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Unread 5 Nov 19, 01:23 PM  
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Trippity Doo Dah - My Oh My What A Wonderful Day Oct/Nov 19 Day Polynesian Stay And Mk /Hs Fantasmic

So today we are off to the poly for our overnight stay . We will have stayed at every deluxe then apart From WL 😀 I know which resort will come bottom though 😁anyway we have a lake view studio booked and fingers crossed it's a good one ( not holding my breath on this trip though 😂&#128514
The plan is to do mk , then go around the resorts , perhaps hire a pontoon or sea racers and then over to hs for the dessert party . I can't decide where to have lunch yet though .

We went to vineland last night and was peckish so called into mcds, the machine broke on us and spewed out this receipt , look carefully ! you could not write it 😳😳😳😳

I had rented Dvc from an amazing dibber for a lake view studio at the poly . Availability was very limited for all Dvc around our visit but we managed to snag one . Well all I can see is I wish I had booked our onsite stay here. Regardless of the view we had from our room , which was outstanding , the whole look and feel of the resort was so different. It was exactly how a deluxe should feel imo . From the moment you arrive the hotel is stunning , no tired fixtures and fittings. The staff , all knowledgeable and willing to assist you with a smile. Even though we only had 1 night we had more information than we had had in 5 nights at the yacht. Our room was faultless , I know Dvc are often better than the standard rooms anyway , but the yacht was dire. I was totally in love . Infact it's ds big birthday next year and he immediately said can we come here for my birthday . Now it might not seem much but ds refuses to come to wdw in July/Aug , I have also been asking him fir 6 months where would he like to go and a boat on the broads came top! So for him to say this you could have floored me but I think it speaks volumes about the place . He fell in love with WL so I need to either win the lottery or not eat for a while to save money lol.

Our room wasn't quite ready so we went over to mk to look at the Christmas things . I love mk at Christmas , crowds were staring to increase as well due to jersey week.

The castle lighting show had also started but we will save watching that for another night but the castle is so pretty when it's lit up 🥰.

I had cancelled every adr we had booked after the yacht so we needed somewhere to eat . There is always plenty of choice while you are there so I really don't know why we panic book at 180 days . I book liberty tree tavern lunch for an hrs time. We like lunch as there is more choice and the food is good .

Sorry about the rubbish photo, this was the beef and lobster burger , we had pot roast and mum had turkey . All lovely but I had truly now forgot how expensive it as to eat in wdw.

Major apolgies 😮

Couldn't leave without this though 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Eyewatering bill.

Anyway we did a bit more mk and then went back to the poly for a while .

We had the fantasmic dessert party booked tonight so decided we would walk to the Epcot monorail then take the skyliner . Mum wasn't feeling great as her back was really giving her some pain in the last few days so she said she wanted to stay in the room and watch HEA whilst laid in her bed! I wanted her to come with us but there was no point making her worse so she couldn't enjoy the rest of the holiday and she did have a great view.
We set of around 6ish , we were booked in for 8:20pm , and it was so humid and started spitting of rain. When we got to the monorail the heavens opened filled with thunder and lightening all around us . It was teaming it down . It also now meant the skyliner would be down. We got off the monorail at Epcot and everyone was hid under anything that sheltered them . We decided we would try for the bus to HS but knew fantasmic probably wouldn't go ahead as the lightning was right overhead. Luckily I had oven ready roasting bags , sorry ponchos in the park bag . Many had opted for umbrellas 😱😱😱

We ran from the shelter of under the monorail station to the loos , then heading to the bus . Our feet were soaked! We have never had rain in all our 4 visits and ds Earth vadar poncho finally got used after 6 years 😂😂 anyway the bus station was rammed as you can imagine .
We dripped our way to hs and boy is it cold on the buses when you are wet. It was like being in a fridge wrapped in plastic .
Anyway as suspected fantasmic wasn't happening but the weather radar said the lightening would clear at 8:30 so we did a few rides indoors as wait times had dropped with loads leaving the park . By 8:50 ish they had started to allow people to queue up but still unclear if it would go ahead as the lightning was still at it.
Eventually we sat down around 9:15 I think it was. The queue was chaos and none had a clue who had dining packages or dessert party as everyone had just surged and pushed when the rope dropped. Ridiculous .
Anyway we finally arrived at the desk and explained about mum to which they immediately offered a refund of her booking . 😁
We were given a carrier with 3 boxes in .

A flashy lanyard

And a mug with any beverage , I had bud light , dh has a scholferlofer ( can't spell it 😂&#128514 beer , ds had sprite .

My word there was a lot of food ! This had to be the best dessert or event offering Disney do.
I'm still not a fan of fantasmic though . The villains part is far too long and loud and the seating uncomfortable. Technically it's good and clever but entertainment wise for me it just doesn't hit me.
Anyway it was gone 10 when it finished, we had planned to do eeh at Epcot but that went to the wall as they finished at 11. the skyliner was back up so we headed onto it and then the monorail back to mk .
Despite the weather , it was still humid even after the storm , we had had a brilliant day and mum was loving her firework view ❤️

LBV Spa resort October 2013
Bahama bay October/Nov 2015, 1 night Disney contemporary oct 2015, 1 night Loews rpr Nov 2015
Bahama bay October /Nov 2017, 1 night Disney contemporary oct 17 , 1 night AKL , 1 night GF
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Yacht club, Bahama Bay , Poly :)
Unread 7 Nov 19, 02:43 PM  
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New Photo Added by Mexy02 - 7 Nov 19 1:43 PM.
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