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Old 20 Nov 06, 12:44 AM  
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I Wonder If That's A Dibber... Pt6... Epcot, Princess Breakfast, Segway Tour and R&C

Sarah... 40 ... that'll be me
DH Martin... 41... 'I wonder if they're dibbers...dibb, dibb, dibb'
DS Dale... 17... 'This time I cant wait to go'
DD Shannon..10... A Proper Little Madam

DD Lauren... 21... Disney Virgin
DSIL Sion... 23... Deserves a medal

Thursday 12th October... Epcot, Princess Storybook Breakfast a Segway tour and Rose and Crown

I woke up feeling quite a bit better after the best nights sleep I'd had in a long time which was a good job as we had a long day ahead of us. I'm not going to keep talking about how I felt for fear of becoming really boring... lol.

We arrived at Epcot at 8.01am and parked quite close to the entrance.Shannon loved the display just inside the entrance...

Martin, Sion and Dale had to be at Guest Relations for 8.15 for their Segway Tour so we left them there before making our way to Akershus for our Princess Storybook Breakfast. Last time we came here all of the Princesses came round to the tables, this time however they had one Princess in an alcove to have photo's taken with and the rest of the Princesses would come to the table. I don't normally buy the photo's when they bring them to the table while you are eating, I prefer Photopass, but the Princess was Belle and I knew that if I didn't have these photo's I would never hear the end of it (especially as Martin had taken our camera with him).
We were shown to our table and our server brought us a dish of fruit (grapes, strawberries and melon), a plate of the Cinnamon rolls, orange juice and coffees. This was followed by a plate of scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, biscuits and potato casserole to share. We were brought more fruit and rolls when the plates were empty. This restaurant is lovely and the breakfast was very tasty. The first Princess to come round was Ariel, who upon seeing me videoing the proceedings asked if this was a moving picture and wished us Happy Swimming. Next was Princess Jasmine, who when Shannon reminded her that she had seen her the day before, recovered very nicely by saying that she thought she recognized her and not to worry she'd had the servants wash her clothes overnight. Next was Snow White followed by Mulan.
A lovely time was had by all and the bill came to $73.46 + gratuity and $31.90 for the photo pack.

We couldn't remember how long the Segway tour was supposed to last so we made our way towards the fountains (although we were not sure where the tour was due to end) but there was no sign of the 'men'. We had said that we would meet them outside the restaurant so we made our way back to Norway...no sign... a slow walk back towards the Showcase Plaza and in the distance I spotted Martins blue shorts and t-shirt (the one's he bought from the Adidas shop and I got sick of washing and seeing over the three weeks) among a group on Segways heading towards Innovations.

A family who did the tour with them didn't have a camera with them and Martin had taken some photo's for them so we took a business card from them and promised we'd be in touch. I grabbed Martin's Segway pin from him before he changed his mind and left everybody there chatting while I made my way to The Land to get FP's for Soarin'.

By the time I got back everybody was waiting for me outside and we started to make our way towards Test Track – Martin's favorite ride... not that he had a lot to choose from, Lol. As we made our way past Mouse Gear I noticed a man in front who was obviously 'having a go' at his partner. The next thing I saw was his arm swing out and the lady seemed to fall to the floor in slow motion. Not one to keep quiet in a situation like this I exclaimed very loudly 'He's just hit her!' 'he has, he's just hit her, I saw him'... Martin was trying to push me past the lady who was crying and being helped up by a CM and various passers by. He was convinced that I was seeing things but I knew what I had seen and this lady wasn't a small person and wouldn't have gone down easily. Their daughter was in tears and a little girl further along was being comforted by her mother after witnessing the episode. This left a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the day... you don't expect to see something like that anywhere but seeing it in Disney just seems even worse if that is possible.

The queue for Test Track said 20 minutes so we joined the queue and were actually in the Pre-show after 10 minutes. Through to the second queue and we waited and waited and waited... typical it was raining. We finally got on the ride and it was worth every minute of the wait. It took us ages to get out of the display at the other end though.

When we finally did drag Martin and Sion away from the cars and Lauren out of the shop the rain had completely stopped... I had to laugh at the people who were complaining that the rain had stopped.

The queue for Mission Space was only 15 minutes so we decided to brave it... well Lauren, Sion and Dale did anyway. Martin sat on the wall to wait for us and Shannon decided she wanted to go on the tame version...well somebody had to go on that side with her didn't they. So we waved the other three off with shouts of 'don't look around..keep looking straight ahead..I read it on the Dibb'. After all of the worry we really enjoyed the ride and must admit when we got off I did wish I had gone on the other ride... maybe on our next visit.

We grabbed more FP's for Test Track and made our way back over to The Land for our FP's for Soarin'. I had picked Martin a FP up but he was determined he wasn't going on so we left him looking around while we rode. We got the front row which I had heard was the best. The ride was OK but I must admit I found it a bit tame and it wouldn't be top of my list of things to do again. Everybody else enjoyed it though so maybe I am just too picky.

We needed a drink and being a tight northerner we decided to take Lauren and Sion to Club Cool and introduce them to Beverley. I stood behind them ready to laugh my head off when they tried it and OMG Sion (like Ben, Barry) liked it. I couldn't believe it...ruined my fun. I started talking to a guy from Georgia who runs a Nascar dealer website and gave me his card with a promise of finding us great tickets for the Daytona 500 when we go back (shame it turns out it wont be for a couple of years). We made the mistake of stopping to have a look at the Pin Station and parted company with a few more TC's , had a look around Mouse Gear and made our way back to Test Track for our second ride stopping to watch the steel band on the way...lol.

It was lunchtime already and we were gently reminded that just because the three of us had eaten so well that morning the menfolk still hadn't had anything to eat... well we didn't realize they needed feeding as well. So we were gently steered towards the World Showcase and the Food and Wine festival. We nibbled our way round to China where we found Mulan and Mushu ...

and some gorgeous furniture in the shops...

If anybody could find room for this table in their luggage on their next trip I would be really happy. Shannon also found the Kidcot station which was lucky as she was starting to get a bit bored... it also gave her and Martin something to do while Lauren and I paid $10 each for Australia: Discover Down Under...wine tasting... hic. Half an hour well spent tasting different wines and talking to some lovely people from all over the world.

Another stop at another pin stand and a Food and Wine pin to add to my collection and then onto USA for the Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps and a sit down. I wanted to go into The American Adventure but nobody else was interested so that's something else to add to my list for next time.

Top of Shannon's 'must see' list was the Beast and we knew he was appearing intermittently in France and her face was a picture when she saw him standing with Belle. So now imagine her disappointment when just as she got to the queue they went in. After 5 minutes of being reassured that they would be coming back out and we would wait and the promise of Crepes happiness reigned again. While the kids tucked into Crepes Lauren and myself treated ourselves to a cocktail which I cant remember the name of but it was orange in color and tasted heavenly. Beauty and the Beast were due back out so we decided to be first in the queue. As they walked past us Belle put her arm around Shannon and took her with them. A massive hug for Beast and photos and we had a very happy girl for the rest of the day.

We wondered over the bridge into the UK... doesn't look very realistic to me, no graffiti or hoodies and too much sun.. A very quick visit, we see enough of the UK back home, and through to Canada just in time to sit down and watch Off Kilter for the first time. What a great foot tapping shoe although Shannon was more interested in watching the kids with Heely's.

After the entertainment we had a look around the shop and I was sorely tempted by the box set of Anne of Green Gable DVD's until I remembered that they wouldn't work back home.

Our ADR at the Rose and Crown was for 7.30 so we made our way back to the UK and checked in 15 minutes early. I asked if there was any chance of a terrace table and added that we would be happy to wait a bit longer but was advised that they couldn't guarantee anything and they were very busy. We played Hopscotch with Shannon for 20 minutes until our pager went off and we were led to ... a terrace table...YIPPEE! It wasn't one right at the front of the terrace unfortunately but at least we were outside.

We knew from previous experience that the menu here was limited but the food we had had before had been quite nice. Unfortunately this time we didn't enjoy it at all. The service was great and Graham, our server, couldn't do enough for us but when the main courses came nobody enjoyed it, mine tasted like it had the entire tub of salt poured in it. The desserts were nice though and the Baileys I drank while watching the fireworks nearly made up for the poor main course.

We had Fish and Chips, a kids meal Chicken, 2 Pasties, Bangers and Mash and Cottage Pie, 1 trifle, 1 toffee pudding, 1 kids sundae, 1 apple crumble, 3 lagers, 2 cokes and a Baileys (Shannon got a drink included with her meal) and the total was $154.73 + gratuity.

Illuminations was, as always, awesome. How can anybody fail to be moved by the whole spectacle, it makes me cry everytime.

It had been a long day and we were only just starting to realize how much walking we had done. We made our weary way back to the car park taking a few minutes to watch the dancing fountains on the way out and got lost trying to find our way back to the villa... I'm sure they change the signs round at night.

We finally arrived back at around 10.30 to a pile of washing for me to get in and half an hour in the hot tub before falling exhausted into bed.
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December 28th 2004-January 11th 2005
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October 7th - October 28th 2006
3 weeks in Heaven

Edited at 12:47 AM.
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RPR & AKL ..with added Star Wars
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Old 20 Nov 06, 12:56 AM  
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You certainly pack a lot into your days!

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6th time - can't wait!
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Old 20 Nov 06, 01:03 AM  
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Another great read Shame about the winker? hitting his wife tho. Bet he felt really good about that one
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Old 20 Nov 06, 09:51 AM  
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An extremely busy day. Sounds like you had a great time with the exception of seing the domestic violence.

Lovely photos again,

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A great day again, love the photos. Terrible about the violence though

Good to see Shannon getting all the autographs she wants.

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Old 20 Nov 06, 11:21 AM  
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A lovely day! I love the detail you're including in these trippies Sarah, makes me feel like I was there with you.

Can't believe that you witnessed violence, that's terrible.
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Girly Weekend in Notts!
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I am tired just reading about your day, it sounded really great. Godd pics too

Regarding the lady you saw hit, I would be like you, I would have had to do something. At least in the states they have zero tolerance, so the police prosecute. How awful, especially for the daughter, what an awful memory she will have of her trip to Disney
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Looking forward to going back to AMI
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Old 20 Nov 06, 02:23 PM  
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Another great report! Anne of Green Gables, I had forgotton all about that series, I used to love it!
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Old 20 Nov 06, 06:54 PM  
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Great again
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Going back in...
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Apprentice Imagineer
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another great report
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