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Old 24 Aug 19, 01:39 AM  
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The Pooles... Head Back To Orlando 2019 Day 10

Pretty good night and I was up having a cuppa at 7am. Grace was up very soon after and then Mick at about 7.15.

I decided to sort out our cases this morning ready to have a tidy up and pack some bits. I also put some washing on whilst Mick went for a walk around the block.

I actually got quite a bit of packing done but remembered it's much easier on the return because basically you take everything with you, don't you.

I went out to do my pool cleaning duties at around 8.30 and due to the rain there was a bit to do. Mick was doing the breakfast this morning and that was soon ready. We enjoyed this as always and we decided we would cook some bacon at home at the weekend in the microwave too and have it during the week once we were back home.

We were soon plotted up outside, well Grace was you tubing inside, while I did 100 lengths of the pool, this was good it took about 20 mins and I was pleased I had managed it. Well it wasn't hard really lol

We spent about an hour outside, and just before 11 the other 2 announced they were going to dollar general which was only 5 minutes up the road. They are complete professionals at travelling on their own now after the perkins debacle so off they went and I'm not joking but 10 minutes after they left it rained! I managed to grab everything and stop everything getting soaked.

What does a girl do when she's home alone and its raining? Baking that's what, baking.
We had got some cinnamon rolls the other day ready to bake so I did those first and then I made some brownies from a box kit we had got from Aldi the other day. By the time I had done this I was just pulling the cinnamon bins out if the oven and putting the brownies in when they arrived back.

We decided to wait for the brownies and then head up to Winter Gardens for some shopping, this was always the intention it was just much earlier. We thought if we got out we could get it done and get some sun later.

I remember reading about winter Gardens in one of Pussycatdolls reports, well thanks Selena if your reading we absolutely loved it.

We went up the 429 it took 30 very easy minutes. We arrived at 1pm and parked right in the middle of everything so we could walk everywhere with no problem. First we went in to Old Navy. I split up with Mick and we went to look at our own stuff. I picked up about 3 dresses to try on and a denim jacket which was only $15! I went with Grace to pick her things and she got a dress and a playsuit. We met her Daddy and we were put in a changing room together where I quickly realised I was not a small in here but a medium. Due to the fact we had a big changing room I could run out quickly and switched the dresses for a medium and ended up getting none of them and just the jacket lol. Grace got her 2 things and we went back and got another playsuit as they were only $5. 99. Mick got a shirt and we left the store about $40 lighter but very happy.

Next was Ross and in here I got a pair of sandals, a long evening dress, this was $19 and I was very happy with it. I am always on the look out for a long evening dress as we do go to a few occasions where I need to wear one. One of the seams needs a cm stitch but apart from that it was beautiful and perfect so I couldn't say no for that price. Grace got a tiny rucksack for $11 and she was very happy with this.

Mick didn't get anything and we moved on to Marshalls, I do like a Marshalls but despite a good rummage we didn't get anything in here. Next was Target and we were thirsty so we had a coffee and a cookie before a quick look around. I got a NASA t shirt which I was very happy to find $12.99 but nothing else so we went out.

I wanted to go up to Jo-Ann's so I went on my own while the other 2 went to Staples (Grace had seen a good advert on TV for Staples and really wanted to go and look at the stationary.. I don't think the advert lived up to the expectations lol )

I popped in to my shop and went and looked at the paper punching things and then looked at the paper but they only had card that I wanted not paper.
I went to the back to the clearance part and was lucky and got a few things for my Christmas card making, at good prices so I was pleased I had come in. There were about 5 people in the queue to pay in front of me though and only 1 till open! This does not make me happy, the young girl didn't call anyone either because when a guy came he said to her why didn't you call me!

Anyway I was soon out after that and went over to meet the others who were waiting outside. Bed Bath and Beyond was our last call as I always get my shower curtains in here. I had a look at the thermos mugs too but couldn't see anything I liked so we picked up the shower curtains and left.

We promised Grace Chick Fil A again and I hitched on BBB's WiFi to see exactly where it was (I knew it was close) and it was over the road so we made it over there and Mick ran in to get a 6 nugget meal with water that Grace had in the car. It was 3.30pm and the skies were clearing nicely and we were soon on our way home. We did a pit stop at Publix for lemonade and tonic water and were indoors for 4.15pm. Grace was straight on the WiFi to facetime her nanny and show her and tell her what we had been up to before it was too late in the evening for them.

I made the drinks up (vodka) and we had them out by the pool. The weather was lovely and we had a good couple of hours out there before coming in and having showers and our tea which was a mixture of chicken nuggets and salmon tonight. I forgot to say but I cooked the salmon we got in Aldi this morning when I was doing the packing as I like it cold so that was all done. Grace ate some nuggets too and we had garlic bread again with it. We really are enjoying these dinners and not missing going out at all.

We sat down in front of the TV and watched some more Ninja American Warrior, this is becoming a little addictive for us in the evenings lol

We commented today a lot about what a nice holiday we were having ( I think it's a sign that we know we are going home soon) but it has been another top day despite the weather changing our plans yet again.
Tomorrow is definately a trip to Disney Springs and a bus to the Grand Floridian for a mooch about. We also plan to do Walmart first thing again.

Apologies for the lack of photos today too!

Thanks very much for reading along again and we will see you tomorrow. Bye

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Old 24 Aug 19, 01:41 AM  
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New Photo Added by pretty71 - 24 Aug 19 1:41 AM.
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Old 24 Aug 19, 08:46 AM  
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Thanks for the cake pictures

Another perfect day, just seeing where it takes you, I love that!

Im interested to know what your pool cleaning duties are, I dont recall any of us doing any, ever!

Have a fun time at Disney Springs, looking forward to reading all about it x
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Old 24 Aug 19, 08:34 PM  
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Another really good day we love a trip up to Winter Gardens some nice shops.
On our last trip we had a ride out to the lake it was nice and we saw a bit of wildlife too

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