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Unread 15 Aug 19, 02:23 AM  
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The Pooles... Head Back To Orlando 2019 Day 3

So last night was a much much better sleep, we didn't wake up until 5.30 which is absolutely fantastic, I don't want to speak too soon but maybe we have cracked this jet lag thing

We had a slow morning because it was raining! What we cried, yes raining! We did a little packing and then went to Publix just after 8 as we wanted to get one of those polystyrene cool boxes so we could take our fridge bits on the next part of our journey to Orlando. We had a good old mooch around Publix this time (seeing as it was raining... Have I mentioned the rain?

We couldn't see the cool boxes anywhere so I had to ask and was taken right back to the entrance and yes, we had walked right past them! I think it was just under $4... It was posh (of course, we were in Publix) it had a handle and everything.

That was all we got but it had prompted me to make a list for later when we visited Aldi and Walmart.

We were back at the hotel at 9 and I made breakfast and had a cup of tea, Mick got one of the complimentary coffee's. I did 2 eggs and had a piece of toast and a slice of cheese and Mick made himself the sandwich above with the leftover chicken and salad.

It was super nice, but still raining. I had been using AccuWeather and the BBC weather app. The BBC one had been completely rubbish since we arrived but the accuweather a little better. This one said it would clear but after another half hour this looked doubtful so we made the decision to get in the car and start the drive, there was no point waiting it may not clear but the reports for later were that it would in Orlando.

We packed up the last bits and washed up the breakfast things and loaded the car. We said goodbye to our lovely room and the beach and somehow added my phone to the android app thing on the car so we could follow the map.

We left at about 10.10 and followed the route up to the I75. This was uneventful until we were about to get the the Sarasota mall exit. We had happily been spotting the state number plates when we saw that the I75 was closed a bit further up. This had happened to us on a road in Miami last year and I did not want to get stuck again so made a swift decision to get off and go down to get some WiFi in a shop and decide the next course of action.

Above is a picture of our room at the Sandpiper..

Grace had been dozing in the car and woke up needing the restroom so we parked in Target and popped in there leaving Mick in the car with all our worldly goods. We came back out and I was sure there was a Starbucks here but couldn't see it so we decided to go back in to Target and get a Starbucks in there, hitch on their WiFi and go from there. We entered the store and the power had gone off in the last 5 minutes since we left. I managed to get a filter coffee and a water for Grace but they didn't charge as the till wasn't working

We sat for 5 and I found out the I75 was closed for a stretch so I downloaded a map to get round it and we went back out to the car.

We set off and it was a little slow to start but we were soon back on the I75 a couple of junctions up. It was only about half an hour later when Grace announced again that she needed a restroom... Really? We ignored it for a couple of junctions and then I decided to come off, it was a junction called Big Bend Road. Ha ha this did make me chuckle. We drove a mile up the road and found a Dunkin Doughnuts so this of course had to be visited. One restroom later and a coffee, a muffin and a doughnut later we were back on the road on the longest journey ever! I was starting to feel glad that we had left early after all!

Soon it seemed we were on very familiar ground and our destination was an hour away. it was 2 o clock by the time we left Dunkin doughnuts so we were hoping getting in to the villa was not going to be too much of a problem.

At 3 we rolled in to the Manors at Westridge and rang the doorbell. There was a car on the drive so clearly we were a little early but hopefully we could drop our bags and then at least get the shopping a little earlier than we thought. This was certainly the case, the cleaner was lovely and we took her bags in and left her to it, she said she was nearly finished and the fridge was done so we popped out stuff in there and then got back in the car. We decided to visit Aldi first and then get in Walmart anything we hadn't got. The heavens opened just before we got on the 192 and then found the brand new supermarket. Typical! We had a great time in here and found the prices excellent compared to the Publix we had just left behind. We got essentials and some pizza for that night and a nice bottle of red wine. I felt we had earned it. It was 4pm now and as we hadn't eaten anything (well some of us hadn't) and we wanted to avoid a meltdown we decided to go back and eat and then possibly go out again.

We got back in the villa without a hitch as we had to get the key out of the key safe this time and unpacked the shopping. I put the pizza on and did a little unpacking of the suitcases while exploring and cooking etc. It felt really good to be able to unpack properly and settle in to the villa with everything organised. The weather had not really picked up at all, it had stopped raining but remained cloudy so it was a good day to travel all in all.

We had the pizza, I chose really well and enjoyed mine, but Mick chose a 3 meat pizza which was good but it had a thick base which he doesn't really enjoy so he felt it was a bit of a bread fest. We opened the wine I got in Aldi.. Really nice

Grace was desparate to get in the pool so I sent those 2 out while I continued to unpack and clear away the dinner things. They had a great time out there but Mick soon announced that he had done a deal with Grace that we all go to Walmart so he can get some goggles and Grace can look at the stationary. So quick showers were had, I started the laundry and then we were out the door at 7pm. This was a final jet lag beater too, we had vowed to stay up until proper bedtimes tonight and this was part of the process to make this happen

Mick drove as I had started the wine and we were soon up at Walmart parking.

Grace went up to the back to school section and got a notebook, pencil case and some pens and Mick got a pair of goggles and some sunglasses. I was flagging if I'm honest so suggested we go up to the food section and get the things we wanted there and come for a mooch another time.

We got some Bud light, coke zero, tonic water, oreos and ice cream... Again more essentials and then I walked up to the liquor store while the other 2 went to the car.

A whole aisle of body boards!

Grace's stationary... Pens are of course already in the pencil case!

We arrived back home at just before 8.45. We unpacked yet more bags of shopping and then I started my report with a Bud whike the other 2 watched a bit of telly.

Tomorrow we have an ADR booked for Saana, which I am really excited about. We plan a lazy day up until then and some pool time and will probably explore the communal pool too and use the gym.

Thanks for ready along if you are still there and we will see you tomorrow Bye

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Trip 25... What will happen this time?
Unread 15 Aug 19, 02:59 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 15 Aug 19 2:59 AM.
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Unread 15 Aug 19, 08:18 AM  
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Oh, Im excited to see your villa, wondering if its the same one we stayed in! Hope you enjoyed the communal pool - we used it quite a bit, it was usually just us down there
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All over for another year...
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Unread 21 Aug 19, 02:59 PM  
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Good change over day well apart from the rain

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