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Old 15 Apr 15, 02:51 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
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Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 3 Hollywood Studios & Jedi Training

We set the alarms for 7.30am but I was awake at 6am which to be fair is getting more reasonable every day! I was WIDE awake so no prospect of lying in bed waiting for everyone else to wake so I plopped myself down in the wee vanity area outside the toilet, got the ipad out and started my trip report. Only got part way through though as it had been a busy day. Eventually everyone else was up and showers etc started. Packed everything up and put the bags in the car. The plan being to use the transport again today and pick the car up from the hotel when we were ready to go home. No need to check out at reception so straight to the buses at 8:10 and were on a bus by 8:15. Got a seat this time too – bonus!

Arrived at HS at 8:45 for 9am opening. This was the day Kieran had really been waiting for. Jedi Training. Kieran is a HUGE Star Wars fan and I had made the mistake of showing him Jedi Training on You Tube when I came across it last year. That was before I realised how difficult it can be to get them in, and that perhaps setting that expectation was not the most sensible Mummy thing I had ever done. So there we were waiting for opening with Kevin primed with instructions on where he was going (and how fast he would need to get there) with Kieran, bearing in mind Kevin had no idea where things are. Kieran was bouncing from foot to foot trying to nudge forward because he was so excited. I am sure the folk around us thought he needed the loo. Doors opened and the (walking) race was on. By the time Hannah & I caught up with them they were in the queue just outside the building. The queue snaked from there right round inside. Hannah and I parked ourselves in a shady spot outside to wait.

We had our first FP for 9:20 for Star Tours right beside the academy. By 9:40 the boys emerged victorious with a precious wee bit of paper telling us to return at 11:20 for training at 11:50! Made our way to Star Tours to find it was a 10m wait so went on without the FP thinking we could go on again with that. Kieran loved this (no real surprise there). I kept sneaking a look at him and he just had a great big grin on his face the whole time. Hannah on the other hand was not so keen. She is no Star Wars fan and only wore the t-shirt as a kind of support for Kieran. Came off and it was still 10m wait so we went on again then II went in to change that FP as we had not used it. There was really nothing interesting available so just went for Indiana Jones in the afternoon even though I knew it was not really needed.

Our next FP was for Tower Of Terror. Now I went on this in Paris and hated it but I had promised the kids that, with the exception of some of the really big rides, I would try everything. Yes. I hated it. And having seen the photo on the memory maker now it would be plain to anyone looking at it that I hated it. So I will not be doing that again let me tell you. The kids on the other hand loved it and laughed their heads off at me. At least I amuse them eh?

When we came out we stopped to pick something up for breakfast. We wanted something fast so ended up with 2 big sugary iced donuts and water for the kids, and a choc chip cookie between Kevin and I with Hot Chocolate. What a responsible mother I am eh – Sugar Rush Breakfast.

Finished those off at 11:10 and made our way back over for Jedi training as we could NOT be late! Hannah and I found our shady spot again and waited for the boys to emerge. At 11:50 they trotted out in the Jedi gear and over to the stage. It was brilliant. There was a group bit then each child got to battle Darth Vader one on one. The heat was unbearable where you stand to watch and I had to give Hannah (who refuses to wear a cap) a shot of my cap until she decided she had to go over to the stall and buy one. Kieran loved this and after it was over got his little Jedi diploma and a badge saying he had been on his Jedi training – worn with pride! There was a photopass photographer taking pics and she handed us all photopass card for them so we could add them to any memory maker we had. She advised us to go to photos services before we left the park on the way out and select which photos to add, otherwise we would have 200 photos of everyone elses kids if we just added the number on the card via MDE. We were all finished by 12:20

Our next FP was for the Rock N Roller Coaster at 11:40-12:40 so we made our way over there. We all LOVED this one, although I know my face in the ride picture will be horrendous. I do not know how those of you who do poses in these pics manage it. I just cannot control my "I am going to die" face. I need to work out how to view my memory maker pics and see if I can share them here somehow without downloading them.

It was now time for our reservation at 50s Prime Time Café. I had not told the kids about this being interactive as I thought it would spoil it and I am so glad having seen their reactions! It was brilliant! We had a great table with a TV on the end playing the old films, though to be fair they all looked good. Our server was hilarious, dumping the cutlery and telling the kids to "get this table laid now!". Food was delicious and (don't all faint) I remembered to take some photos! So here goes adding them. I had chicken pot pie, Kevin had fried chicken, Kieran had baked chicken and Hannah had Salmon, both off the kids menu. I had a vanilla shake and the kids had pink lemonade which were both delicious.

Kids baked chicken

Kids Salmon

Fried Chicken

Chicken Pot Pie

I also remembered to keep the receipt for the trip report – get me! We also had 2 big brownie desserts to share but I forgot a photo (and I was doing so well too!) The server was pretending to the kids that if one of them did not pay that bill for mummy and daddy she would be keeping them on dishes duty the rest of the day. Kierans eyes nearly popped out his head and Hannah was howling laughing as she had realised this was all an act. A couple of the male servers spotted Kierans Jedi badge and made a nice fuss, talking about they were Star Wars fans. They were also admiring hubbys Star Wars t-shirt and asking where they could get one, but said Scotland was a bit far for a great top. Good old Primark eh? Overall we absolutely loved this and I would book it again in a heartbeat.

When we left we headed over to The Voyage of The Little Mermaid which was a walk on for the next show at 2:35. Both kids loved this. Then onto The Great Movie Ride which Hannah said was too slow and boring, but Kieran looked amazed through the whole thing and clapped like mad at the end, bless him. We came out and headed for the bakery as the kids had been drooling over the display earlier. Picked up some snacks and more water for during Indiana Jones Stunt Show. Kieran initially said he did not like Indiana Jones but sat glued through the whole thing clapping and cheering. Hannah loves Indiana Jones so she also enjoyed this one.

It was now 4:40. Decided to visit the FP kiosk to see if we could get a 4th FP for either RnR or TOT. Delighted that we got one for RnR straight away and toddled off down there. Loved it again and both kids have said this was their favourite ride of today. Came off and went round to see what the TOT queue was like. It was only 10 minutes so Hubby and the kids went on while I found a spot in the shade. When they came off Hannah had decided she likes the dropping but not the creepy bit before that. Kieran loves it all. No fear that boy.

We left there and moved down to the exit, stopping at photo services to update the Jedi photos. This also let us see the 102 photos we have on there (in 2 days? ). That's when I saw the TOT photo that confirmed my "I am going to die" face.

Left the park, caught a bus that was sitting waiting already and back to All Star Sports to collect the car. All into the car and on our way home. This was the first time Kevins 3G on his phone failed to produce the directions on the map which we had been happily using as Sat Nav, so I had to navigate home without it. Did ok but hope it does not do that again when we are somewhere farther from home. Got back to the villa just before 6 and the kids were straight in the pool to cool off. Cannot believe how hot it is! Sky darkened over but no rain tonight.

Its now 9:30 and they are all snuggled on the couch watching Titanic on the telly as it is one of Hannahs favourite films. I enjoyed today better than yesterday. HS was less crowded, we handled the heat better, and lunch was brilliant!

Tomorrow the plan is Seaworld.

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Old 15 Apr 15, 03:39 AM  
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Another fun packed day, looking forward to more.
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Trip of early mornings
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Old 15 Apr 15, 06:24 AM  
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Stuck in the Tower of Terror
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Loving your live trip report! Sounds like you're having a brilliant time. It will be our first trip this year and our kids are similar ages so I'm really enjoying reading. Looking forward to the next instalment. 😃
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Old 15 Apr 15, 06:34 AM  
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k l is excited
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Another great day, thanks for sharing.
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The Lampert's return 2018
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Old 15 Apr 15, 06:41 AM  
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A fab day for Kieran getting his Jedi training! The queue times were good too. You are fitting loads into your day and are so obviously having a brilliant time. It fair brightens my morning catching up on your trip.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 15 Apr 15, 07:04 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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Another brilliant day, Kieran sounds like he lived Star Wars academy, with two girls the only Star Wars fan in our house is OH, he's tried to get Lilly into watching Star Wars but she's having none if it lol so we didn't experience any of that although Paul did star tours a couple of times when the wait time was low.
Sci if diner looks so good and I had no idea it was interactive, that sounds like a lot of fun. . . . Note to self to hopefully experience that in future with a bit of luck.
Have a great day at seaworld looking forward to reading all about it as it's one on our list for the next trip as we only did Disney previously . . . Have fun x
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Tenerife Bahia Principe
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Old 15 Apr 15, 07:06 AM  
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Killer size doughnuts, yum yum. We always enjoy HS and love ToT
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Back to the Magic!
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Old 15 Apr 15, 07:26 AM  
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JoJo88's Reviews
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Really enjoying your live trippy!

Love how Kieran is embracing everything, bless him!

Prime Time sounds really good fun.

Sounds like you had a perfect day
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All over for another year...
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Old 15 Apr 15, 09:07 AM  
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Brilliant day and great pics the sky looked so good in the first pic, I love TOT and can't wait for August to take my 9yr old granddaughter on for the first time love 50's prime time it's so much fun, sounds like you all had a fantastic day, really enjoying this report
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soooo excited
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Old 15 Apr 15, 09:09 AM  
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Fab day today for you all - and good on you going on the Tower of Terror!
Lunch looked fun .
Looking forward to reading more
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Back to our second home!
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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