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Old 15 Mar 20, 11:52 AM  
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Ok Let's Try This With A Baby - Feb/March 2020 - Day 12

This morning we were woken by our alarms at 6.15am, typical that DS seemed to fancy a lie in this morning as he was still asleep. We double checked had everything, got ourselves dressed, had a coffee and set off up the I4 for discovery cove. We arrived about 7.30am and the car park was deserted! We figured today would be quiet as the forecast was still quite cool at 19 degrees for today. We got checked in and they offered us the option to switch to another day due to the cooler temperatures. We declined the offer as we figured it would be quieter in cooler weather and DS would cope better outside all day. We were assigned our dolphin swim times, DH and Dd were together at 11.40am and I was in a later group at 1.20pm.

We were directed to walk through the park and help ourself to breakfast. There was a simple selection of cooked items which were scrambled eggs, sausage, breakfast potatoes, French toast and biscuits. There was also fruit, pastries and cereal to help yourself to.

After a quick breakfast we made our was to guest services where we switched our pushchair for a sand buggy, these were like mini moon buggies and really easy to push and worked well on sand.
It was then time to get kitted out in our wetsuits. This was my least favourite thing about the day, they were cold and damp when you first put them on and it was an absolute mission to get them on and off.

Once all sorted we made our way first of all to the bird aviary. I had read it was best to go here first think while the birds are still hungry as after an hour or so the birds have had their fill of unlimited food and generally not interested in coming to feed off your hands.

This was a lovely experience and even Dd enjoyed having the birds land on her arm and eat out of the pots. DH ended up with a carnivorous bird that they'd just given a dead mouse to eat land on his shoulder and eat the dead mouse off him!

After the burst aviary we walked round to the lagoon pool with the stingrays and fishes for DH and Dd to do some snorkelling. I found a lovely sun lounger in the sun and enjoyed a bud light lime while DS had a sleep in his massive pram.

By now it wasn't long until DH and DD's swim time, they headed over to starfish cabana to meet for their dolphin experience. I found a sun lounger by the dolphin lagoon and sat and watched them. This was an amazing thing to watch and experience, I was really unsure whether Dd would actually participate as she had been reluctant to stroke the rays at seaworld last week but she did everything! She had her photo taken kissing and hugging the dolphin and participated in the dolphin swim. The whole experience took about 40 minutes and Dd was absolutely buzzing when she came out. We wandered over to check out their photos and all of the ones of Dd were wonderful I struggled to pick a couple.

After a quick restroom stop and a cookie from one of the stands it was time for my dolphin swim. I was in a small group of 6, the other 5 being a family together who adopted me, haha. It was a lovely experience being so close to the dolphins, we had 3 different dolphins throughout our session and one of ours loved showing off! The park was so quiet and this was really evident in the size of the groups for the dolphin experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the dolphin swim but it's not something I feel I would need to do again. However Dd loved it so much I could see her wanting to come back and it would be a great experience to be in the same group as her to see her up close with with dolphins.

After we had checked out the photos from my session we made a selection of 4 and DH got a mouse mat of one of his photos and we placed our order to pick up and pay for at the end of the day at the park entrance.
Dd and dh weren't feeling too hungry by this point but I was so I made my way to the lunch canteen and they went off to spend some time in the lazy river.
For lunch I had a pulled pork sandwich with waffle fries and some Ceaser salad and a piece of chocolate cake, the food was fine, nothing stand out just did the job.

After my very quick lunch I made my way round to near the bird aviary where we had arranged to meet after DH and Dd came out of the lazy river. A whole circuit of the lazy river look 30 minutes so I sat and enjoyed another ice cold bud light lime while DS had another sleep. The weather was absolutely perfect for him today, it was warm enough that he happily sat in the pram with the sunshade pulled over but not too warm I was worried about us being outside all day.

DH and Dd came off the lazy river and decided they would like to go again so I replaced my refreshing beer with a new one and sat enjoying the surroundings and people watching while they swam some more.

After their second lap of the lazy river it was after 4pm and with not too long left before the park would be starting to close we headed back over to the lagoon pool and DH and Dd did some more snorkelling and looking at the fishes. Dd got out about 20 minutes before the end and DH enjoyed sometime to himself to go snorkelling in the deeper bits. At 5pm they called for everyone to exit the water and we made our way to the changing rooms to get showered and dressed. One our way out we stopped by the photo desk and picked up our photo package, the total cost of our 4 prints and mouse at came to $118. You can see how they make their money here, people were spending an absolute fortune on photo packages. We made our way to the park exit where our pram was waiting for us to pick up, we gave back our moon buggy and headed for the car. The car park was almost empty by this point but at no point today had we felt there were any crowds, it had definitely been a perfect day for discovery cove. I had been a little worried the weather would be too cold but it ended up being absolutely perfect and coming here in the high temperature we normally experience would have been too much for DS and we would have needed to take shelter inside for much of the day.
Dd absolutely loved the whole day and says she would really like to come back again sometime. She is such a water baby loving swimming and pools so this was an ideal for her.

We drove down the I4 to get back to mystic dunes and decided on the at we would stop at sweet tomatoes for dinner. I thought we'd go to the one on the 192 but DH had other ideas and left the I4 at crossroads and we went to the one there instead. Being Saturday night it was really busy but we didn't have too much of a queue and found a seat easily. I didn't managed to get any photos of our food as after a long day at discovery cove taking endless photos my battery on my phone had died and I'd used my power bar too!
After we were suitably fed we made the drive home and began the endless task of packing up all of our belongings. Tomorrow we are moving to beach club for our final 6 nights. I absolutely love this resort, it's one of my favourites and with the construction going on at the entrance to Epcot it will be amazing being able to just walk in through the international gateway without having to deal with any of that! We have managed to pack our dirty clothes/clean not going to be work clothes and clothes we need for the rest of the holiday separately so we won't need to unpack everything at beach club. It's going to be quite the shock going from having so much space at mystic dunes to all being shoved into one single room at beach club. The 2 bedroom apartment has been perfect for us this trip especially with DS going to bed much earlier than the rest of us. We have been after to sit and enjoy a drink/chill in the evening without being concerned about waking him up, not sure how the rest of the holiday is going to work out!


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First trip as a family of 4 AKL-CL & BC
Old 15 Mar 20, 12:08 PM  
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Sounds like a wonderful restful day. Glad your daughter enjoyed the experience.

Enjoy Beach Club and hope you manage ok in one room. Itís a beautiful hotel and so handy for Epcot and strolling around the Boardwalk.
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Old 15 Mar 20, 01:04 PM  
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A pleasure to read your report, a fab day, cheered me up amongst all this Coronavirus depressing news
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Our WDW Holiday.Return visit
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Old 15 Mar 20, 03:53 PM  
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That sounded like a great day and not too hot

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Ocean Florida

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