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Old 9 Oct 19, 12:21 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Take A Look Through My Eyes. Day 9, Boma, Laundry, Kitchen Sinks and an awkward evening. 7th Sep 2019

Breakfast ADR booked at Boma today which is a 2 minute walk from our room, the breakfast buffet here is a huge spread of deliciousness. I've mentioned before that I can't take photos of the buffet, I feel a bit silly up there with my phone taking pictures.

We both had plates of savoury goodness mainly consisting of bacon, eggs, sausages, breakfast potatoes and corned beef hash, and plates of sugary goodness mainly consisting of waffles, fruit and sticky buns.

Then I just had to go back to try the French toast bread pudding with praline sauce, omg, I'm so glad I did, this is heaven in a bowl, it's a good job that I was fit to burst at this point as I would have happily gone back and had more! All of this was washed down with a large glass of fresh orange.

Once we had rolled back to the room we hunted down the guest laundry, we're here for three weeks, that's a lot of clothes to bring if we don't do any washing, so washing we did, the laundry is only a 60 second walk from our room so we didn't need to hunt for very long.

You need a credit card to swipe in order to activate the washing machine, we brought some all in one pods with us and chucked two in for good measure, but there is a vending machine which sells packs of washing powder.

Took the 60 second trek back to the room and sat entertaining ourselves by viewing the website and monitored machine number 4 😂

Once the boring stuff was finished, we went off to do some exploring. We wanted to go and have a mooch around wilderness lodge, its not dissimilar to Animal Kingdom lodge, and the lobby also feels warm and friendly, we had a walk around the grounds and the DVC lodges, if money was no object, I'd have one of these for sure!

Took in some of the local wildlife...

We then took a leisurely boat ride over to the Contemporary to have a look around, it doesn't have the same feeling, it feels almost like a departures area at an airport, its bustling and noisy. I always thought that I would love to stay here one day but I've changed my mind now, I like the cosy feeling you get at some of the other Disney hotels.

We took the escalator down to the second floor just to double check where the Cali grill lift is as we have an ADR here later in the holiday. Its one extreme to the other, it was like a ghost town now, you could hide away from the world down here, there is a distinct lack of atmosphere though but good to escape to if you need it as there are a few comfy sofas lining the walls.

Hopped on the monorail to MK for much needed coffee Frappuccinos from Starbucks, we sat near the purple wall as its nice and cool here and you can feel the aircon from the Tomorrow land Terrace.

There was a MNSSHP tonight so I think that there must have been some sort of meet and greet taking place, lots of ladies in full makeup, black and purple dresses and high heels were turning up to have their photos taken by another lady with pumpkin orange hair, then wandering off again. If I wore full makeup in this heat it would slide off my face in seconds! I would be Halloween ready though!

Breakfast had well and truly gone down by now so it was time for a kitchen sink! We have the Mickey sink at home so needed to get the Minnie kitchen sink. We tried the sugar free butter pecan and it was gorgeous, had it with the mint choc chip, sounds a bit weird but it worked.
Sent a WhatsApp photo home to provoke some envy again only to be told that we needed to have another as a Minnie kitchen sink was required to go with the Mickey at our eldest daughter's house. I'm sure that we can take one for the team... Just not today.

We had the magic zoom photo taken, I don't think that this is common knowledge yet as the queue here is really small. I only found out about this photo from The Dibb, whenever I looked there were only a maximum of about three people or families in the queue at any one time.

Off for a cool down in Mickeys Philharmagic (never fails to make me laugh) then a quick Jungle Cruise, again never fails to make me laugh.

We took the boat over to the Poly at 7:30 to check in for the Spirit of Aloha dinner. The Polynesian lobby was absolutely heaving with people, it was so busy! Everywhere you looked there were queues, queues for the loos, queues to get into Trader Sams, queues to check in for dinner.

We checked in and were given some leis, the check in lady called me 'your majesty' and asked me to hang around as she just wanted to listen to my accent for the rest of the evening. I did then find myself taking extra special care to pronounce my T's and speak in my best telephone voice - am I the only one that does this whenever someone tells you they love the British accents?

About 10,000 people all walked down to the Luau Cove and waited to be let into the outdoor theatre, it was a bit of a free for all, you are greeted and shown to your table, 'best seats in the house' we are told as we are led to centre front of the stage. Oooh, hope this is good!

This was our view...

Aunty Wini is our hostess and comes out on stage to tell us that we have been invited to say goodbye to a local girl who is leaving to go to college and we are having a feast to celebrate.

Its all a bit cheesy and it's a bit of a loose story line as I'm not really sure what's going on but somehow the local girl turns from a tomboy into an island beauty and falls in love with one of the guys, I'm still unsure if she actually made it to college! We cringed a few times when audience participation on stage is required and we busied ourselves by concentrating on our food rather than the stage, luckily there are plenty of volunteers and we worked hard at making ourselves look inconspicuous!

Starters is served followed quickly by the main course, the starters consist of pineapple coconut bread, a plate of salad with a ginger and lime dressing, edamame and noodles, pineapple and watermelon. I could have eaten the bread all night.

The main course is pulled pork, roasted chicken and bbq ribs, jasmine rice and broccoli. It's an all you care to eat buffet but we didn't care to eat anymore. It feels a little rushed, I think that they have to get the courses out in a certain amount of time as the lights are dimmed towards the end of the show when the fire dancer is on stage, for safety I suppose that servers can't be running around with trays of food and drinks... last call for drinks before dessert is served. Dessert was a piece of coconut and pineapple cake and chocolate cake, I don't appear to have taken any photos of these but do remember that they were ok, nothing special.

Maybe it's because we had the 'best seats in the house' that it all felt a bit awkward, being right at the front we felt it rude to be ignoring what was going on around us and eating, but if you're not eating and watching the show the food is going cold. The seat legs are fixed to the ground but the actual seats twizzle round so you can face the stage if you wish to.

I think we relaxed a bit once the food was finished, the actual dancing is good, especially the traditional dancing from New Zealand. The fire dancer is also worth a mention, he was mesmerizing, that was our favourite part of the whole show.

We didn't use the dining plan for this, I believe that you can using 2 table service credits if you choose category 2 or 3 seating, but I really wouldn't waste 2TS on this, we paid oop and it cost us $78 each. If you take advantage of the complimentary alcohol, I suppose its good value, we stuck to water and sprite as we are boring 😊

17,692 steps today, my feet are starting to suffer, I'm alternating shoes but still getting blisters! I blame my odd toes... Crystal Palace breakfast tomorrow

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Old 9 Oct 19, 12:45 PM  
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Another good day with some lovely photos

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Old 10 Oct 19, 07:44 AM  
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Excited about Disney
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Originally Posted by mick View Post
Another good day with some lovely photos

Thanks Joan
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