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Unread 17 Oct 19, 03:16 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Take a look through my eyes, day 15. Epcot Madness, Magic Kingdom, Cute Dogs And A Disappointing Ohanas. 13th September 2019

Friday the 13th, uh oh...

Up and out this morning to rope drop Epcot, we arrived 15 mins before opening and the approach to the bag check area looked pretty clear. I then made the wrong decision to pop to the loo. As I came out there must have been about 4 tour groups with bright yellow flags on poles all stampeding towards the bag check area, it was total bedlam. They appeared to be from Mexico, Argentina and another South American country that I couldn't figure out. This is the first time in September that I have ever seen tour groups, but then this is the first time that the Food and wine festival has ever been on during our September visit.

The frustrated security officers were shouting at people to get in single lines for bag check but they all stayed in groups, it was chaos, and extremely hot! It took us 45 minutes to get through bag check, all because I decided to pop to the loo instead of waiting. first world problems I know, but I was hot and bothered, I was already losing my love for Epcot this trip so this took it another couple of notches down.

Took a ride on spaceship earth and checked out our future selves, I really dislike the Pringle jumper I always seem to end up with 😊

Determined to use some snack credits we started to make our way in an anti clockwise direction around the world showcase, first stop was Brazil for the cheese bread.

Should have got two portions of this, heaven on a plate! Warm and gooey cheese, what's not to like! Just park me here for the next few hours, I'll soon get through all the snack credits.
Next up was the chicken teriyaki bao bun from Japan.

This was also yummy! Can't go wrong with a bao bun.

Then off to China for another slightly different bao bun.

This was shrimp and chicken, this was so salty, all we could taste was the salt!

We fancied something sweet next, we had a FP coming up for Frozen Ever After so walked over to the Norway Kringla bakery. Ok, so not a food and wine offering but still snack credits.

We had a chocolate and an almond kringla pastry which we shared, mmmm, these were delicious.
We sat outside in the covered area to eat these, the mental chairs here are so heavy, every time someone pulls out a chair the scaping noise of metal against concrete made me wince!

We rode Frozen ever After for the first time (in forever, sorry!) At least we can say that we've ridden it now, I cant imagine ever queuing for it, unless you have kids obviously. I much preferred the old maelstrom ride.

We were also staring to notice some rather rowdy, slightly drunk, groups of people around. I have nothing against drinking and alcohol but doing it to the extreme in the middle of the day just feels wrong. I think it's the loudness of the groups that aggravates me, there are kids around.

Not feeling the love again for Epcot, and we had managed to use 5 snack credits today, we decided to get on the monorail and go back to Magic Kingdom.

We entered the park and found an empty bench outside of the Town Square theatre where it was nice to sit and watch people coming into the park. We also met Sarge, he and his cast member owner were both earning their ears. How cute is he!

We also managed to catch the parade from here which was an unexpected bonus.
Once again we went on buzz, then had a doze on both the carousel of progress and the people mover.

15 days in and we hadn't yet had a Joffreys donut! We soon put an end to that. Another snack credit used, doing well today.

Managed to grab a FP for Pirates on the go, so we took a walk over to Adventure land, I nearly lost the skin from the back of my foot when I got taken out by an enthusiastic man pushing a large Disney stroller!

The park was closing at 6pm as there is a MNSSHP tonight, we had a 7:30 booking at O'hanas for dinner so we left at 6 and took the monorail over to the poly where we thought we would chill for a bit in the lobby before dinner.
As we walked into the Poly we realised we hadn't been hit with a wall of aircon, it was just as hot inside as it was outside! I overheard people saying that the aircon had gone down throughout the resort, it wasn't very pleasant. We sat for a while fanning ourselves, John fell asleep! He blames the heat.

We checked into Ohanas at 7:15 and sat in the bar area whilst waiting to be called, I was really looking forward to this meal… We heard our names being called and were shown to a table and given the pineapple bread, we had a lovely view, unfortunately the view was the only lovely thing about this meal. Thankfully the aircon was back up and running.

We were left for about 15 minutes with an empty table, apart from the plate of bread, before our server came over and asked us what we wanted to drink, no drinks menu was given to us. I asked her what we could have, she replied saying water... coke products...
We both asked for a diet coke, I hadn't planned on having a cocktail tonight but it would have been nice to have been given the drinks menu, I probably would have caved in and had a lovely magical star cocktail.

She was gone for another 10 minutes or so before coming back and plonking the drinks back on the table and leaving. We are both a bit introverted, and the last thing I wanted to do was to make a fuss.

A young lad came over with the salad and the skillet with noodles, veg and pot stickers, he was very pleasant and was telling us how hot they had all been today, they had all been given cooling towels to wear around their necks to help with the heat.

Our server then came round with the skewers, the chicken and shrimp is nice but the steak is almost inedible, it would be easier to chew the sole of a shoe it was so tough! We didn't have our drinks refilled once, our glasses were not empty but there was no offer of a refill, there were other tables around us that she was also looking after, but each table had at least 6 people. She was running around after these, refills, extra skewers and chatting and handing out drink menus! All I can think is that the tip value of these tables was a lot more than the tip value from us.

The banana bread pudding, ice cream and sauce was given to us by the young lad. I think I was just grumpy now but how are you supposed to eat ice cream and the caramel sauce from a tiny saucer! You can just about spot the saucer in the photo above.
Our server comes back with the cheque and I reminded her that we are on the dinning plan and before scanning my magic band asked if I also wanted to charge anything to the room, I said no, she looked a little taken aback until I told her that a cash tip is in the folder, beaming smile then. Bearing in mind I think those few words were the most she had spoken to us all evening. She did as if we loved the dessert, I answered saying that it was ok, I've had better, we then left.

We left O'hanas tired and disappointed. Such as shame as breakfast was a completely different experience. 18,787 steps today.

We are attempting a 4 park challenge tomorrow!

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Time to start saving again...
Unread 17 Oct 19, 03:33 PM  
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Unread 17 Oct 19, 05:30 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Join Date: May 16
Location: Norfolk

Chloeoeysmum's Reviews
Hotel Reviews: 1
Apologies for the typos in the title, it's supposed to say a 'disappointing O'hanas' but the trip reporter app for some reason wont let me amend anything, the option to edit each day has just disappeared and I cant see how I can edit the post on the website as I don't have an edit button - I'm a little bit stuck!
Update-all fixed now :

Edited at 09:03 AM.
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Time to start saving again...
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