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Day 11 - Princess, Potions, Purchases and Pianos.

Day 11


The plan for today is a lazy morning, a spot of shopping and then Magic Kingdom in the evening to see the Electric Parade and the Fireworks.

We are up fairly early and get to the pool whilst it's still relatively cool (well not mega hot anyway). The kids have a great time swimming, I just really sit in the water and try to keep cool.

The slide opens at 10, so the kids have a couple of runs down the slide and then we head indoors to get ready. The kids think shopping is boring, and I can't disagree, but there are a few things I like to buy over here that I just can't get at home. And top of my list is trousers. I just find it really hard to get well fitting trousers at home, and I know exactly where to buy them here. Our first stop is the Premium Outlet at the top of I-drive. We take rather circuitous route to get here as we miss the turning onto the I4, and so end up on the 192, we do eventually get on the I4 and the traffic is really slow moving, at this rate it will take us hours to get to the outlets.

We do eventually get moving and make it to the Premium Outlets. I get my trousers, we get a few bits in the Disney Store, and Molly find PS Aeropostale which is the kids version of Aeropostale. She is thrilled that she now has a 'special' store where she can get some clothes, and we buy her some trackies, a hoodie and a few t-shirts.

We are all getting hungry now, so we head towards the Florida Mall and get lunch at Panera Bread. The girls have some soup, and Phil and I have the soup and sandwich combo.

Our next stop is the Scrapbook Shop at the Florida Mall, where I get a few bits and pieces, and then we go into Target there. It's not a massive Target but we have a bit of a browse, it's packed with kids buying back to school supplies. We are in grave danger of leaving empty handed, but Phil sees a netbook that he likes the look of, so danger is averted and we leave with a new netbook

We head back to the Boardwalk now, and are plan is to have a rest, get changed and then go to MK. Unfortunately, it starts to rain, and when it rains around here it doesn't mess about. We sit in the room debating what to do. Eventually it looks like it's clearing, so we head over to the bus stop. We just miss a bus to Magic Kingdom and we sit and wait for quite a while. Whilst we are waiting the rain starts up again, and it's actually quite chilly. I decide I don't fancy a night in the rain at Magic Kingdom, so we abandon our plans and head into the lobby.

I text Dave and Bev to see what their plans are, and Katie gets roped into a magic show. She manages to turn 1 bunny into 2 and then into 5 without ever opening her hand!

Dave and Bev arrive, and we decide to grab some food from the stall on the Boardwalk and sit undercover and see what the weather decides to do. We consider walking into Illuminations, but the rain starts up again, so plan B is abandoned, and we settle on Plan C. And Plan C is a good one.

Nicola offers to babysit, so the kids all go upstairs and watch the delights of the Disney Channel, and the adults discover the delights of JellyRolls.

We get there just before 8, and it's a bit quiet, and we're not really sure what all the fuss is about, but it livens up and by the end of the night we are having a great time. The pianists play requests all night, and they are very good.

I can't really offer you details, other than much wine was consumed, much singing along was done, and the kids seem to have watched a lot of Phineas and Ferb but survived their ordeal unscathed...
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You've left too early Bev!

As you say, JR is a slow burner to start with but once you get to 11ish it really hots up and by 1 it's brillio. Alcohol consumption may help with that perspective!
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Great day!
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So, infact the day's plans that didn't go to plan wasn't such a bad thing after all!
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Sounds like Plan C was better than Plan A in the end. Glad the rain didn't spoil your day.
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shame about the weather!
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Great day.
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A nice relaxing day, shame the weather wasn't more accomodating for you. But it sounds as if you had fun at Jellyroll!

Di x
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Great day apart from the rain.
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Shame the weather spoilt your plans, but it sounds like what you did instead was great fun.

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