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Unread 18 Oct 19, 01:15 PM  
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Excited about Disney
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Take a look through my eyes, day 16. Four park challenge day. 14th September 2019

So today we had decided to do a 4 park challenge, I had read BevS97's trip report who had recently completed 4 parks in one day and saw her Certified World Traveller certificate that had been slipped under her room door and just knew that I needed to try and get one of these, what a wonderful souvenir.

The challenge we set ourselves is a minimum of two rides, food or snacks and at least one photopass picture at each park. We had set a plan to go to HS first for EMH, get the boat over to Epcot, then the monorail to the TTC, ferry to MK and our final park would be AK as we had booked an evening safari FP and an Everest FP and it's the closest park to our resort so only had a 5 minute journey as the end of the day.

We arrived at HS for 7:30, so not quite the 6am start that we would have liked but totally acceptable. Bag check and the park was virtually empty so all was good.

First up were photos in front of the Chinese theatre, we encountered the craziest photographer ever who kept shouting wasssssupppppp and took about 30 pictures of us! He attracted quite a queue.

We rode ToT twice, on the first ride we had the whole car to ourselves, how lucky were we! I just have to add that John does not have abnormally long arms, even though they look totally ridiculous here.
I Can only assume that everyone had ether gone to Toy Story land or Galaxys edge.

RnR coaster next, I love this ride, we didn't even have to watch the preshow on this occasion, they just opened the doors up allowing us to walk straight through.

We were both hungry now, so decided to grab some breakfast at Anaheim Produce on Sunset Boulevard.

Two snack credits used for breakfast which consisted of fresh pineapple and a pretzel, sorry it's so boring!

We didn't venture any further into HS but left and walked over to the boat dock to take the scenic route to the unloved Epcot, this is a lovely little boat ride that we haven't ever taken before.

We arrived at Epcot at 9:15 and wandered over to Nemo as it was only a 5 minute wait, for some reason we decided at that point not to ride it and head over to Test Track instead, arrived at Test Track and it had just gone down, argh! So back tracked to Nemo and the wait time was now 40 minutes! Lessons learned and all that!

We didn't want to hang around queuing so there was only one thing for it, Figment and Pixar shorts instead, no waits there! Plus the bonus of Pixar shots is a comfy chair in an air conditioned theatre. Plus the films are so cute.

Our snack from Epcot was the liquid Nitro chocolate almond truffle with warm whisky caramel from the Chocolate Studio booth. Watching this being made was fascinating stuff, ice cream is dropped into a steaming vat of liquid nitrogen. It was every bit as good as it looks, although John could take or leave it, because of this I definitely had the bigger share. He's odd as he's not really a chocolate dessert fan.

We then walked over to China as I had lost my fan a few days ago so I wanted to replace it, we admired the koi carp in Japan and spotted the hidden mickey, we also bought some Japanese sweets to take home as gifts.

We walked back through Epcot towards the Monorail, stopping for some photopass pictures first, then off to MK via the ticket and transportation centre, doing this also meant we didn't have to go through bag check again which is a bonus.

Jumped on the busy ferryboat and arrived at MK just after 1:45, not bad 2 parks down and two to go.

This visit is the first time that we have stayed on Disney property and I have found that I really miss coming into the TTC and having to get the monorail or the ferry boat, you just cant beat that first glimpse of the castle.

We Stopped off for lunch at Pecos Bill, chicken salad and nachos to share and then queued for pirates.

We bought a fuel rod today in Pecos Bill, why did we wait until halfway though the holiday to buy one? I have no idea! Its an ideal size to drop into my small bag rather then carrying my larger one around with me, and will be put to good use in the future. They do get a bit hot though!

Obviously, we haven't had enough to eat yet so we shared a pineapple upside down cake with dole whip, another victory all round with this choice!

Our second ride was on the beloved carousel of progress as this is guaranteed to have low or no queue and it's Saturday! I couldn't book any FP's as we had booked them for thIs evening at AK.

Attempted to get some arty photos with the castle and balloons, not too bad an attempt, we then had some Photopass pictures taken in front of the castle and left the park just before 4pm to get the bus to AK.

The cheeky photographer asked me if I wanted to sort my hair out! There's no sorting this frizzy hair in this humidity, I'm embracing the frizz on this trip...

We were both slightly hot and frazzled by now but still going strong, we sent a picture via WhatsApp to the kids to show them that we had made it.

We cooled down with some Frozen cokes at Drinkwallah, The theming and props here are brilliant, we sat out the back under cover and watched the dark clouds approaching, then the heavens opened, lucky that we were under cover!

It's a really cosy little area here, with lovely views over the river and there are ceiling fans keeping the area nice and cool.

We then rode Everest, we didn't like it in 2016, so why did we ride it again? Just to make sure that we really didn't like it.
It's the going backwards that throws us, plus it throws you around physically as well! I feel shamed watching the kids coming off with big beaming grins asking to go on again.😂

We grabbed some more drinks and a portion of Mr Kamals seasoned fries as recommended by AJ on the Disney Food blog, what is it about Americans and salt! They were too salty for us, we even tried to dilute the salt by having lots of dipping sauces with them. I've read that other people have really enjoyed them too, maybe we had overly seasoned, seasoned fries!

We sat chatting to 3 young lads who randomly asked us how long we had been married! Turns out they were submariners who were on R&R, we had quite a long interesting conversation about forces life, John was in the RAF for 16 years so there were a few stories to share, and American TV adverts trying to sell you lifesaving medication but possible side effects can make the condition worse or kill you!

The Safari FP was booked for 7pm, we were stuck for ages in the truck as there was a giraffic jam, It turned into the longest safari we had ever been on, our poor driver really had t work at making conversation as we were stationary for ages. We did have an American guy asking if we were going to see lions and elephants, our driver replied saying that it's not guaranteed as they are free to roam, but hopefully we will. His response was to say that it's not worth the ride if you can't see them, why call it a safari.
He was quite blunt and abrupt. Our driver also had to tell a couple on at least two occasions to sit their child down as he was hanging over the side of the truck!

We left AK at 8pm, totally exhausted having covered 21,752 steps, but very contented, stopped off at the Mara for flat breads which we were too tired to finish, fast asleep by 10pm.

Did we get our certificate? You'll find out later 😊

Cali Grill Brunch tomorrow, beyond excited for this!

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Time to start saving again...
Unread 18 Oct 19, 01:38 PM  
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New Photo Added by Chloeoeysmum - 18 Oct 19 1:38 PM.
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Unread 20 Oct 19, 12:32 PM  
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DD 19 and I did the 4 park challenge at the beginning of September 2 days before we left. Had fun doing it and met 2 guys who were also doing it. Great thing to do with a spare day but sorry to say we didnt get a certificate.
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Our WDW Holiday.
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Unread 21 Oct 19, 01:25 PM  
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Thread Starter
Excited about Disney
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Location: Norfolk

Chloeoeysmum's Reviews
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Sadly we didnt get anything either, I was most disappointed!
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Time to start saving again...
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