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The Center Parcs and DLP Bonanza Day 12 - See You On Broadway Baby!

Full trip report index here:

Late nights, early mornings. I'll need to go back to work for a rest after all of this.

This morning it's early entry to Disney Studios.

Single riders for Crush's Coaster (we're on and off in 15 minutes, as we come out the wait time is 85 minutes at 8.45am! )

Then onto Flying Carpets which as a theme doesn't fit in Disney Studios but it was fun.

We then have Fastpasses for ToT which I am now starting to enjoy as a ride. I used to hate the darned thing, but it's actually becoming enjoyable now.

We had the funniest and campest CM loading us onto the ride...

"Darlings, no flash photography, Facebook, Snapchat or Insta. And whatever you do, keep your wigs on! You all look beautiful and we don't want anything to ruin your photo at the top.

He then looks straight at me..."But too late for you sweetheart!" And the doors close. We all laugh and applaud as we head into the Quatrième Dimension.

When the ride is over, the doors open and or CM is standing there with a handheld fan, fanning himself, and shouted "My darlings you were all amazing. SEE YOU ON BROADWAY BABY!" Again the whole ride bursts into laughter and we all high five our CM as we leave, only to be spooked by another CM on the way out!

Anyone who says DLP CMs are not up to scratch to WDW need to revisit. It was a great experience and a catchphrase that latest the rest of the holiday 😂

Single rider is definitely the biggest tip I can give anyone. Whilst the queue the Soldier Drop Ride was 30 minutes (god knows why) we were on and off in 10.

It's the first year we've felt the kids were old enough to go single rider and it's really paid dividends in increasing the number of rides we've done.

On to the Stunt Show Spectacular which is always good fun (and helped by having a Mickey lollipop). Izzy's face during some of the more explosive sequences was a picture (which clearly I forgot to take).

I'm thinking this will be removed for the studios expansion? If so, that was the last time we saw the show, and it played to a very full stadium

"You're Never More Than Three Hours From A Meal" is another family motto and it's time to sample Earl of Sandwich, and it didn't disappoint.

I had The Original which I think also comes with a type 2 diabetes warning but it was sooooooo good.

We sit outside watching the world go by...I'm starting to think that DLP is more of a summer park for us.

We head back to DCR for rest and relaxation (it was a late night last night and an early start this morning.). With the kids safely connected to the WiFi, Paula and I explore the ranch a little more.

We find our local Native American encampment - it's a set of tents with little else attached to it, but it all adds to the theming. I can't recommend DCR enough, especially in the summer.

In the evening we find the tennis and badminton courts, which are free to use.

Yes, you heard that right...


I've probably put a hex on it now, and they'll be charging 50 euros for 30 mins by the time we go back, but what a facility to have!


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