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Ocean Florida
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Old 16 Mar 20, 03:43 PM  
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Ok Let's Try This With A Baby - Feb/March 2020 - Day 13

I managed a slight lie in until 7.30am, we still had loads to pack and load into the car before check out at 10 am. It was an absolute mission to make everything fit as we had so much stuff/food we were still needing at beach club, but we managed! We left mystic dunes at 9.48am and we're pulling into the beach club 8 minutes later. We left all of our stuff in the car except for our refillable mugs from animal kingdom and The bag of cakes we bought using snack credits the other night. We popped along to the beach club marketplace and got a coffee in our mugs for DH and I and Dd had a cherry Coke Zero. We took them over to the small sitting area in the beach club villa building and had coffee and cupcakes for breakfast.

My dulce tres leche cupcake was amazing but really sickly. The inside was filled with caramel and the chocolate on top had salted caramel inside and tasted devine!

Dd had a chocolate strawberry cake. She loved this but it was a bit too big for her and DH had to help her finish it.

DH had a cookies and cream monorail cupcake. This was cookies and cream topping, with a white chocolate monorail and an Oreo on top. We thoroughly enjoyed our cake breakfast and while sat eating the message came through that our room was ready! As per our request we had a room on the bottom floor close to the elevator and utterly thrilled it was ready by 10.20am.

After we'd finished eating we made our way along to our room and a manager was actually inside checking everything was ok and quality assuring the cleaning. She gave us a card with her number on and said not to hesitate to contact her if we needed anything or had any problems, we though that was a really lovely touch.

The room is beautiful just very small compared to the space we've been used to at mystic dunes, we have a patio area which we feel is preferable to a balcony as I'm happy to let Dd sit outside on the patio but wouldn't let her do that on the balcony.

While DH and Dd unpacked the things we need for the next 7 days, DS had a nap and when he finally awoke we got changed and headed for the pool. We absolutely love stormalong bay. The slide is fab, there's a lazy river with rings, lots of different areas to the pool and a sandy beach area for building sandcastles. Not to mention a mug refill station right by the pool and beaches and cream right there too.

We spent about an hour at the pool but it was abit too cold with the breeze to stay any longer. We went back to the room and got changed and headed out to Epcot to get some lunch.

The international gateway is infinitely busier than last time we were here, the skyliner station and construction at Epcot's main entrance seem to mean that more people are using this a trance to Epcot. When we were finally through bag check we made our way to France to get some lunch. The queue in the boulangerie patisserie were epic and we decided we weren't waiting in that, so we made a swift exit from Epcot and walked round to the boardwalk and tried the boardwalk bakery instead.
DH and I both got the turkey, stuffing and cranberry mayonnaise sandwich, this came with a packet of Crisps and cost $9.99. It was similar to the holiday turkey sandwich from earl of sandwich. It was pretty good, also served warm but the earl does it better.

Dd got the kids turkey sandwich which came with applesauce, raw carrots and apple juice. She enjoyed this and it wasn't bad value for $6.39.

After we were suitably filled from our late lunch we got the skyliner over to riviera resort. This was a first for us on two counts, firstly we had never been in the skyliner and secondly we had never seen riviera resort since it opened. The skyliner was pretty awesome, I thought I might be abit scared not being a fan of heights but it felt very safe and quite enclosed. There's no air conditioning but it is cooled by vent which allow moving air in and is very effective in temperature of mid 20s like today.

We arrived at riviera and had a look round, I was impressed by some of the outside amenities and theming but there was something about it which didn't feel as authentic or classy as other resorts.

After a wander round and a look in the shop we walked along to Caribbean beach resort, this is another resort we have never been to. It's pretty large and the main lobby/pool/restaurants looked lovely. We had a walk right round the lake and back to riviera where we boarded the skyliner back to Caribbean beach where we had to disembark before transferring to the skyliner that went straight to Hollywood studios.

This was a very quick portion of the journey and took about 5 minutes. All in all it was a nice way to travel but a really round about way of getting from beach club to Hollywood studios.

When we arrived we first headed to the baby centre to change DS. This is the smallest of all the baby centres. It is locates inside guest services abd could probably fit 3 families maximum in there at a time. After DS was sorted we made our way to toy storage Mania for a fastpass I had managed to pick up. Dd and I went together this time and DS sat on DH's knee, somehow DH managed to win!
We had a walk through the rest of toy story land and down into galaxys edge. We were looking for somewhere to get some food but none of the offering in Star Wars land took our fancy so instead we walked through and out to backlot express.
DH had the 1/3lb Angus bacon cheeseburger which he said was pretty dried out like it had been sat for a while. He said it needed a lot of tomorrow sauce to be rescued. This was $10.99 and came with fries.

I had the chicken garlic-ranch club. This was ok, it consisted of a chicken breast in a bun with pepper jack cheese, garic ranch sauce, lettuce and tomato. It was also $10.99, came with fries and probably better than what DH got.

Dd had the kids pb&j uncrustables, we seem to have a new love of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so this was perfect. It came with fries, a cookie and an apple juice for $6.19. We often find kids meals are really great value around Disney.

After we were fed we made our way to our fastpass for tower of terror. Now this is a ride that Dd wasn't really sure of doing again. She last went on it when she was 4 and in hindsight although she was tall enough she was probably abit young and it scared her abit. She decided she would give it a go knowing that there was a chicken exit if she needed it. We set up rider switch on the off chance she would love it and wanted to go again. So DH and Dd went and did ToT, she came off and was pleased she had done it but didn't want to do it again so I went on it on my own.

Tonight was extra magic hours at Hollywood studios and by now fantastic was on and the park had started to clear out and was quite quiet. We were torn whether to watch the Star Wars fireworks or not as we've seen them before and although good we didn't really kind of we didn't catch them. We made our way round to galaxys edge instead to see what it looked like at night time. On the way we called in to see Olaf as there was no queue. The photographer here was amazing with DS and was trying really hard to get him to Laugh and smile and pose. When we came out we #castcomplimented him on Twitter.
We carried on our walk round to galaxys edge and it looked amazing at night time, really atmospheric and it was great as it was so quiet you could really see the theming and have a good look in the shops. DH was undecided whether to get a light saber and Dd was wanting to build a droid but we ended up skipping both this time. It was starting to get quite chilly and we weren't dressed for the cooler temperature now so we made the decision to head back to beach club just as the fireworks were starting.

We thought it would be a good time as people would hopefully stay and watch the fireworks and there wouldn't be much of a queue for the skyliner and we were right, we walked straight onto it and made the short journey to Caribbean beach and even there where we had to switch loops there was no queue. The views over Walt Disney world at nighttime we're great and you could see loads. When we arrived at Epcot The fireworks had not long finished and the queue for the skyliner was huge! We said we wouldn't like to be reliant on the skyliner for transportation at busy times but it's a great way to get about when it's quiet.
We arrived back at beach club and got some drinks in our refillable mugs and then it was straight to sleep as we were all shattered.


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First trip as a family of 4 AKL-CL & BC
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Old 29 Mar 20, 11:46 AM  
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Those cupcakes look amazing.

You definitely made good use of the skyline today!
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Old 30 Mar 20, 10:38 AM  
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A good change over day

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