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Old 10 Jul 19, 03:12 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Scottishnellies 5th Element 2019. Day 18, West Orange Trail Bike Ride To Winter garden, HS

I was up at 7:15 and my usual morning routine. I got a better picture of the rabbit today, as for the first time he didn't run away as soon as I opened the pool cage door. Still just on the iPhone though.

Kevin joined me at the pool and just as he did Mr Hawk popped down to say hello so kevin got some good shots on his SLR

then he introduced Mrs Hawk so we got some pics of the pair of them in the tree

At 8:30 I went to check the girls were up and not only were they up but they were in full on beauty mode. Must be expecting lots of insta worthy shots today!

Today had been supposed to be Hollywood Studios and we had fastpasses booked for morning.

But in the family meeting last night the kids felt the only things they really wanted to do there again were Rock N Roller and the Star Wars Fireworks. So we kept the 5pm RnR and I modified star tours and TSM from morning to evening. This gave us a free day to do an activity, and if we make it to HS at night then all good.

As we are approaching the end of our holiday (oh no! it's going too fast!) we have a list of things we still want to do and not enough days to do them. Thus the meeting last night to agree some changes dropping some Disney park time (shock horror) for 'other' Florida stuff. What was hilarious last night was, after I'd drafted the revised plan, the girls were taking photos of it and chattering about what outfits they would need for each day. I got as far as thinking - If I'm going on a bike it will need to be shorts. Yup - a bike.

A year or so ago I had asked Randy (our villa owner) if he had ever cycled the west orange trail as I had seen it on the Internet and was interested in it. He hadn't then, but he has now, and gave me all the logistical info on where to drive to, where to hire the bikes, how much, how long it took, good lunch choices - fab!

So that was today. We are hoping with an early start we can enjoy this and still be home to do HS later. We left at 9:15 and programmed waze to Killarney Station - 29minutes Drive. The trail is along what used to be old railroad tracks which is why there are stations along the way, but they are in fact bike rental places.

Arrived and went in, arranging for 5 bikes. Under 16 have to wear a helmet by law, adults can sign to say they don't want one if they wish. Kieran and Hannah had helmets but Hannah took hers off a wee while into the ride complaining it was too hot. At home, we would never ride our bikes without helmets but because we knew it was just a slow ride on a trail with no road cycling we did without.

It was beautiful here cycling along. Very pretty. It took us 40 minutes to cycle to downtown winter garden with a wee 5 minute stop along the way. lots of pretty houses.

We passed umpteen pensioners cycling in the full on Tour De France gear. They obviously take it very seriously!

Winter garden was lovely. Lots of boutique shops and really interesting looking cafes and restaurants.

The town has all these speakers around and music is piped through all the time - Tracks of my tears, Don't go breaking my heart, Then he kissed me, dancing queen, but mostly Motown.

We stopped at the winter garden station and I bought dippin dots and drinks.

We sat in the shade on the rocking chairs then went a walk back through the town looking at all the shops.

Caitlin went into the pet shop which had a huge range of fancy dog biscuits and things. She bought presents for her German shepherd back home.

Kieran had a cool down in the town fountains as it was getting very hot.

We went into the Plant Street Market. This was fab. It had lots of different street food stalls

Then a bar at the very end. It looked like a really cool place to spend an evening. When I said this to Kevin he said well maybe if we have a spare evening and I'm thinking are you kidding? We are going to struggle to fit everything in as it is!

then we got back on our bikes and cycled back, taking us 40mins again.

We were back by 2pm. It's $7 something per bike, per hour so for 5 bikes for 4 hours we were $149. Every one of us loved it.

Back down the US27 and a stop at Walmart for beer, and milk and other bits. I had asked kevin to get me mikes hard lemonade but they had none in the main store and they'd told him he would get it in the liquor store, so he Caitlin and Kieran headed over there. Kevin picked up the mikes, and Caitlin handed him a bottle of flavoured vodka she wants to take home. When they got to the checkout the guy refused to serve them as a minor had touched the alcohol. So kevin said could he sell him the mikes then as she hadn't touched that and he said no, he wouldn't serve Kevin any alcohol. Lesson learned there! Don't take any kids into the liquor store! He came out and I had to go in myself and get it.

Home at 2:30 and we had another hiccup. The boot in this Tahoe is a nightmare. The first shop we did, Kevin opened the boot as we walked towards the car, a bag fell out and the jar smashed. He bought a replacement jar a few days later and got to the house, opened the boot and smashed it exactly the same way! We've had no jam since. He refused to buy more.

Today was a belter. We get home and Kevin is saying right Caitlin we need to watch how we open this boot. I go round to unlock the front door as I always do and I hear CRASH! He had got out, opened the boot and the bag was still on the shelf fine, he turned away for 2 seconds and it fell out. A whole bottle of Merlot smashed on the drive. With lots of sweary words he bends down to pick it up and unbeknown to him, just to his left... the entire huge carton of milk slides out of the boot and cracks open on the drive. We are now all staring at the pool of purple and white running down the drive. Kieran managed to pick up the milk and carry it into the house cracked side up so saved half of it. We then put the rest of the shopping away while trying not to laugh as Kevin and Caitlin were running about with buckets cleaning the drive. It was actually quite funny though! He did laugh once he finished cleaning it. 'Randys neighbour is out there with her dog, she'll think I'm a nutcase!' From now on food shopping goes in beside the girls.

We had a 90 minute break before heading back out so we all showered and changed, then ate the last couple of days leftovers as an early dinner.

While I was waiting for everyone to get ready I sat at the pool and spotted a red cardinal. These birds are so pretty.

Back out at just after 4 and reached Hollywood studios at 4:35. Parked in buzz and walked to the park rather than wait for a tram.

Through security and up Main Street we stopped for a photopass.

Up to our first FP for Rock n Roller. We do love this. 2 years ago Hannah (in her full on pouty mcpouty phaze) tried to pout on RnR for the photo but couldn't hold it. She was determined to get a pouty one and managed it this time!

Stand by for RnR was 105 mins and we noticed ToT was 140mins. Can't see us getting on that again. Not that I would, but the others love it.

We walked round and stopped to watch the Star Wars show on the stage from 5:30-5:50 and I tapped the app and brought forward our star tours FP to 5:50 so we could head straight there.

We got a completely different film on Star Tours from last week so that was good.

Back along to the Frozen theatre and went in for the singalong show that Kevin avoided last week. Hee hee hee! Caitlin and I particularly love this!

Loo break then with almost an hour to kill before our TSM fastpass, we wandered round to Toy Story Land. Slinky was 100 minutes so that was out. We went on Alien Swirling Saucers which was 35 minutes instead

Off at 8:10pm and straight into our FP for Toy Story Mania. Caitlin said she was ready to be good at a shooting game now she'd had some practice! She got a respectable 115000

We walked through Toy Story Land which was all lit up nice now.

Loo break, then back towards to the cart that sells pretzels outside the old movie ride to buy a couple of snacks.

At 8:50pm we took up position in front of the Chinese theatre for the 9:30 Star Wars fireworks.

We sat on the warm concrete and had snacks and water from the coolbag while waiting. It was a lovely night. Earlier it had drizzled here n there but hadn't come to anything.

I had forgotten that before Star Wars they showed World Of Animation. This was a lovely show with clips of all the classics. It finished at 9:20.

Then everyone was asked to stand and move forward for the Star Wars Galactic Spectacular.

This was brilliant! The projections on the theatre are stunning and the fireworks impressive, even for a non Star Wars fan.

We filed out of the park with the crowd and walked to the car rather than wait for a tram. Plenty of steps done today - around 15000 outwith the cycling!

Into the car at 10:05 and away. And here I am sitting in the car uploading the trip report to get a head start!

This was a busy day but we loved doing the bike ride and still doing what we wanted to tick off in Hollywood Studios so it was well worth it.

Night all x

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Old 10 Jul 19, 06:55 AM  
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Bike ride looked really fun and something different to do. Must’ve been a tad warm though

Your evening visit to HS is where I see how the online FPs really work.

Shame about your lost groceries!

Great report as always x
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All over for another year...
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Old 10 Jul 19, 06:56 AM  
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Brilliant day - that cycle ride is going on my to do list! Thank you
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Run Disney - going to be Princesses
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:03 AM  
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What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing... there’s so much to do outside the parks it makes me feel like you could do a whole holiday of no parks whatsoever.

Enjoy your day today!
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:16 AM  
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Mrs Red C
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Winter Garden looks good though not sure l could be cycling in the heat.
Good to know there's a pre show to the fireworks, will get there a bit earlier.
Roll on next report, like to read it before I get up, sets me up for the day 😁
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I don't think I'll be going back in Aug
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:18 AM  
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Very Serious Dibber
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Great day, lots packed in again, so look forward to your reports x
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:24 AM  
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The bike ride looks great although I’m not sure I could put up with the heat! A great evening at HS.
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Aruba Jamaica I wanna take u...CBR...
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:27 AM  
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Ciano's Reviews
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Brilliant day Helen! Love the idea of the cycle ride. Can I ask where did you leave the bikes while you walked around Winter Haven?
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Trip 9 : 7 Nights on Symphony & Orland
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:34 AM  
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So if he dropped the wine whens the divorce coming 😉
Are the mikes lemonades nice?
(Loved alcholic lemonade last trip so will grab some is it vodka based? Xx
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adults only trip
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Old 10 Jul 19, 07:41 AM  
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That cycle tour looks like a wee gem, would love to do it. Great report, thank you 🚵🙋

Southern Dunes 2006 & 2007 Highlands Reserve & Hard Rock Hotel May & Sep 2008 The Sanctuary West Haven 2009 Freedom of the Seas & Doubletree Resort 2010 Highlands Reserve May 2012 Windsor Hills 2014 New York 2016
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