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Unread 22 Jul 13, 06:15 PM  
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I'm back and now Mrs Wood(y) - Wedding report.

Hi everyone, So Its been a busy couple of months since I finally became Mrs Wood! Hence the very late report on my wedding day.

Just to pre warn you it wont be the most detailed due to me having the world most shocking memory - but thank goodness I have so many wedding pictures to help prompt me! and if you have any questions about anything please ask and I'll do my best to answer and hopefully help out any future Dibb brides.

I have decided to do this in a few installments as I've been at it all afternoon and I'm only up to the ceremony he he - how all you lovely peeps do full trip reports I'll never know!

I'll make a start on the day before the wedding.

Seb and I had the most stressful day getting things together, we had a very early start as I had arranged a shoot for my bridesmaids as a pre wedding treat. We had reduced an hour of our photography with Randy on the wedding day so I had organised this shoot instead. We wanted something fun, so picked Art of Animation.

Right from the word go that morning the kids were playing up; they didn't want their hair done, didn't want to wear that dress, didn't want this for breakfast bla bla bla. The weather forecast was not looking great - not good for an outdoor shoot!

We finally arrived a little late and I had difficulties finding Randy, I think we just kept missing each other in the lobby. We couldn't contact Randy as stupidly we hadn't set up our new phones for international use doh! Seb had gone off to collect the best man's girlfriend and daughter for the shoot so there I was in very humid weather, trying to stay calm and collected whilst my grumpy kids ran riot.

When I eventually found Randy I was not looking my best as you can imagine! We went straight into the shoot as the clouds were closing in but it was still dry at that point! We managed to get a few shots around the cars.

We were heading over to the lion king areas/little mermaid areas and the heat was getting the best of me, seb still hadn't turned up so I was trying to organise everyone to have pictures whilst trying to run after Harry - not good. Then an anticipated the heavens opened...

and basically didn't stop!

We had to take shelter in a corridor leading to the accommodation, not the best backdrop for piccys

My mad head had sister decided to brave the rain, (Randy called her a rebel!).

so I though what the heck and joined her.

I tried to get a few fun shots using the sashes I'd had made for our 'hen day' but that didn't work out great - can't believe nobody told me you couldn't read it properly!

Classy mature girl she is, her tongue was yellow from eating a lolly!

Finally the rain stopped and we got some group photos.

Even though I was miffed with the weather on the day looking back Randy got some fabulous shots of the kids, (even with messy hair!), but as you can imagine at the time I was just dreading that this was a sign of what was to come on my wedding day!

If I had the time again I think I would have either just done a shoot with the older bridesmaids or a family shoot with us 5 - there were just too many people to get a decent shot of us all, and far too much stress the day before the wedding!

Sorry for the lack of piccys on the next part but if you carry on reading you'll see why I wasn't quite snap happy!

Following the shoot we headed over for our nails done at Image nails. The pedicures were fabulous and the massage chairs were amazing! When it came to my nails I wanted a shellac manicure as I think they look so much more natural, the man who did my nails kept saying how short my nails were and I hate to say it I felt a little pressured into having acrylics. I will say one thing I asked him not to file my natural nail too much so as to not cause damage as I am a nurse I would have to remove them when we got home. He did do this, and they are in fairly good shape now I've had them removed. On the other hand I hated them! I had the pink with white tips and the pink was almost red, I was really upset as I couldn't change them - they did put a white over the top to reduce the colour but I still wasn't keen. In the end I had to just accept them as I so much more left to do.

We had originally planned to go for a meal after this with the hens, but as I had left it a bit late in the day to arrange my dress steaming I had to scrap that idea and settle for Mc Donalds, as I still had to drop off my favours at Citricos and get back to meet one of Lori's colleagues from Loftis Productions (she was booked up so couldn't steam the dress herself).

We got to Citricos and dropped off the favours no problems and had about half an hour to get back to Animal Kingdom Lodge - easy peasy or so we thought... I had seen the sign to turn right out of the car park for all guest areas, evidently Seb had not. I wasn't looking as we were driving out as I was too busy looking in the mirror stressing about the 3 spots I had suddenly developed (I never get spots, I usually have eczema) and about how much weight I'd put on that week and how I wasn't going to get in my dress - Lesson learnt vanity gets you nowhere (or in a whole load of traffic it would seem).

To cut a very very long car drive short we arrived at AKL almost an hour late! Lori's colleague was lovely and very understanding, she steamed my dress and we left her extra tip to say sorry.

There were a few bits we had left at the villa by accident so poor Seb had to go back and get them, we said our goodbyes then but he told me the next day he didn't get back to the Villa until around 10.30pm after picking up his best man and delivering all our stuff, bless him. One of the thing he was supposed to bring back was my bracelet, he forgot it (or that was his excuse), he said he would get his Step Dad to drop it off the next morning.

We had booked a value 2 bed villa at AKL on DVC points. I was really disappointed we hadn't been given a Savannah view or even a pool view room as I had researched it before and you only had 20% chance of a car park view and with it being noted on the booking it was the night before my wedding I had high hopes I would get at least a pool view. Obviously, I know these rooms are cheaper as you don't get a guaranteed view, but I still took my chances and tried to get us moved - but was told as it was a DVC we couldn't
There goes my getting ready phtots with Savannah backdrop

the disappointment of this was soon over shadowed by my obsession that would develop with the weather. Carrie had emailed me to say that there was a chance that it was going to be raining the next day and that they would make a decision about if the ceremony would be held outside an hour before the ceremony.

I promised myself I wouldn't worry about the weather but I so wanted that gazebo wedding, I had also paid for gazebo fabric and arrangements so these would have gone to waste if it was held inside. All night I was constantly checking the weather on my phone - thank God for the free wifi!

Then my Mum and Jas came to the rescue with a bottle of wine and I eventually came to the conclusion that whatever the weather I was getting married to the man I loved and we would have a fabulous time!

Finally, at a little past midnight we got in bed. I am surprised at how quickly I got to sleep given all the things running through my head, but the last time I looked at the clock it was around 00.30 zzzzz
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Edited at 06:27 PM. Reason: forgot the part about getting my nails done!
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Unread 22 Jul 13, 06:28 PM  
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Ooo I Want More!
Hurry Up =]
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Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:14 PM  
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Great start Mrs! Looking forward to more and hope the anxieties disappear! X

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Fairytale of New York
Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:19 PM  
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Fab start x

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Rylands Run Riot in Disney
Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:19 PM  
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Get typing lol . X
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Yacht club, Bahama Bay , Poly :)
Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:22 PM  
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First Timer 12
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Looking forward to reading more, gorgeous photos there
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Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:23 PM  
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Great update so far, the photos at AoA are lovely.

Shame about the nails and the room view. Looking forward to reading more of your big day though!
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Unread 22 Jul 13, 07:37 PM  
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Getting ready to go...

I was awake just before the alarm went off at 5am, I was super excited!

Jas was soon cracking open the champers as we waited for Beaute Speciale to arrive at 6.00am (a whole new meaning to starting early!).

My sister and I did the kids hair in high buns as I wasn't prepared to pay the $50 each Beaute Speciale was asking for.

Beaute Speciale arrived on time if not a little before.

I had a picture of the hair style I wanted , to be honest it wasn't the same and I thought my make up looked a little heavy in the mirror, but they were the experts so I trusted them that it looked ok. I wanted the airbrush make up, but the didn't bring it on the day so I would advise that if you want this let them know specifically as it just says how many make ups and how many hairs you want doing on the order form. I wrongly presumed that they would have all the equipment for either. In the end it didn't really matter the make up covered all my newly developed blemishes just fine and lasted all day.

We had a knock on the door as we were getting ready. Seb had ordered room service - Eggs Benedict my favorite! Although I can honestly say for once in my life I was too nervous to eat
I forced down one of the 2 on my plate - it was delicious. The kids had mickey waffles and fruit.

And finally a little pixiedust...this amazing complementary gift from AKL, a white chocolate mickey, chocolate covered zebra strawberries and mickey shaped cakes.

As all the girls bridesmaids had got in their dresses already I wouldn't allow them to have any - not a popular decision! but I reassured them that I'd get it packaged up and sent over to Kidani with Seb's Step Dad, Kevin.

Alas little did I know that this would be the last we would see of them - they went missing As Jas forgot to give it to Kevin we kept the chocolate mickey with us, but he melted in the heat - he did make a good dipping sauce lol

I gave out my present to the smaller bridesmaids - Mickey head necklaces that they all wore on the day, and my Mum an embroidered hanky with bride Minnie ears and a message. I also got my wedding present from Seb, a beautiful Pandora bracelet, now I know why he had "forgot" my bracelet. I also got a lovely necklace from Seb's Mum, although it was a dark crystal so I didn't wear on the day.

Now I am going to sound like a mega b****! Although I loved my new bracelet, I had bought my other bracelet to match my tiara and it was quite a statement piece, which I felt I needed as I was not wearing a necklace. I pulled a bit of a Bridezilla and asked my Mum to phone Seb and ask him to still send the other one with Kevin. I made sure that my Mum let Seb know that I adored the present so I didn't seem ungrateful, I just wanted matching accessories

Before I knew it Randy arrived. He started with a few shots of the dress, bouquets, & shoes etc.

My something blue.

Then Katie did a fab job of getting me into my dress. She had recorded the lady at the dress shop do it up so she knew how to do it. Despite all the stressing it still fitted.

When we were all ready Randy took us downstairs for some shots on the lobby bridge and lobby area.

We had such fun shooting these and it really helped me to relax. I had so many words of Congratulations from people in the Lobby it made me feel so special.

Randy had to leave to get to Cypress Grove in plenty of time. I was getting a bit anxious again now as at our meeting Carrie had stressed how we needed to be on time to fit in our ceremony, cake cutting and photos in our allotted time. I was approaching the time we needed to leave and Kevin still hadn't arrived (they were supposed to set off 15mins before us). He arrived shortly after with my bracelet but he still needed to take our bags with him to Kidani where he was getting the mini bus with Seb and the other guests.

We waited until we heard word from them that they had set off, we waited a few more minutes then set off ourselves as we didn't want to arrive first. I think we were around 15 minutes late in the end. I will take a minute to say how fabulous FL Magical tours were throughout the entire day, everything went without a hitch and we even got an upgrade later in the day.

And finally off we went to Cypress Grove...
September 2010: 1st family visit.
May 2013 - Our dream wedding & the boy's first visit.
Wedding pre trippie & Wedding report

May 2015 - Planning:Vero beach, 4nt Disney Dream, Dibb Villa @Westridge,WDW Dolphin & RPR Club level
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