.

Parked up and in.

It's a most recommended today on the busy day guide yet still quite busy. We got some beds (none with any shade left) laid our towels and left our bags with non valuables in.

I put all purses, phones, and car keys into my kipling multiple and took that off to a locker. $10 for a standard size (small backpack) or $15 for a large (large backpack).

That done we went and did a couple of rides. I will do a couple where you sit on a ring but don't like the ones you just lie on. I go down like a bullet, flipping about all over the place and coming fleeing out the end spluttering. I used to be really big (well over 20 stone) so I think when I lie down I now have a little too much excess surface area if you know what I mean! They're not for me! We did the big round family one with the 4 of us which was very tame, then the blue ring keelhall falls which was faster. Mayday falls was next and already showing a 20min queue at 10:35 so I bowed out here and retrieved my stuff from the locker.

Any annual readers noticed that I've had none of my beloved dippin dots yet? Day 17! You can't get them in any of the Disney parks and with no universal/sea world/busch I've been gubbed. But I knew I had read a dibber having them in TL in May so they had to be here somewhere.

Yay! Well a version of them anyway.

I got the biggest one (obs) with 3 flavours; strawberry, mint and banana split

As I got back to our beds Stan & Calum were waiting, before heading into the wave pool.

Kevin and the kids came back shortly after then they all went off again to do some rides. Caitlin flopped down for a rest and some sunbathing saying she'd had enough of nearly drowning and needed a rest!

I messaged Hannah who was feeling a bit better and agreed to be picked up later for shopping and dinner.

We all took a wee tourey round the lazy river. That's one of my favourite things.

It was scorching hot and by 1:30 the others felt they'd had enough and we went for showers. Stan and Calum were staying a while.

The showers here have a dispenser with general wash stuff so you just need to take your shampoo and conditioner. They also have a free wall mounted hair dryer if you can stand the heat. The shower areas have ceiling fans but no actual aircon so can be warm. Caitlin and I were fine but kevin was complaining how sweaty he was getting dried.

Before we left I bought Kieran and I dipping dots for the car. Caitlin didn't want any.

Got back to the house at 2:30, dropped in the wet towels, sorted a wash, picked up teeny (who looked a lot better and had eaten some eggos) and we were out again to Florida Mall.

Kieran conked out in the car after his morning of climbing stairs, riding slides and fighting waves.

Oh - and crazy driving again. How is this guy ever going to see his mirrors with his missus holding this up?!

Oh - and crazy driving again. How is this guy ever going to see his mirrors with his missus holding this up?!

arrived at Florida Mall and the boys went to M&M world

while us girls first stop was Macys. Here I got these gorgeous Michael Kors. A bargainous $22! How do you like these girls? What a price eh?

And I also bought Hannah these guess heels. Can't go wrong with black n white heels I don't think

Then, the one we've all been waiting for - Sephora. Oh Lordy. Here are mine, Hannah & caitlins stashes

And because I had my Sephora insider card, she scanned it and gave me my birthday free gift

Next up Charlotte Russe where both girls tried LOADS on. We were there for ages and I was in and out the changing rooms finding them all different sizes. I was shattered! I bought Hannah these. $58

And Caitlin bought a pile of stuff too. $50

We walked (and walked and walked, Florida mall is massive) all the way to JC Penny but nothing we wanted. The boys had been patiently waiting outside Macy's since we left Sephora, bless them, so we headed back.

Their reward was their favourite restaurant - Teak!

Set waze, and although it was only 7 miles away it showed to expect a 25minute drive as the traffic was so heavy being 6:15pm.

Sure enough we got there exactly when it said. I do like that about the waze app. Because it monitors live traffic you know how long it will be, and if it finds a better route it will tell you the difference and ask you if you want to change.

Seated outside in the nice warm air we ordered for Kevin a Wholey Hell. He loves these and always goes back to them!

Salmon for me. This was DELICIOUS. Juicy smokey salmon, tasty garlic mash and a buttery beurre blanc sauce. Sooo nice. Nicest meal of my whole holiday

Caitlin had the OMG burger with blue cheese in a pretzel bun. She said it was really tasty. And she had the garlic bistro fries with it that she loved last time

Hannah had the donut burger but subbed the beef for chicken again. Loved it

Kieran had the the cronie burger - yes, that is a sugar coated donut! He had the chilli cheese fries as his side and barely made a dent in them so they came home in a box.

Hannah ate really well and even finished off my mash. She is still full of the cold but definitely brighter. I had a strawberry stoli mule off the happy hour $5. Very tasty

The server was lovely as always and the server we had last week came over to say hi and nice to see us again.

Excellent service, so we left a nice tip with the bill

Into the car and set waze for home which was 40mins. I typed up the trip report in the car!

Home at 8pm, took the photos of the shopping for the trip report, then called a family meeting.

We chatted through the days still remaining on the planner, what we wanted to keep, what we wanted to change, voted on the changes and agreed a revised plan for our last 5 days. Done.

Rattled up the trip report, and uploaded it while the kids played pool with a bit of Stevie Wonder provided by Alexa .

now I'm grabbing a couple of Seagrams and I'm off to join Kevin in the spa with his beer.

Tomorrow we are hoping to do something new.

Night all x

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Old 9 Jul 19, 02:22 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 9 Jul 19 2:22 AM.
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Old 9 Jul 19, 04:18 AM  
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joanna23's Reviews
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theDIBB Guidebook
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Another lovely well planned day. Is the Alexa from home or was it in the villa? Thanks!
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Take us back to the magic
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Old 9 Jul 19, 06:31 AM  
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Great day Helen and those shoes... absolute bargain! Can I ask does the waze app need 3g to work?
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Trip 9 : 7 Nights on Symphony & Orland
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:04 AM  
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You are hardcore, all that shopping after a water park! Your shoes look lovely, what a bargain. Love you Sephora hauls too. I always look but being a make up novice I never buy anything, just far too much to choose from!

Glad Stan followed your plan (haha!), be awful to think he wasted loads of time by not knowing the lay of the land

Enjoy your day today, whatever that brings x
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All over for another year...
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:09 AM  
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Those shoes 😍 were the bargains better at Florida Mall or Vineland? This time as we are only doing 10 days I only get 1 afternoon shopping and because its my birthday the week after we get back I want to maximise it!

Another great day, Im glad both girls are feeling better.
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CSR - 10 days in the bubble!
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:15 AM  
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macy's Reviews
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Good to see the sun shone for Typhoon , what a bargain for your shoes. Macy's have some fab sales, always on our list if there during Thanksgiving sales. Pleased Hannah picked up later on, summer colds somehow seem worse over there. Thank's for sharing another great day.
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:25 AM  
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Fab shopping haul! Love the shoes
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:34 AM  
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Another great day! Looks like you had a great shopping spree at Florida Mall - your shoes are gorgeous! 😍 Looking forward to hearing what youre up to today. Hope Hannah soon shakes her cold.
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Easter in the sun - I wish!
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Old 9 Jul 19, 07:43 AM  
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Great morning followed by an excellent shopping haul. I really want to try Teaks it all looks yummy.
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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