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Old 18 Apr 15, 01:47 AM  
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scottishnellie's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
Here Now! first WDW family holiday - Day 6, Animal Kingdom & Rainforest Cafe

Woke at 6am and got up to find the boys bedroom light on and they were playing with toys, so no idea how long they had been awake! Everyone was up by 6:45 am and we started the whole breakfast, showers, getting organised etc.

Much cloudier than other days which meant it was pleasantly cooler.

Left the villa at 8:15 and were parked up and off to the AK entrance. We were not long in the park when we saw a photopass photographer so got the first official photo of all 9 of us.

Started making our way round the park and came across a meet n greet with Doug and Russell from Up. There was only a short queue so we waited and got pictures of the kids with them. This was really funny as Doug was rubbing the kids tummies, and the normally too cool for school Evan was giggling away. On to Tough To Be a Bug which was only a 5m wait and we walked on. Again, the kids loved this and the younger ones were trying to catch the 3D bugs in front of them. I have to admit I jumped and screamed when all the bugs left at the end (if you know what I mean. Do not want to spoil it for others!)

Over to Kali River Rapids where we got absolutely soaked - especially Dianne and I for some reason!

The others all wanted to go on again but Dianne and I retreated for a seat and a drink from the coolbag. The others came off even more soaked so we all sat in the sun (which was making short appearances) and dried off while having some sandwiches, snacks and drinks. We had brought our wheely coolbag today which we intend to do when visiting Disney parks for the remainder of the holiday. We had it stocked with sandwiches (which Andrew and Kevin made up last night and put in the fridge), pop tarts, cereal bars, apples and lots and lots of water with some frozen bottles of water in there to keep it all cool. This was really handy as we just stuck the other 2 wee rucksacks on top of it and pulled it along. Anytime we went on a ride we just parked it at the stroller park. We made sure Dianne and I carried purses etc on us (me in my kipling multiple) so it meant nothing valuable was left out. We even passed an American family later in the day saying how awesome it was and how they could do with one for Magic Kingdom the next day!

By now it was 10:50 and we headed to our first fastpass which was for Kilimanjaro Safari. When we arrived the standby was 60m. This was good and I was surprised how close we got, especially to the giraffes. Difficult to get photos though as you keep moving and if it does stop it is only for a couple of seconds. When we left the safari the younger kids all bought cuddly toys at the shop with their holiday money.

I then herded everyone round to our FP for Expedition Everest at 12:00 only to find when we got there we were an hour early! I had it as 11:40 when it opened at 12:40. So we worked round to Finding Nemo, getting in there just as the show started. This was a cute wee show with nice singing and bright puppetry which the kids all seemed to love. Left there at 12:35 so nice time to walk back to EE. Went in with our fastpasses but Evan changed his mind during the queue so Dianne went back out with him, being given a rider switch FP on the way out. Then, just as the barrier opened for the rest of us to take our seats Emma went into meltdown saying she was not going on either! So I had to take her out and also got a rider switch pass. These passes allow up to 3 people to go back on via the FP line so once everyone regrouped, Dianne, Matthew and the 4 McNicols went back on. We got seated right at the front and my ride face just about says it all I think!

Came out and stopped for another coolbag snack/drink/restroom break. At this point it had clouded over again and we had a bit of a shower for 10 mins or so but not torrential.

Headed round to Dino Land and went on Primevil Whirl. What is that thing all about? That was 12 weeks of physiotherapy reversed in 2 minutes, that was what that was. I dont understand how anyone could like that thing, it was agony. Like Mouse trap but worse. Of course, Evan and Hannah thought it was brilliant and went on another 4 times while the younger ones went on Triceratops Spin.

We then headed for our final FP for Dinosaur at 2.20pm. Evan did not fancy this so sat at the exit with the bags and waited while the rest of us went on.

When we left the Eastons decided to buy Magic Bands, so chose them in the shop and the checkout man scanned their park tickets and assigned each band to the relevant ticket. As the tickets were already on MDE that meant the bands were instantly linked. We tested this by getting a photo done and scanned one of the new bands and sure enough, the photo was on our MM when we got home.

It was now 3pm and we passed the Boneyard play area so the younger kids headed in here while Hannah and Evan went off for more goes on the bone rattling Primevil Whirl. Well seeing they have wee flexible bodies! We left there at 3:35 and headed round to see the 4pm show of Festival of the Lion King, buying some Ice Creams on the way. I LOVED this, Well I think everyone did. Quick loo break then we headed round for a last go on Kali River Rapids. When we arrived though there was a great big queue and the stand by line did not say any time on it so it looked like a no go. Coupled with the fact everyone was a bit tired and hungry. The Easton kids had done so well considering it was their first day and it was now almost 5pm. Especially Matthew, who having Downs, can get a bit tired with too much walking. The wee soul was starting to lag behind on the way out.

I had tried to get a booking for Rainforest Café away back when I booked all my other ADRs, but no joy. I had checked back a few times and still did not get one but we had decided to walk in and hope for the best. Arrived at 5pm and asked for a table for 9. No problem, just a 15m wait! Result. This of course gave the more childish boys in our party time to try on stupid hats.

Kieran also bought a new cuddly toy and Hannah bought a wee sparkly necklace.

We were duly called at 5:20 and seated. The younger kids all had hot dogs and fries, Hannah had grilled chicken, Evan had pasta, I had Salmon, Kevin had Pastalaya (spicy pasta with chicken and shrimp), Andrew had a triple thing with coconut Shrimp, Ribs and Steak, and Dianne had ribs. Dianne and Andrew had a beer, Kevin and water and I had a Rainbow Colada. Yum

Headed home at 6:45. It is now 8:45pm and guess where everyone is as I type this now? Yep, in the pool!

Don't think it will be a late one tonight. The Eastons kids have done so well to last this long. Another great day!

Tomorrow the Eastons move into their villa and we think we might do a water park.

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Old 18 Apr 15, 01:59 AM  
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New Photo Added by scottishnellie - 18 Apr 15 1:59 AM.
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Old 18 Apr 15, 02:15 AM  
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Just found your live report! .

Great photos.

And I have 5 previous days to catch up on.

Keep having fun.

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Old 18 Apr 15, 07:28 AM  
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JoJo88's Reviews
DIBB Villa Reviews: 2
What a great day you all had together! Love your EE face

Fab photos too x
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All over for another year...
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Old 18 Apr 15, 07:44 AM  
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Megandllsmum's Reviews
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What a fantastic day you all had, I've really enjoyed reading about it this morning. ( trippies are so addictive. . , I'd love to have a go at doing one on our next trip but I'm terrible with tech I dread to think where I'd be sending messages ).
Animal kingdom was one of my favourite parks and also our first taste of a Disney park so holds special memories, your face on EE was nothing compared to mine beleive you me lol but it can't have been that bad cos we did rider swap and I went in twice lol. And I know what you mean about primeval whirl my youngest daughter loved it which meant I had to endure it on more than one occasion, the first time we rode it the ride was so quiet they let us stay on and go round again, that was awful and I actually wobbled like a drunk when I got off much to everyone's amusement.
Have a fantastic day today, looks like you are all having a blast xx
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Old 18 Apr 15, 08:48 AM  
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mick's Reviews
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Another great day

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Old 18 Apr 15, 08:57 AM  
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What a fab day, you all looked like you had a ball.
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First Time Cruising & NYC
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Old 18 Apr 15, 09:12 AM  
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Think you should do a separate trip report titled 'My epic ride faces'
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Not holding my breath...
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Old 18 Apr 15, 09:12 AM  
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Great day at AK - you lasted so long! We always find AK so humid we usually leave by early afternoon.

Great photos (expressions on the rides ). I know what you mean about Primevil Whirl, you really get banged about the place.

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Idrive then POR with full DDP
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Old 18 Apr 15, 09:25 AM  
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mikim's Reviews
Hotel Reviews: 1
Enjoying reading everyday. I love to read them when they happen and not later like others I have read. So glad your holiday is going so well x

Below is a link to trip report 2013 may
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thomas cook flights. Clarion inn LBV
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Holiday to Florida with Florida4less

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