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Unread 2 Oct 19, 02:27 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Take A Look Through My Eyes. Day 4, Hollywood Studios, Sickness And Hollywood Brown Derby. 2nd Sep 2019

Bright Suns everyone! Woo hoo! Galaxies Edge here we come!
Alarm went off at 4:45, bus stop at 5:20 and at the park at 5:50, we were led into Galaxies edge by storm troopers with ominous music playing all around us, it was quite an experience, one That will stay with both of us for a long time. John is a big Star Wars fan and his face was a picture!
When we first heard the announcement that GE was opening on the day we arrived in Florida we were a bit worried about the crowds, then after the initial shock we were very excited but still worried about the crowds, all that worry disappeared! Don't get me wrong, there were a lot of people all heading in exactly the same direction, it was an extremely hot morning and the humidity was unreal.

Once we entered, we soon realised that everyone was heading to Smugglers Run, so we veered off in the opposite direction so we could look around, good choice! Notice the lack of people.

We had a couple of photos taken and I took a picture of John looking rather proud standing in front of the millennium Falcon. He's fulfilled a childhood dream I think!

I know at the moment it feels like it's just one big shop but there is an awful lot to take in here, and it's an awesome shop! The detail is just stunning, so much thought has been put into everything, everywhere you look there is something to see and homages paid to all the films.

Even the restrooms are brilliantly themed. Took a few seconds to figure out how to dispense the soap though.

There are a few characters who get rather close, they can take you by surprise! They were mainly asking people for ID. The cast members interaction with the public and the characters was totally unexpected.

It was so hot, I felt I was melting into a pool of excitement, there are giant fans dotted around so I made the most of every one I came across, dealing with the frizz in this humidity is something I eventually gave up on by day 4! I purchased some dual voltage straighteners specifically for this trip, well that was a total waste of money.

We are coming back to GE tomorrow as we have a reservation at the build a droid workshop, so we only spent about an hour and a half here exploring and we haven't yet seen TSL and thought we'd make the most of the lack of people and see it this morning.

We exited GE and walked into Toy Story Land, cast members were telling people that you cannot enter GE through TSL, if you want to go back into GE you have to walk all the way back round to the GE entrance, It makes sense I suppose as TSL can get very busy, this would make the footfall in this area worse.

Slinky and TSM were a walk on, it was still early so not too much of a shock. I loved Slinky, John, not so much, more of that later. I love the theming here too, the lollipop benches are so cute. I get what people mean when they talk about a lack of shade, I didn't notice any heavy duty fans around either, maybe I didn't look properly.

We then wanted to ride the beloved ToT, food first though, there wasn't anything we fancied at Woody's Lunch Box (I still giggle when I hear that) but needed some breakfast so used 2 QS credits at the Trolley Car Cafe (Starbucks).

ToT was a walk on, I could ride this all day if I was given half a chance! Only rode twice this time as John admitted he wasn't feeling too good.

He suffers badly with motion sickness, Soarin, Star tours and FoP are out of the question, he cant even watch home movies as they make him feel sick. But this funny turn was the result of Slinky Dog! It's the humps in the ride that are to blame. He didn't mention anything before riding ToT so I think that not taking some time out before ToT has pushed him over the edge, he looked awful! We sat at a table near Fairfax fare for about an hour or so. He didn't want to go back to AKL and said he would be fine... And he was! It's odd, as he can ride ToT all day, and coasters are usually fine, apart from Everest as that goes backwards, we'd forgotten about that much to his dismay as I dragged him on it later in the trip!

Still feeling a bit green around the gills. Technically not the grand opening, but 4 days after. I'd forgotten that I'd left my glasses on my head...

I decided that the Frozen singalong would lift his spirits! I mean, who doesn't enjoy the frozen singalong! Sitting in an air conditioned theatre did help, my singing probably didn't. Next up was another air conditioned theatre and we went to see the muppets. I don't care how old this is, I still love it.

We then wandered over to Pixar Avenue and grabbed a frozen pina colada from the Joffreys kiosk, this was lovely and refreshing, we sat here for a while, it was a good decision as the heavens decided to open rather abruptly.

Just before 2 we walked over to Hollywood Brown Derby for our 2pm ADR, we had booked the fantasmic package. We both had the Cobb Salad with shrimp, this tastes so much better than it looks, I don't like blue cheese and the salad has blue cheese in it but it works. They toss the salad at the table for you. The bread rolls were nothing special, they were nice and warm, but just the same as the par baked rolls you can buy at home and uk in the oven.
I had the grapefruit cake, this was so light and it was delicious, John had the coconut chocolate cake, this was also delicious. No cocktails, just water and Diet Coke.
After our rather large lunch we were feeling really tired and decided to go back to AKL and have a dip in the pool, the plan was to come back later for fantasmic.
Well, that didn't happen we spent so long in the pool, by the time were showered and dressed we couldn't be bothered to go back into HS, so made a trip to DS instead with the idea of having a light dinner.

The light dinner didn't happen either, we ended up at Wetzels Pretzels instead, I love their pretzels, as does our eldest daughter. We sent her this photo with the sole purpose of making her very jealous! We sat and watched the live music for a while before calling it a night, we went back to AKL and caught up on some news. The news from the Bahamas was just devastating, we were transfixed watching this, your heart just breaks for them and the carnage that Dorian left behind was unreal.

Another 17,418 steps walked today. Tomorrow we are back at HS to build a droid, not sure what is happening in the afternoon because of Dorian and we've received updates that the parks are closing early. We had purchased after hours tickets for AK but have been reassured that these can be transferred.

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Time to start saving again...
Unread 2 Oct 19, 02:53 PM  
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