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Old 21 Aug 19, 12:50 PM  
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The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 11 - The Curious Incident Of The Thud In The Nighttime

Full trip report index here:

After a hectic day, and helped by a cheeky cocktail, we all went off to sleep quickly.

I'm not going to lie, the beds in Davy Crockett Ranch aren't the best (the bed at Compiegne holds that record) but they are adequate enough.

Then around 5am this morning...

B O O O O M!

I dash out of bed (well, scuttle sideways as there isn't a heck of a lot of room) and over to the kids room to find Izzy's mattress at a 45 degree angle pointing to the ceiling and Izzy scrambling to get up. And being essentially a large tin can, the noise of Izzy hitting the floor reverberated around our cabin!

Apparently the sheet pulled her on to the ground? Well that's her story and she was sticking to it. Harry and Charlotte just tutted and rolled over. No-one hurt and nothing broken.

Heart still pounding I go back to Paula chuckling away 😂😂

I get up a couple of hours later (I must have gone back to sleep) and collect breakfast. I decline the milk (we haven't opened yesterday's milk yet) and apple purée (as we don't eat baby food )

Washed and dressed we hit Disneyland.

It is a stunning day in Disneyland Paris this morning and the Castle is looking amazing.

(It's painted pink to "pop out" of photographs when taken on a dull Marne-le-Vallee day.)

We decide that Hyperspace Mountain is our first port of call.

This is our reward for an early start - it's a walk-on.

If you've never visited DLP don't make the mistake in thinking this is a Space Mountain clone. Hyperspace Mountain is Star Wars themed and has more in common with Rock n Rollercoaster than its tamer American cousin. the ride photos can prove. God I love this ride!

We then hit Buzz Light-year (similar to WDW but the gun mechanism is free standing so you can have a better aim). I proudly stake my claim as family winner (but at 95,500 points I've got a long way to go!)

It's only 9am and so we decide to grab a couple of Fastpasses for BTM for later and we hit Hyperspace Mountain again.

After our second go on HM, we see Star Tours is only a 5 minute wait - which means once we're off it'll be time for BTM.

We enter the queue and it's obvious that we'll be waiting longer than 5 minutes. We wait 15 with nothing moving and so we do the "walk of shame" back down the queue into Discoveryland where we hop over to BTM.

DLP's BTM never disappoints. As our Fastpass window opened we decided to get another FP for BTM for later!

The photo above shows me waving to the people on the Molly Brown steamboat on the other side of Big Thunder Mesa - I'd entirely forgotten about the ride photo!

We then hop over to the newly refurbished Phantom Manor - the audio has been restored back to Vincent Price's narration and the story now makes sense.

Unlike some podcasters I could mention who were here last week we weren't evacuated from PM, but it did have a couple of unscheduled stops which allowed me to take some low light photos.

I can't understand why this isn't a FP attraction. To that end, why anyone would spend 100 euros on a VIP Fastpass is beyond me - a one day ticket costs as much so you might as well stay for two days!

Then it's time for our second round on BTM. Charlotte decides we should strike a bored pose as we go past the ride camera this time 😂😂

We amble past the Chaparral Theatre and make a note to watch the Lion King show tomorrow night. As we turn a corner we see King Louis holding out his arms to us for a hug - no one else was there!

Who were we to refuse?! He was good fun and he taught me some of his dance moves (mine are better, but I obviously don't want to shame him). We left King Louis with a queue of about a dozen people waiting to see him - a lovely chance encounter.

We then head over to Blusteryday's Secret Lunch Spot. It only sells nuggets and drinks but virtually no one goes there. It was midday and it was empty, whereas just across the walkway people were queuing out of the door to buy their lunch. Madness!

Axel and Christoph are our servers today and they appear to be a Laurel and Hardy tribute act - goading Harry to put hot sauce on his sisters' nuggets, and then blaming each other when the girls turned up. Harry had too much sense to ruin his siblings' lunch - hell hath no fury and all that!

I must remember to drop a note to City Hall and let them know they've got two great CMs serving food. Anyone who says the CMs don't match up to Florida clearly aren't looking with their eyes open.

(If you want to know where the lunch spot is, drop me a PM...otherwise it won't be a secret for much longer!)

We're back at Davy Crockett Ranch now for a rest (not solely because of the god awful early start, but we plan to watch Illuminations tonight at 11pm.)

Harry decides to be a lounge lizard and stay in the cabin, the girls hit the pool whilst Paula and I are on the decking outside soaking up the warm sunshine. Heaven. Sheer heaven.

Off to Billy Bob's for dinner tonight - I hear it's one of the better buffet offers but needs to go some to beat Crockett's Tavern in my opinion.

I'll update this post with pics and thoughts later.

Apologies for not updating sooner - too tired!

And I'll hand it to Beaker7929...Billy Bob's desserts are the BEST. Too many to choose from but the lemon meringue was definitely worth the second visit.

We finish our meal at Billy Bob's and decide to head to Disneyland to try our luck with the ride times.

I've forgotten to mention the DIBB publishes the official DLP ride times in real-time and we found it invaluable to help us plan our next move
Disney Studios:

We head for Pirates of the Carribbean as at 9.30pm it was only a 10 minute wait! I took this photo on the way - the castle looks even more beautiful in the sunset.

No idea what's going on here. I think I was trying to pull my best pirate impression - aaaargh me hearties!

We then go to Fantasyland which I think always looks better lit up at night.

23,814 steps today.

My legs hate me.

We end the evening watching Disney Illuminations from a walkway just I front of the Plaza Gardens Restaurant. Not a bad view don't you think?

Whilst the show was *OK* it didn't really have much emotion to it - it felt more like a set of trailers projected onto the castle with some pyrotechnics. It was fine, but nothing will ever beat Wishes at WDW in my humble opinion


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Old 21 Aug 19, 01:54 PM  
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Have to agree with you Rob about paying for fast passes. We were there for 2 days last week and we only used 1 FP which was for BTM. The queues are manageable especially when you consider it is mid-August.

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Old 21 Aug 19, 03:58 PM  
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Billy Bobs has the BEST pudding selection of all the buffets, in my modest opinion... I'm so jealous

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Old 23 Aug 19, 08:02 AM  
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Oh dear, poor Izzy!

What a fun day
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Old 25 Aug 19, 07:39 AM  
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New Photo Added by blusteryday - 25 Aug 19 7:39 AM.
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Hyperspace Mountain - has to be the best Space Mountain

Poor Izzy.

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August 2014 trip report - Er, where's the rain?
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