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Old 27 Nov 06, 09:06 PM  
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I Wonder If That's A Dibber...Pt11... A Balloon ride, Disneyquest and Rainforest Cafe

Sarah... 40 ... that'll be me
DH Martin... 41... 'I wonder if they're dibbers...dibb, dibb, dibb'
DS Dale... 17... 'This time I cant wait to go'
DD Shannon..10... A Proper Little Madam

DD Lauren... 21... Disney Virgin
DSIL Sion... 23... Deserves a medal

Tuesday 17th October... A Balloon Ride, Disneyquest and Rainforest Cafe

We had to be up at the unearthly hour of 4.30am for another new experience. Martin had always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride and I had caught him enviously watching the early morning flights on our last holiday. So I booked a flight for us all as a surprise to Martin... I managed to keep this quiet until... ooohhh about our wedding anniversary in June. Well my mum always said I couldn't keep my mouth shut.

I hate early mornings...I'm a night person and 4.30 isn't early morning it is still the middle of the night. I had rung Bob's Balloons the day before to check that the flight was still on and arranged to meet the chase van in a car park on the 192 at 5.30. We had only been waiting for 5 minutes when the van turned up and we met our pilot. We were driven to a field in the middle of nowhere while watching a dvd of a balloon festival. Before we were allowed to do anything we had to sign forms in case of accident...gulp and then we were given a warning about cow pats as apparently we were in a field full of cows.

A lot of other vans from other balloon companies were arriving and everybody began dragging the huge balloons from the back of the vans and spreading them out on the floor. I don't think you can ever imagine how huge these balloons are before you see them. The pilots all seemed to know each other and joked and talked to each other as they worked. The basket was attached to the cables, a big fan set up to inflate the balloon and Martin and Dale were handed gloves and told where to hold the balloon at the bottom to allow the air in. Dale soon got fed up of this and took himself off to where Shannon was looking for cows in the dark. I took over from him, blimey your arms start aching after a while. Our pilot asked me 'Are you nervous? I'm not, mind you it is my second flight' I'm sure he was joking When the balloon was nearly fully inflated a burner was set up to warm up the air and we had to hold onto the basket. The dawn was breaking as we climbed into our basket and rose so smoothly into the sky. 'Take a photo', said I to Martin... 'Ermmmmm, what with?' said Martin...he nearly flew out of the basket We flew over lakes and highways including the 192 and villas and had a fantastic time but in what seemed like minutes (but in fact was about an hour) we started our descent. All was going well until having picked our spot to land our pilot had to change his plans due to another balloon taking it. He had to rise slightly again to get over the other balloon and to cut a long story short we had to fly through the branches of a tree to bring us down or we would have ended up either in power lines or 30 miles of swamp. He didn't actually tell us this until we were down but Martin and myself knew that there was something not quite right... We weren't worried though, at the end of the day these pilots know what they are doing and do it every day...it was all good fun..Lol. Just a shame we had no camera with us to take photos. We then had the job of helping to deflate and roll up the balloon and we all climbed back in the chase vehicle and drove off to meet up with some Australians who had been in one of the other balloons for a Champagne toast and 'brunch'. There was a recitation of the Ballooners Prayer
'The winds have welcomed you with softness
The sun has blessed you with it's warm hands
You have flown so high and so well that God has joined you in your laughter
And set you back again into the loving arms of mother earth'
Brunch consisted of some cake...no fresh fruit was a a bit of a disappointment so I just had to make do with champagne and take the rest of the bottle with me... well nobody else could drink it and it was a shame to let it go to waste. We were all presented with a certificate and took our Champagne glasses as well and were driven back to our car.

We drove back to our villa, well Martin did, I finished the Champagne. Hic
The first thing I did when we got back to the villa was throw all of the trainers into the washer... they were black. We then spent a lovely couple of hours in the pool and relaxing.

The kids love Disney Quest and I wanted to build a Rollercoaster this time so we had decided to spend the afternoon there before our ADR at the Rainforest Cafe.

We parked in the Pleasure Island car park so we didn't have as far to walk at the end of the day and tried to keep up with the kids as they ran off towards Disneyquest.

I can't decide if I love or hate DQ. I love some of the bigger attractions and some of the smaller games but hate the fact that every time I turn around Martin and the kids seem to have vanished... normally all in different directions and I spend the next hour trying to round everybody up again.
We started out with Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride and then Dale and myself left Shannon and Martin on the Living Easels while we went to design a rollercoaster. As we waited to ride it I was looking at the CM's pins and when she asked me if I collected them I told her that I did but I had left them at the villa. She asked me which one I was looking at and when I pointed a Snow White one out she promptly took it off of her lanyard and gave it to me. We got off of our 'ride' to find that Martin and Shannon had vanished. We spent the next twenty minutes looking for them and then I lost Dale as well. I finally found two of the escapees playing on the classic games (I swear they weren't there 10 minutes earlier) and dragged Shannon away for a go on Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam.

Stomachs were starting to complain so we headed up to Foodquest finding Dale hiding behind a computer in the Wonderland Cafe. Hotdogs, fries and drinks just to keep us going and Martin and Shannon had a go on Buzz Lightyears Astroblaster and we all had a go on Daytona 500.
We had a go on the Virtual Jungle Cruise (not doing very well) and it was time for us to leave, under protest from the kids, Shannon especially who wanted a go on the Animation Academy.

I think somebody has had enough of having photos taken...

We arrived at the Rainforest Cafe for 5.15 for our .5.30pm ADR. We were checked in told we were in the Monkey room and shown in the general direction of a queue. We waited and waited and waited. A few other people were complaining as well as they had ADR's and were seeing people coming in and being shown straight to their seats. When we finally stopped a server for long enough and asked her why we were told we were all waiting in the wrong place and were ushered through the restaurant to the podium for the Monkey Room...well how were we supposed to know.
The decor is fantastic and I think I enjoyed it more than the kids...nothing like a thunderstorm while you eat in the rainforest. We ate ... 2 cokes in lightning glasses, Jurassic Chic, fries,RFC medium burger with cheddar and Bacon with fries, Green Python in Lightning Glass for me with Mogambo Shrimp, cola for M and RFC Burger Medium with cheese, bacon and mushrooms with fries... $89.24 + gratuity.

As I was feeling so much better I obviously couldn't pass up the opportunity for a bit of shopping starting at .Disney's Days of Christmas. This time I set myself a limit and bought a couple of Disney Princess ornaments and a Tinkerbell naughty and nice tree decoration.
A browse in Team Mickey ...

and Disney Tails where Shannon bought a Lite up Catnip Ball, Aristocats Placemat, a Cheshire Cat collar charm and a Stitch pet charm for a kitten she hadn't even got yet (and has since got and is the most spoiltpuss on the planet.) We lost the kids for an hour in World of Disney, made our way back to the car and arrived back to the villa for 9.30pm.

No pool or hot tub tonight, we were all so exhausted that we didn't even set the alarm before falling asleep.
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RPR & AKL ..with added Star Wars
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Old 27 Nov 06, 09:25 PM  
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oh Sarah... I was so looking forward to the balloon flight piccies that is something my dad would love.. but how early!

glad you had a great time in Disney Quest .. I am defo in the 'hate it' camp.. I haven't been in for years all I got was a thumping headache..
I can honetly say if i was dropped there and asked who owned it .. Disney would not come to mind .. it seems like a free for all to me and a teenage creche ...

thanks for sharing
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3 weeks on I drive
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Old 28 Nov 06, 11:02 AM  
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What a great day Sarah, tragic no photos though of your balloon ride.

I hate early mornings...I'm a night person and 4.30 isn't early morning it is still the middle of the night.

We went to Disney Quest for the first time this year and I could take it or leave it. Ben loved it but Joshy couldn't wait to get out - sensory overload for him.

I can't believe you were so restrained in the Christmas shop. We didn't know we would be getting our puppy when we were at WDW (she wasn't even born!) otherwise I would have bought her loads.

Off to read your next report now, I'm really enjoying them

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Old 28 Nov 06, 11:03 AM  
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Sarah, sounds like you had a great time. We flew with Bobs balloons last year and also loved it.

I have some pics somewhere if anyone would like to see them.

We will defo go with bob again, apparantly he has a new balloon this season.
love and Hugs

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Florida Fun begins
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Old 28 Nov 06, 07:59 PM  
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Sounds like a lovely day
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Granddaughters First Trip
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Old 28 Nov 06, 09:23 PM  
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another great day
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beachclub villas
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Old 28 Nov 06, 09:37 PM  
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What a nightmare in the Rainforest Cafe: this has happened to us too! It always seems like organised chaos in there but I still love it!

April 2020 didn't happen...! Christmas pleeeease?!
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Fingers crossed for a WDW Christmas!
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Old 29 Nov 06, 12:12 PM  
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sounds like a great day - the balloon flight sounded fab - pity you never got any pictures. We have never been to Disney Quest, think it is closing soon so we may never have the chance? We should go there while we leave DW in the christmas shop (for hours), but I must admit I like this shop too.
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Old 29 Nov 06, 11:16 PM  
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Aaaaw no balloon piccies! I would really love to do this one day. We have never been to DQ either - sounds like good fun though!
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Old 2 Dec 06, 10:21 AM  
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Lol - seemed to spend a good bit of the holiday rounding up my gang, as well this time - especially in World of Disney - think Sean had bribed 'em all to vanish as soon as we walked through the doors, so i could spend my time looking for them, instead of shopping

Another cracking Day Sarah - I use to sit by the pool watching the balloons going over every morning - they looked fabulous, it was such a lovely, peaceful start to each day

Love Suexx
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