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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less
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Unread 3 Oct 19, 01:48 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Take A Look Through My Eyes. Day 5, Hollywood Studios, Droids And Dorian Disruptions. 3rd Sep 2019

Didn't set the alarm today and we woke up at 7am, we're back off to HS today to build a droid at 10:20am so no rush to get up and out early. We had beautiful clear skies today, hard to believe that there is a monster storm on the way.
Overnight the hotel staff had taken away all the loungers, anything that could move (animals and humans excluded) had been attached to something static with plastic wrap. We had also received notice yesterday that the parks would be closing at 2pm. To be fair I looked forward to having a rest!

We arrived at HS just after 9am, bag check was quite busy as you would expect at this time in the morning. What I don't understand is that the security guards are telling everyone to have their bags open and ready via loud speaker as you approach the bag check area, so why did two people in front of me each have a backpack with about 30 zips between them, none of them open! It's frustrating especially as I always seen to pick the snail pace queue. I did notice though that they had set up separate lines for strollers which did make a difference.

The clouds had now started to roll in and it was getting quite breezy, the breeze was very welcome though, wish it would blow the humidity away.

Disney are getting good at the free water dispensers, there are a few of these dotted around GE, the water is ice cold and tastes good. It must be filtered as it didn't taste like a swimming pool.

We took our time wandering around again, it's quite amusing how the cast members and resistance spies all hide from the storm troopers.

We went for breakfast at Docking Bay 7 and grabbed a table without any problems. We both had the Bright Suns Morning breakfast, this consisted of a three cheese egg bite, which was basically a mini baked omelette, a little bit dry but ok, purple potato hash, this was delicious but would have been even better had the potatoes been crispy, a pork sausage, also delicious and a mini mustafarian lava roll, this was odd! Its like a soft sweet cinnamon roll but the topping has a really weird taste, I have no idea what it was but it reminded me of pine? Maybe my taste buds were playing up this morning 😀
All of this was eaten with a spork...

Right, time to build a droid! The droid of choice was an R2 unit, had to go old school. John was in his element. You can take as long as you like picking out the pieces you want to build your custom droid, good job really as he took forever! it's all placed into a basket for you to take over to the build area. Once complete the droid is then activated which is quite fun to watch. The build area is quite small so I found myself standing behind John trying to take photos over his shoulder, I took some video as well so grabbed some screenshots from that rather than the photos that contained half a shoulder.

The whole process took about 20 minutes. We decided at that point that we needed to return to build a BB8 later, can't have a lonely R2 unit...

We came out of the droid workshop and stumbled across chewie who was giving exercise instructions to a bunch of people! He then went off to carry out some essential maintenance on the X wing.
I cant begin to imagine how hot he is in there! There were also a couple of storm troopers who stopped a British guy and wouldn't let him leave until he has shown them his UK driving licence, even made him take his glasses off!
No rides today as we had an R2 droid in tow, we sat for a while with a couple of frozen lemonades, mooched around the shops for a bit before deciding to go back to the resort just after midday.

We spent some time sat on the rocking chairs viewing the windy Savannah for a while, it's really relaxing up here, I'm amazed that it isn't permanently busy. Went outside to see the flamingos again, I learnt that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance, then off to see the Zebras.
There is now a curfew in place from 11pm, we will be tucked up in bed by then! We went to the front desk to move our Animal Kingdom after hours to a different date without any issues and picked up our tickets for the Spirit of Aloha dinner we had booked for a couple of days time.

Whilst there we encountered a rather rude American man who was demanding a late checkout apparently his friends had been given a late checkout for no additional fee and he was demanding one too, fair enough, but surely you're more likely to be granted a request if you are polite about it.

Any ADR bookings made have all been automatically cancelled, originally we had been booked into the Boathouse at DS. We didn't manage to reschedule this which is a shame.

We picked up some dips and chips from the resort gift shop to snack on later on later and used two QS credits to buy two huge salads from The Mara, these were delicious by the way! Salad always seems to be second choice when on holiday.

Boma was open until 9pm and was serving a restricted buffet for a set price of $15 for anyone who wanted to eat there and it was really busy when we walked past about 8ish.
There was plenty of entertainment taking place in the lobby for the kids and the atmosphere felt really good, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Rafiki were hanging out. We went back to the room and sat on the balcony watching the heavy rain and the distant storm for a bit before going to bed, I wondered what the morning would bring?

Only 12,293 steps today, we were only out really in the morning and spent most of the afternoon sitting so that's acceptable 😊
MK tomorrow and the Dessert Party (fingers crossed!)

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Time to start saving again...
Unread 3 Oct 19, 02:07 PM  
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