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Florida 2019 - its here at last - Day 6

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    20 Oct 19, 12:33 PM
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  • Checkout day😢. We've loved the Beach Club and now wish we'd booked an extra couple of days, ah well there's always next time. I'll miss my early mornings on the balcony listening to Disney days starting.

    The 2 drivers booked an Uber to go pick up the hire cars from Avis at Lake Buena Vista. Ben and Tyler headed in to Epcot as we'd not managed to get to Mission Space and they wanted to do it. We'd finished our packing so I sat on the balcony and started today's write up.

    The boys returned with their cars and I called Bell Services to help take the luggage down. It was loaded into the cars and Brenda and I headed to reception to sort our bills as we wanted to use our $$ gift cards towards the balance.

    Then it was out to the friendship boats and onwards to Hollywood Studios where we had fastpasses booked for Star Tours, Tower of Terror and The Little Mermaid. Brenda and Lilly headed to Disney Junior.

    We got the same story as the last time on Star Tours but Steven and Tyler missed it so it was fine. Still a good ride but in all honesty doesn't compare with the newer simulators.

    I do love a ToT fastpass! It Is one of the longest feeling queues in Disney for me. No standby for us today, straight up the fastpass line and we were on and off in 10 minutes or so. Ben bought a new hat and a Nightmare Before Christmas stocking.

    Now it was time for food so we headed to meet up with Lilly and her mum. She'd had a ball, meeting Fancy Nancy Clancy (not convinced I've got that name right), Vamperina and Doc McStuffins, then she met Pluto along with her brother. Brenda said the interaction with Nancy and Vamperina was brilliant.

    We had missed our Little Mermaid fastpass, as we'd not realised it wasn't and hour one like the others. So we headed to The Muppets Show. Again we loved this, good old fashioned slapstick comedy. Ben had seen a Nightmare Before Christmas print in the art shop next to the muppets shop that he wanted to get, so we headed in there.

    I wanted a new Pandora charm and hadn't managed to look in the Magic Kingdom so headed to the store in HS before we left. I opted for a Minne now, but my dear husband new I was torn between 2 so told the CM to give me the other one too. $149 later and I was a happy girl.

    Before leaving HS I wanted to go into the photo pass place as our Haunted Mansion photos hadn't appeared on the MDE. The CM sorted this for us in no time.

    Before heading out we saw these guys.

    It was now time to leave, and we headed for the Skyliner back to Epcot. This involved a transfer at the Caribbean Beach Resort. It was really smooth and some fab views.

    We headed to the pizza window at the Boardwalk where we picked up 3 large and on personal pizza to have at the villa later for dinner. That's came with a total of 14 sides! We also got some cakes from the Boardwalk Bakery and filled our mugs with juice. We sat outside, relaxing while waiting for our pizza.

    Then it was back to the Beach Club and into the Marketplace to spend our remaining snacks on Goofy sweets to take home.

    Out of the hotel and into the car and we left Disney to move on to the next part of our holiday. Traffic was busy so it took us longer than we hoped to get to the villa. We also went via Walmart to pick up supplies for the next few days.

    We eventually arrived at the villa, in the dark with some rain, this seems to be a tradition for us! We always seem to do be looking for a villa in the dark. I managed to open the key safe and get us in to the villa, but forgot the owners instructions about the alarm and so it went off and as it was blaring I was panicking and couldn't concentrate on the instructions, eventually though I managed! Oh dear.

    The villa is perfect for us. The games room is a big hit with the boys and Lilly loves the Toy Story themed room and dress up wardrobe the owners provide for kids. The theme actually follows through the whole villa.

    We had our pizza and a couple of drinks then unpacked, got some washings done and relaxed before falling in to bed. It was a bit concerning when a tornado warning was broadcast over the tv but it wasn't near us.

    Relaxing day planned for tomorrow to let our feet recover as we'd walked over 50 miles already.

    First Time Cruising & NYC
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    20 Oct 19, 12:53 PM
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  • New Photo Added by Jake71 - 20 Oct 19 12:53 PM.
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    20 Oct 19, 01:21 PM
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  • Thanks for your report, enjoying it.
    Our WDW Holiday.
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    21 Oct 19, 05:21 PM
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  • A busy day no wonder you are going to have a rest tomorrow

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    21 Oct 19, 06:12 PM
    Excited about Disney
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  • 14 sides! did you manage to eat them all?
    I also bought the Mickey Pandora charm a few weeks ago, wished I had got the Minnie one too now I did however buy a few others.
    Villa looks lovely
    Time to start saving again...
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    22 Oct 19, 12:15 PM
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  • To be fair between 7 of us we managed most of them.
    First Time Cruising & NYC
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    23 Oct 19, 06:28 PM
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  • Another busy day! Intrigued by 14 sides!
    Visiting my boy in Hong Kong:
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    24 Oct 19, 12:25 AM
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  • Quote Melbatb
    Another busy day! Intrigued by 14 sides!
    Made up of cannolis and salads and potato chips, there wasnt much to chose from.
    First Time Cruising & NYC
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